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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

MS Wars Update, 27th of October, The Mobius Empire Strikes Back

Ok, what have I been doing all this time on MS Wars. Well the first thing I did when I got back onto working on the game was to fix the problems I had with the game during the last test. These were ramming, firing over friendly units, carrying and ?. I will leave explain the rule changes to these rules until the next Updates post as I still have some major rules changes to do. The major rules chage is going to be on movement. The movemant chances has been already inpermented on the database, I just need to do the changes the changes to the rule. The major change is that you use to be able to make any number on move action up to half rounded up of the units Output and up to two move actions a movement phase. Now you can only do two move actions a turn and only one move action durring each move phase. This will led to some other changes to movement but you will have to wait to read the rule. Now with the chat about the rule changes are done, I will move on to the database.

Front side of a Character Card
Now if you have been following my 'Neoscream's Life' post on my Neoscream's Log blog you may have notice I have been doing a lot of work on the database for the unit. The first thing I decided to do was to do some rebuilding. After that I started on a new idea to combine units and characters with per set weapon kits and pilot skills. This is what I call character units and the card (Report) version is called Character Cards. These are not normally named characters; just pre set units with a random pilot. Not all the skills have been used so the player can do a bit of customising. I am still working on the Character Cards however the front side which holds all the main gaming data is pretty much done, just the odd twig here and them. But I still how a lot of work to do on the other side. One of the things I need to do is find a way to build a damage tally based on the unit’s DC. Now with the chat about the changes to the database and units is done, I will move on to the modelling and unit drawings.

Back side of a Character Card at the moment
Ummm, sadly I have done none. However I have brought some guns from Heresy Multi Part Miniatures before the price increase. I plan on doing some more unit drawings soon and I will try to get back to modelling after I have gotten the changes to the rules done. Now with the chat about modelling and drawings done, I will move on to the last bit of this update, the world of Empire of Mobius.

I am currently working on back stuff about the Mobius Empire which I will try to post some of it up sometime next week. However I like to let people know that I have added a new minor race known as the Dread. You will have to wait until next week from information about the Dread, but I will tell you this, they are based a little on undead.

Well that is it for this update the next MS Wars post (Saturday) should be a rules post on Turn Structure and the one after that (Tuesday) will be ever a rules post on Movement or a Units post on the Amago Standard Type Small SRACU. Until next time, enjoy.