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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Heroclix 30th September, Crisis on Infinite Earths: Week Three

Welcome to another Heroclix post. Sorry for the late post. Been busy with work and dealing with laptop problems. I recived a letter on Wendsday saying that my laptop (which was in repairs because of a broken hinge) was unrepairable. Luckly my protection I had it will pay up to £999.99 on a new laptop to replace the unrepairable one. Sweet, a one £1000 laptop. I will talk more about this in my Neoscream's Log.

So far in the campaign I am sitting on four wins out of six rounds, currenty at just on first place and have only last two characters, Dark Beast and Psylocke. This week's, Week Three is just standard games. Round seven is 400 points, round eight is 600 points with only four actions a turn and round nine is 300 points.

So Round Seven, 400 points. I used a modifuled Teens team as Karate Kid was still out for this game. After over an hour of look for way's to do this I decided take Dream Girl out of the team and add both Robins as Veteran Spoiler does not have the teen keyword sadly. So here is the new Teens team for this round.

Robin (Crisis) 79
Cosmic Boy (Legion of Super Heroes) 70
Batman (Arkham Asylum) 64
Robin (starter Icons) 22
Klarion (Crisis) 76
Spider-Girl (Secret Invasion) 77
=388 points and three re-rolls.

I went up against Darren’s 400 points team. He was using a JSA (Justice Society of America) team with:

Jakeem Thunder (Origin) 126 + Coordination (Feat) 6 = 132
Liberty Belle (Crisis) 84
Sandman (Origin) 59 + Coordination (Feat) 6 = 65
Stargirl (Vet Legacy) 63
Wildcat (Rook Origins) 54
=398 points and two re-rolls if he really needs them with two Probability Controllers.

He ripped my team apart. I scored no KOs off him and both Klarion and Crisis Robin were MIAed. Great that's a heavy blow to both my standard 200 and 400 points team. Some major replaning is needed.

Dr. Alchemy
Next was Round Eight, 600 points four actions. As I lost Dark Beast last week and Robot was still out of action for this round so I had to look for replacement for them. I decided very early on to have Yellowjacket take Robot's place on the team. This leaves a replacement for Dark Beast. So it is new recruit time. I have 100 points gap in the built pool, 64 points build gap in the 600 points team if I am using Yellowjacket (100) instead of Robot (92) and 80 XP (400 points) to recruit with. I first wanted to go with a figure that has two of the main keywords that I was using. Main problem with this is that I still do not have my laptop back, so I am stuck using HCRealms units page than battle planner which would be ideal for this kind of search. The only real choose I had was ever rookee Ant-Man or LE Ant-Man from Supernova as a support figure or Spider-Man from Secret Invasion as an attack piece. The main problem with Spider-man was that he had no move and attack powers which Batman and Ra's al-Ghul suffer for too. And then it came to me. The team needs a TKer (?). I then search for a scientict with TK that was 64 points of less and found Dr. Alchemy from Justice League. Here is the new scienticts team. Oh the origanal team was an attempt for a team with my favourt two superheroes Batman and Iron Man.

Batman (Vet Legacy) 111
Iron Man (Web of Spider-Man) 202
Ra’s al-Ghul (Vet Legacy) 108
Researcher (Web of Spider-Man) 15
Yellowjacket (Secret Invasion) 100
Dr. Alchemy (Justice League) 62
=598 points and three re-rolls.
I was up against Adrian’s 600 points team. He was using an Avengers team with:

Thor (Hammer of Thor) 226
Namor (Secret Invasion) 150
Ironman (shield Mutations and Monsters) 100
Spider-girl (Secret Invasion) 77
Scarlet Witch (Avengers) 35
=588 points and two re-roll.

Wow Adrain's dice rolls really suck but he never used any of his re-rolls. I ended up white washing him. I even took out Thor on my second turn. We finished our match quickly so we watched the end of Darren's and Micheal's match. The Wolverin from Web of Spider-Man is quite good despite his very short dial. The combs you can do that I did not think of were great.

The last round of the week, Round Nine which was a 300 points game. With lossing Psylock last week I had a gap in my 300 points team to fill with a new recruit. I have 38 points gap in the built pool, 35 points build gap in the 300 points team and 67 XP (335 points) to recruit with. I ended up going for a Alex Summer as he had a vary high damage value for a 35 points figure and attack 9 and six or seven clixs of health which was good for a X-Men character at this points value. The team is now:

Beast (Mutations and Monsters) 73
Cyclops (Mutations and Monsters) 50
Jean Grey (Rook Universe) 31
Alex Summers (LE Mutant Mayhem) 35
Storm (Danger Room) 40
Wolverine (Fantastic Forces) 71
=300 points and three re-rolls.

I went up against Michael’s 300 points team again. This time he went for a non themed team with:

DOOM (Secret Invasion) 249
Scarlet Witch (Rook Fantastic Forces) 35
=284 points and no re-rolls.

This fight was nasty. His 10 range, Mystics, Indomitable, outwit and damage reduction were fantastic. But even tho Wolverin did must of the damage, it was Cyclop scoring the KOs. I manage to win it with out lossing anyone.

After all of that I lost two more figures and won two out off three games. Sadly Darren won all three of his games and now because off that he is in the led of the campaign. Never mind, I am willing to omite he is the serpirere player.  Here are the current build pools after this weeks round.

My Force
Batman (Arkham Asylum) XP 0.
Batman (Justice League) XP 0.
Batman (Vet Legacy) has 5 XP after OKing then MIAing Namor. KOs 1, MIAs 1.
Beast (Mutations and Monsters) XP 0.
Cosmic Boy (Legion of Super Heroes) XP 0 and will be back in action on round 11.
Cyclops (Mutations and Monsters) is on 26 XP now after spending 4 on recruiting and KOing two more figures. KOs 6, MIAs 0
Dark Beast (Mutations and Monsters) MIA.
Dream Girl (Justice League) XP 0.
Hawkeye (Avengers) with Thunderbolts ATA, is on 4 XP now after spending 1 on recruiting. KOs 1, MIAs 0.
Iron Man (Secret Invasion) is on 12 XP now after spending 3 on recruiting. KOs 3, MIAs 0.
Iron Man (Web of Spider-Man) has 10 XP after OKing two characters. KOs 2, MIAs 0.
Jean Grey (Rook Universe) XP 0.
Karate Kid (Crisis) XP 0.
Klarion (Crisis) was MIAed by Darren’s Stargirl.
Mockingbird (Vet Sinister) is on 4 XP now after spending 1 on recruiting. KOs 1, MIAs 0.
Nurse (Web of Spider-Man) XP 0.
Psylocke (Vet Xplosion) MIA and all her XP was spent of recruiting.
Ra’s al-Ghul (Vet Legacy) has 5 XP after OKing a character. KOs 1, MIAs 0.
Researcher (Web of Spider-Man) XP 0.
Robin (Crisis) is on 4 XP now after spending 1 on recruiting however he Ws MIAed by Darren’s Liberty Belle if I remembered correctly. KOs 1, MIAs 1 (Sue Storm).
Robin (starter Icons) XP 0.
Robot (Invincible) XP 0.
Scarlet Witch (Avengers) XP 0.
Spider-Girl (Secret Invasion) is on 4 XP now after spending 1 on recruiting and will be back in action on round 11. KOs 1, MIAs 0.
Spider-Man (red and blue suit Web of Spider-Man) XP 0.
Spoiler (Vet Legacy) XP 0.
Storm (Danger Room) is on 8 XP now after spending 2 on recruiting. KOs 2, MIAs 1 (Annihilus).
Wolverine (Fantastic Forces) is on 4 XP now after spending 1 on recruiting. KOs 1, MIAs 0.
Yellowjacket (Secret Invasion) is on 9 XP now after spending 1 on recruiting and KOing a character. KOs 2, MIAs 0.
Alex Summers (LE Mutant Mayhem) new recruit and still on 0 XP.
Dr. Alchemy (Justice League) new recruit and still on 0 XP.

Darren S
Batman (Arkham Asylum) 64
Batman (Justice League) 75
Bullseye (Web of Spider-man) 117 + Thunderbolts 8 = 125
Ch’p (Green Lantern Corps) 82
Citizen V (Avengers) 58 + Thunderbolts 8 = 66
Firestar (Web of Spider-man) 81
Hitman (Arkham Asylum) 61
Jakeem Thunder (Origin) 126 + Coordination (Feat) 6 = 132
Justice (Exp Supernova) MIA
Kid Zoom (Brave and the Bold) 87
Liberty Belle (Crisis) 84
Moonstone (Hammer of Thor) 76 + Thunderbolts 8 = 84
Radioactive (Vet Sinister) 80 + Thunderbolts 8 = 88
Sandman (Origin) 59 + Coordination (Feat) 6 = 65
Scarlet Spider (Web of Spider-man) 72
Shatterstar (Mutations and Monsters) 57
Songbird (Rook Fantastic Forces) 44 + Thunderbolts 8 = 52
Spider-girl (Secret Invasion) MIA
Stargirl (Vet Legacy) 63
Venom (Hammer of Thor) 73 + Thunderbolts 8 = 81
Warpath (Web of Spider-man) 70
Wildcat (Rook Origins) 54
Winter Soldier (Avengers) 70
Wolfsbane (Web of Spider-man) 65
Wolverine (Web of Spider-man) 105
X-23 (Web of Spider-man) 60
Night Thrasher (?) ? New recruit
Kid Nova (Rook Supernova) ? New recruit

Thor (Hammer of Thor) 226
Ms Marvel (human Secret Invasion) 168
Namor (Secret Invasion) MIAed this week
Dr Strange (Secret Invasion) MIA
The many looks of Wonder Man
Wonderman (Avengers) MIAed this week
Yellowjacket (Secret Invasion) MIAed this week
Ironman (shield Mutations and Monsters) 100
The Thing (Secret Invasion)    Fantastic Four 105
Black Panther (Avengers) 92 + Fantastic Four 5 = 97
Human Torch  (Secret Invasion) 100 + Fantastic Four 5 = 105
Luke Cage (Secret Invasion) 85 + Fantastic Four 5 = 90
Lionheart (Avengers) MIA
Spider-girl (Secret Invasion) 77
Captain America (Hammer of Thor) MIA
Ironfist (Secret Invasion) 70
Ronin (Avengers) 55
Invisible Girl (Exp Clobberin Time) 57 + Fantastic Four 5 = 62
Spiderman (Secret Invasion) 50 + Fantastic Four 5 = 55
She-Thing (Secret Invasion) 50 + Fantastic Four 5 = 55
Logan (Vet Clobberin Time) 60 + Fantastic Four 5 = 65 added Auto Regain for 12 XP
Sue Storm (LE Fantastic Forces) MIA
Scarlet Witch (Avengers) 35
Quicksilver (Avengers) 49

Alex Luthor (Crisis) MIAed this week
Annihilus (Secret Invasion) MIA
Aqualad (Crisis) MIA
Cosmic Boy (Legion of Super Heroes) 70     
Doom (Secret Invasion) 249  
Dr Polaris (Justice League) MIA
Enchantress (Hammer of Thor) 141   
Gravity (Secret Invasion) 64
Ironman (zombie Mutations and Monsters) MIA
Kid Flash (Crisis) MIA
Living Laser (Avengers) MIAed this week   
Metron (Arkham Asylum) MIA
Moleman (Secret Invasion) 50           
Moloid (Secret Invasion) 15
Moloid (Secret Invasion) 15
Morbious (Secret Invasion) 67           
Mr Fantastic (Secret Invasion) 100    
Penance (Hammer of Thor) 58 + Thunderbolts 8 = 66          
Rampaging Hulk (Mutations and Monsters) MIAed this week        
Robin (Crisis) 35        
Speedy (Crisis) MIA
Spiderman (Mutations and Monsters) 41      
Stingray (Avengers) MIA
Ulik (Hammer of Thor) 118   
Wondergirl (Crisis) 60 + Stunning Blow (Feat) 10 = 70
Scarlet Witch (Rook Fantastic Forces) 35 New recruit

As both Adrian and Michiel are still lossing a lot of their figures and not gaining much XP to recruit with, Darren changed the bulid pool rules. If your build pool drops below 1500 points, you my recruit figures for free until you hit the 1500 point mark. Well next week starts the dead of a superhero arc of the campaign. What this means is each week last character KO’d become MIA regardless of die roll. Next week's rounds are round ten is 400 points, round eleven is 500 points with three actions and round tweneve is 300 points. My 500 and 300 points teams are ok but the 400 points team need some major rebuilding as I lost Klarion this week.

In this week's DreamClix House of M Johnny Storm, Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach without her Soul Reaper powers and Buluma from Dragon Ball. Also there is a bit of DeamClix news with a new feature. But first I realised I forgot to state that House of M Iron Man should be a flyer.

First off is House of M Johnny Storm. In the House of M: Iron Man limited series, Johnny Storm is a contestant on a reality game show called Sapien Death Match. He has no inherent superpowers, but wears a suit of powered armour that has a 'flame on' ability. This leads to his special ability “Flame On”.
“Flame On: At the beginning of a turn, Johnny can make an Incapacitate attack as a free however he can not be given an action for the turn.”
Other powers he should have are Running Shot, Invulnerability and Toughness. Ever the same number of clicks of health or one less than House of M Iron Man with starting states of Movement 10, Attack 10, Defence 16, Damage 3 and range 6 with one target. He should not have any TA and he should have the keyword Armour and maybe Sapien Death Match fighter. He should also be a flyer. (will try to add a picture at a later date).

Next is Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach without her Soul Reaper powers. Rukia is a Soul Reaper in the 13th Division under Jūshirō Ukitake. Shortly after meeting the main protagonist of the series, Ichigo Kurosaki, who can see supernatural beings such as Soul Reapers, she is forced to give him her powers in order to fulfil her duties as a Soul Reaper. This version of Rukia should be classed as a support piece with Perplex to begin with and then Support at the end of her dial. Also she should have a special ability to take the action token for AEs to change. She should have about four clicks of health because of her weakened state with starting states of Movement 8 to 10, Attack 9, Defence 16, Damage 1 and range 4 with one target. She should have the Bleach TA and she should have the keyword Karakura Town. Some might ask why not Teen, the mean reason is that she might meant to look 15, but in face she is about 150.

Then we have Bulma from Dragon Ball. At age 16, Bulma found the Two Star Dragon Ball in her basement. She created the Dragon Radar to find the other Dragon Balls so she can wish for a lifetime supply of strawberries, but later decides she wants to wish for the perfect boyfriend instead. She began her quest for the other balls during her summer vacation and after a couple of days she found the five star ball in a cave. Nine days later she went to Mount Paozu to find the next one when she accidentally hit a young boy named Goku with her Car. Bulma was the first girl Goku ever seen and even more so, the second human Goku sees, after his guardian, Grandpa Gohan who died. After Goku took Bulma to his house, she finds out that he has the four star Dragon Ball. After failing to seduce Goku for the dragon ball, she decides to become travelling partners with him to which he agrees. Again like Rukia the figure should be a support piece with Perplex, Energy Shield Deflection to represent the bikes cover and the transporter ability to carry people. She should have about four or five clicks as she is not a fighter in the manga with starting states of Movement 12, Attack 8, Defence 16, Damage 1 and range 6 with one target. She should have Dragon Ball TA and she should have the keywords Teen, Scientist and Dragon Ball Gang.

Sadly I decided to not do the TransformersClix for now and work on the Shonen Jump Clix a bit more. However here are two links of TransformersClix ideas other people have done. and I really like the idea of AE transforming ability and was thinks on something along those lines. However it should be outwitterable. Maybe make it as a new symbol.

I how now started deigning dials now for the Shonen Jump Clix I am deigning. Still no points values let, as I would not like to guess them but feedback about point cost would be useful. I will try to do at less one dial a week and this week’s will be Zoro from one piece. As you may have notice I have charges the special “Three Swords Style.”

Lastly for those who have forgotten or missed them in the past, here is the TAs for this week’s DreamClix. The Bleach TA is the same as the X-Men TA, the Dragon Ball TA is the same as the standard Fantastic Four TA and finally the One Piece TA is the same as the Ultimate X-Men. 

Well that is it for this week’s next week should be House of M Doom, Sakura Haruno from Naruto, per-devil fruit powers "Iron Mace" Alvida from One Piece and the dial for Kakashi Hatake from Naruto. Also I will start on designing clix figures based on the Iron Man anime that started this week. Characters from episode one that will be done are Iron Man himself, the Iron Man Duo armour which is a prototype mass production suit and Scorpio. Until next time, enjoy.