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Monday, 4 October 2010

Labels A to Z, Part 4

Database - MSW - A database consists of an organized collection of data for one or more uses, typically in digital form. One way of classifying databases involves the type of their contents, for example: bibliographic, document-text, statistical. Digital databases are managed using database management systems, which store database contents, allowing data creation and maintenance, and search and other access. I am currently working on a database on MS Access for my game MS Wars. It contains the data from the units and pilots. In use this label when ever I talk about is in my MS Wars blog.

Deviants - NSL - Deviance in a sociological context describes actions or behaviours that violate cultural norms including formally-enacted rules as well as informal violations of social norms. It is the purview of sociologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and criminologists to study how these norms are created, how they change over time and how they are enforced. The Deviants of Cosplay Deviants, are a group of cosplayer (female and male) stripe in fount of a camera. The main Deviants I follow are Quinn, Noel and Jsica but their are several new Deviants that seem interesting. Up until I started this Labels A to Z, I have labels for each of the Deviants I had talked about, however I decided to to group them up as I has too many Label. Oh and some of the Deviants do MFC.
Noel's and Nana's up and  coming set as Vanille and Fangfrom Final Fantasy 13 

DreamClix - NSL - Ideas or wishes of figures for Heroclix. Currently I am doing a DreamClix section on my Heroclix post. It has been mainly ideas for one Marvel character and two characters Shonen Jump. However I have started designing dials last week, plan on doing one a week. Also I will be posting ideas for the characters from the new Iron Man anime that started last week.

Dreams - NSL - A dream is a succession of images, sounds or emotions that the mind experiences during sleep. The content and purpose of dreams are not fully understood, though they have been a topic of speculation and interest throughout recorded history. The scientific study of dreams is known as oneirology. Throughout history, people have sought meaning in dreams or divination through dreams. Dreams have been described physiologically as a response to neural processes during sleep, psychologically as reflections of the subconscious, and spiritually as messages from gods, the deceased, predictions of the future or from the Soul, for symbology is the language of the Soul. Many cultures practice dream incubation, with the intention of cultivating dreams that were prophetic or contained messages from the divine. Judaism has a traditional ceremony called Hatavat Halom – literally meaning "making the dream a good one." Through this rite disturbing dreams can be transformed to give a positive interpretation by a rabbi or a rabbinic court. I use this label when talking about the dreams I or other people have had.

Dyspraxia - NSL - Dyspraxia is a specific learning difficulty (SpLD) so it does not affect overall intelligence or ability, but just affects particular aspects of development. The view that dyspraxia is associated with below-average intelligence is potentially damaging in two ways;[neutrality is disputed] it can prevent people who are otherwise obviously able from obtaining appropriate help, and it can mean that people diagnosed with dyspraxia are treated as globally learning-disabled when they can be very able in other areas.
The concept of developmental dyspraxia has existed for more than a century, but differing interpretations of the terminology remains.
The Dyspraxia Foundation defines developmental dyspraxia as "an impairment or immaturity of the organisation of movement. It is an immaturity in the way that the brain processes information, which results in messages not being properly or fully transmitted. The term dyspraxia comes from the word praxis, which means 'doing, acting'. Dyspraxia affects the planning of what to do and how to do it. It is associated with problems of perception, language and thought". Dyspraxia is described as having two main elements:
Ideational dyspraxia: difficulty with planning a sequence of coordinated movements.
Ideo-Motor dyspraxia: difficulty with executing a plan, even though it is known.
Ripley, Daines, and Barrett state that "Developmental dyspraxia is difficulty getting our bodies to do what we want when we want them to do it", and that this difficulty can be considered significant when it interferes with the normal range of activities expected for a child of their age. The word "dyspraxia" comes from the Greek words "dys" meaning impaired or abnormal and "praxis", meaning action or deed.
If you do not know already, I suffer from Dyspraxia. For more details here is a link

The next Labels A to Z post will be eXXXotica Expo, FAKKU, Figures, Final Fantasy and Followers. Until next time, enjoy.