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Friday, 15 October 2010

Heroclix, Crisis on Infinite Earths: Week WTF

Sadly Heroclix was cancelled about two and a half hours before. At least I can get some sleep. So this week's post will be a DreamClix double bill with some Heroclix news. Yes, you heard me right, there is news this week after a lack of news long time. So let me kick off the post with the news.

First off is that Wizkids are at last posting new Print and Play content based of Web of Spider-Man. So far there are just two ATA cards up, one for X-Force and one for U-Foes and one Feat card called Frog Legs. I like the X-Force on as it makes them a bit more playable, but the U-Foes one does not really help them with their low attack values and low number of clicks. The Fog Legs feat could be useful for stealthers who do not have any Leap Climb or Fly abilities on a heavy water map. The next bit of news is their up and coming products. Both the Brightness Day box set and DC 75th booster set are set to be released before the end of the year.
The first set of 2011 with be Giant X-Men (hippy), with a new Mystique, new Apocalypse (standing a whopping 6.5” tall with Cyclops and Jean Gray in his hands), a new Jamie Madrox aka Multiple Man (there was no picture provided) and a Fast Ball Special Wolverine and Colossus duo figure reviled. The bricks for this set will come with 8 boosters, Jamie Madrox brick figure and one of 8 super boosters. All that was stated about the super boosters is that they have exclusIive content and that they are the size of two standard boosters. By the look of the Apocalypse and the hight, I am guessing he is a Colossal figure and will ever be a excusive content for one of the super boosters or a mail-away figure. Also Wizkids are releasing Street Fighter Heroclix in 2011. I will defently try to pick them up. Hope they do Sakura. Wizkids will also be releasing two Star Trek clix games. There is Star Trek: Expeditions which is by the sound of thing is a co-op board game were the players have to work together as a brige crew of a starship fighting the Kingons. The other is called Star Trek: Fleet Captains which is a Starship battles game with about 26 ships in the first set. I might pick up the first one but unless I can find anyone to play with in the second I will not bovver with it.

In this week's DreamClix I am doing House of M Inhuman Torch, Dust from New X-Men, The Daemon Brothers from Naruto, random Beast Warrior, generic Hollows from Bleach, Cancer from the Iron Man Anime and Nanami Ota from the Iron Man anime. There will be no dials deigns this week because of time. However I like to first point out that I forgot the keyword Fearsome Four on Doom last week. This was a mistake and he should have in.

First off is Inhuman Torch. The Inhuman Torch aka Kristoff Vernard, Doom's adopted son in House of M, has flame powers and a demonic visage. He should have the powers Flyer, Running Shot, Poison, Pulse Wave, Energy Shield Deflexion and Range Combat Expert. Say six to eight clicks of health with starting states of Move 10 or 12, Attack 10, Defence 17, Damage 3 and Range 8 with one target. He should have the keywords Mystic and Fearsome Four. I have been thinking about the House of M Fearsome Four’s AT and I have decided to give them no TA and do an ATA to represent there increase powers in the Mystical world. The ATA Mystical Plane, should have the prerequisite of Mystic keyword without Mystic TA or Mystic like TA. They gain the Mystic ability but only ageist characters without Mystic keyword or Mystic TA or Mystic like TA.

Next is Dust, real name Sooraya Qadir. Sooraya is a mutant with the ability to transform her body into a malleable cloud of dust. Born in Afghanistan, Sooraya is attacked by a slave trader attempting to remove her traditional niqāb; almost instinctively, she lashes out with her powers and flays him alive with her sand-like dust. The X-Men, having heard the situation, travelled to Afghanistan and rescue her, where she is brought to America and becomes a student of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. After the actions of the Scarlet Witch (in which millions of mutants lost their powers), Sooraya remains one of the few mutants to keep their powers after the event. She is currently a member of the Young X-Men team. She is a rare example of a positive Muslim comic book character. Let me see, she should have a special ability like the power, Vapor’s Gaseous State, say “Dust Cloud”, powers like Phasing, Plasticity and Invulnerability and a trait like “Made of Sand”.
Made of Sand: Dust loses all her power while in water terrain.”
Dust Cloud: Dust can use Barrier. If she does, modify her defence value by +2 until the beginning of your next turn. Whenever a barrier terrain marker placed by her is removed from the map, you may place her in that square.”
Say five to six clicks of health with starting states of Move 10, Attack 9, Defence 17, Damage 2 and Range 4 with one target. She should have the X-Men TA and the keywords Teen, New X-Men and Young X-Men.

Next is the Daemon Brothers. Gōzu and Meizu (The Daemon Brothers) are two Chūnin Missing-nin introduced during the Land of Waves Arc. They were Kirigakure ninja, but assisted Zabuza Momochi in defecting from the village. They subsequently worked with Zabuza in assassinations. Zabuza sends them to kill Tazuna, but they are stopped by Team 7. Team 7 ties them both to a tree for them to be arrested and leave. The brothers are a paragon of coordinated attacking. Their large metal gauntlets (Gōzu wears the gauntlet on his right hand while Meizu wears his on his left) house a retractable shuriken chain running between the two of them, which they can use to bind an enemy and then slice them to pieces. In the event that the shuriken chain is neutralized, they also have a release mechanism, to free them up for individual attacks. They use the sharp, poisoned claws on their gauntlets to shred their foes. They should have the Transporter and powers like Blades, Toughness, Exploit Weakness and Close Combat Expert. Say six to eight clicks of health with starting states of Move 10, Attack 10, Defence 16, Damage 2 and Range 4 with one target. They should have the Naruto TA and the keywords Ninja, Kirigakure and maybe Outcast.

Next is Beast Man Warriors. As there is a lot of humanoid beast in Dragon Ball, I decided to do a Generic Beast Warrior. In fact they could fit into a couple of other Shone Jump universes with some easy. They should have a Charge, Close Combat Expert and Toughness. Say four or five clicks of health with starting states of Move 8, Attack 9, Defence 15, Damage 2 and Range 4 with one target. They should have no TA and the keyword Animal and Brute.

Next are Hollow generics from Bleach. I will be doing two of them, one standard group type and one flying type. Both should be say five clicks of health with starting states of Move 8, Attack 9, Defence 15 for Ground and 17 for flying, Damage 2 for ground and 1 for flying and Range 4 or 6 with one target. They should not have any TA and the keyword Hollow. Now the ground types should have the powers Super Strength, Toughness, Close Combat Export and a minion power that gives them Charge and plus one to damage. While the flying types should have the powers Flight, Toughness, Range Combat Export and a minion power that gives them Running Shot and plus one to damage.

Cancer is the second warrior of Zodiac to appear. They reviled a bit more information about them. The Zodiac is basically a high-tech worldwide criminal organisation. So basically an AIM clone. Also this is pointing to be a monster of the week show as there are 12 signs of the Zodiac and 12 episodes to this show. Well he lasted a little longer than last week one, he was still easily taken out by Iron Man. He should have the powers flyer, Invulnerability and Toughness. Say the same number of clicks as Scorpio with starting states of Move 10, Attack 10, Defence 17, Damage 2 and Range 4 with two targets. As they are basically an AIM clone they should have the same TA as AIM members, which is the Hydra one. It should have the keywords Zodiac, Armour and/or Robot.

Lastly it is Nanami Ota from the Iron Man anima. Now I have be thinking how to do her. As she keeps on giving Tony Stark a lift I decided to make her a transporter so she will be on scoter. Then she is a reporter and needs so kind of reporter power. This made me think about the different non super hero reporters that have been released in figures. Two come to mind, J. Jonah Jameson with his Perplex and anti Spider-Man Ally TA trait and Lois Lane with her Superman Ally TA. Lois was always good figure because of the anti-stealth she bring, which made me think that an anti-stealth ability would be the right way to go with a reporter which lead to the special ability "Headline News".
"Headline News: Give Nanami a power action, select a character with stealth or a stealth like ability within 6" of her that you could of drawn a line of sight if they did not have stealth or a stealth like ability. Until the beginning of your next turn, that character cannot use stealth or stealth like abilities."
She should not have any other abilities. Say four clicks of health with starting states of Move 10, Attack 7, Defence 15, Damage 1 and Range 0. She should have no TA and the keyword Reporter.

To finish of this post here are two dial designs, one for Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach and one for Goku from Dragon Ball.

Next week’s DreamClix should be Elixir from New X-Men, Axe-Hand Morgan from One Piece and Ryuk from Death Note and also a dial for Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto. Until next time, enjoy.