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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Blaire's Fashion Contest (Written by Blaire)


Get Your Creative Juices Flowing
for your Hard-Earned Chance
to Peak Underneath
the soft fabric of Blaire
as she works offline

Miss Blaire is in need of a Creative Male, to assist in the design of Gentlemen's bedroom wear.

Designing sexy, comfortable and sustainable clothing is becoming too much for me to handle alone!

I need a man who can help me:

-Design from start to finish Gentlemen's Bedroom wear
-Test Fit and Comfort

1st Place Winner
Gets the opportunity to work for Blaire! You will be my fit Model-- Meaning I will constantly have my hands on you! All of my clothing will be in your size, perfectly fitted to sit just right on your body. You get to keep the samples! Spend valuable time with me every week. See your designs come to life and be sold for others to wear. You get to boost confidence through clothing! Do good by the environment! My line is focused on being environmentally friendly and sustainable. Opportunity to Live at my design studio! Reserved for the correct person ;)

2nd Place Winner
30 minute Skype show xoxo

3rd Place Winner
Exclusive Photoset

Application Requirements:

Send me a Message on MFC with your email so we can keep in touch

Your interpretation of a mans dream underwear can be a sketch, garment, painting, sculpture, collage, or photograph. No plagiarism please, you will be immediately disqualified.

Tell me why you want to work with me! You can write me a song, send me a video, write a short story, anything goes :)

Tip offline 600 tokens xoxo (other payment offers might come later)

This opportunity has room for growth and commitment, and has the potential to become a long-term partnership on many levels.

Good Luck!!!

Accepting Applications from the LA/Southern California Area.
Accommodations can be made for participants outside the S. California Area