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Sunday, 24 October 2010

The BIG announcement

Here is the big announcement a day earlier than planned. MS Wars Update posts are coming back at last. Ok, ok, it has been ages since I did an update post for my MS Wars game. Sadly I have been busy with other things and suffering from computer problem, but things are slowly getting back into place. I will try to do things a little differently from now on. There will try to do a post every 3 days instead of one large post every two weeks. There will be four deferent types of posts which I will be doing, an update post, a rules post, a unit spot light post and background and story post.

No a picture of a unit from the game
The update post will keep you up to date with the progress of the game like rule changes, model making and buy as well as test game reviews and comments. This will be posted up on both of my blog, Neoscream's Log and MS Wars and there will be a new post about ever two to three weeks.

The rule post will be where I will be posting the game rules. Sadly I will be starting again from Turn Structure to have the rules on their own posts than mixed with other thing. The earlier stuff like Technology and states will be re-posted at a later date, most likely when the main rules have been posted. These posts will be on the MS Wars blog only.

The Units post with be where I post information on each of the deferent units and between three to five character cards. Later on I will do update posts on units that have done with five to ten Character Cards. These posts will be on the MS Wars blog only.

The background and story post will be where I will be posting background stuff for the world of the Mobius Empire and parts of a story I am planning to write.These posts will be on the MS Wars blog and might be posted on Neoscream's Log too.

I will be doing a proper update post on Wednesday on both blogs and then a rules post on Saturday on my MS Wars blog. Until next time, enjoy.