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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Labels A to Z, Part 9

Necromunda - MSW - Necromunda is a skirmish tabletop war game produced by Specialist Games which is a division of Games Workshop. In Necromunda, players control rival gangs battling each other in the Underhive, a place of anarchy and violence in the depths below the Hive City. As in its parent game Warhammer 40,000, play uses 28mm miniatures (approximately 1:65) and terrain (in this case a heavily polluted cityscape). Being a skirmish game, gangs are usually limited to around nine models, but as a result game play can become more detailed. Unlike Warhammer 40,000, Necromunda also allows players to develop their gangs between battles, gaining experience, adding new members or equipment, according to a set of rules. Gangs which frequently win games acquire more credits (money) and fewer injuries and so are able to grow throughout a campaign. Rules-wise, the game draws heavily from the second edition of Warhammer 40,000, and the ruleset is commonly considered to be better-suited for the type of skirmish games Necromunda encourages. Necromunda also stands out from most other games by Games Workshop by having a more 3 dimensional table layout, with buildings generally having multiple floors, interconnecting walkways and bridges. The terrain is constructed to simulate a hive city on the planet Necromunda, a dystopian futuristic city resembling a termite mound many miles high. I use this label when talking about Necromunda on my MS Wars blog but when I talk about it on this blog I use Gaming. I want to make MS Wars to be like this game where you team develops over a course of a campaign.

Neoscream's Life - NSL - A diary is a record with discrete entries arranged by date reporting on what has happened over the course of a day or other period. Diaries undertaken for institutional purposes play a role in many aspects of human civilization, including government records, business ledgers and military records. Generally the term is today employed for personal diaries, in which the writer may detail more personal information and normally intended to remain private or to have a limited circulation amongst friends or relatives. The writer may also describe recent events in his/her personal diary. The word "journal" may be sometimes used for "diary," but generally one writes daily in a diary, whereas journal-writing can be less frequent. Whilst a diary may provide information for a memoir, autobiography or biography, it is generally written not with the intention of being published as it stands, but for the author's own use. In recent years however there is internal evidence in some diaries that they are written with eventual publication in mind, with the intention of self-vindication or simply for profit. Diaries are highly varied, from business notations, to listings of weather and daily personal events, to inner explorations of the human psyche, to expressions of one's deepest self, to records of thoughts and ideas. By extension the term diary is also used to mean a printed publication of a written diary; and may also refer to other terms of journal including electronic formats like blogs. This is my weekly diary.

SuzySmartz, ZoeySmartz and Blaire
Other Smartz Girls - NSL - The Smartz girls where set up by SuzySmartz as a Non Nude Revolution on MFC an adult chat site. Recently Suzy had set up a Pledge for all Smartz girls called The Smartz Pledge. "I, ____Smartz, promise to uphold the Smartz ideals which include the following: I promise to support women in their fight to be seen as equal to men in the workforce. I promise to support women for being themselves on cam 100% of the time. I promise to spread the word of decency across the lands about real women being honestly entertaining. I hereby, sworn in my name, to take the pledge as a Smartz Fan, and to only support women who keep their dignity while on cam." Blaire was the free Non Nude model Suzy recruited, but the the whole Smartz Girls Revolution did not start until ZoeySmartz and all new members had to add Smartz to the end of their name. To my memory the order that girls with Smartz at the end of they name or members of the revolution without Smartz were SuzySmartz (the pimp of the revolution), Blaire (the only Smartz girl to not have Smartz at the end of their name and the extremist of the group), ZoeySmartz, CharlieSmartz (I think she is no longer a Smartz girl as is not listed on Suzy's blog any more and she has changed her user name to Charliejune), HelenSmartz (has not been on-line for over a month), JadeSmartz, DaphneSmartz (the first time I saw Daphne she had the Smartz name but I never saw an announcement for her and a couple of days later she changed her name to DaphneDaze, I am guessing she was never an official Smartz girl in the first place), KatieSmartz (she was not a MFC model but a blogger that supported the Smartz but with recent problems with haters of the Smartz Revolution she has left) and JulieSmartz (the new girl, I have not see her on cam yet). I use this label when talking about the Smartz girl other than Blaire and Suzy who have their own labels.

Pendraken - MSW - Pendraken Miniatures is a specialists in 10mm Miniatures for the discerning Wargamer! Since 1992 they have been developing new ranges and creating a greater interest in 10mm Wargaming. They now have close to 200 ranges and over 2000 individual figures with new figures being released on a regular basis. I use this label when talking about them on my MS Wars blog. Oh and here is a link to the store.

Pictures - MSW - a visual representation of a person, object, or scene, as a painting, drawing, photograph. I use this label on my MS Wars blog when posting or talking about designs that I have drawn for model idea for the game.

The next Labels A to Z post will be Reviews, Rules, Sports, Story/Stories and SuzySmartz. Until next time, enjoy.