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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Neoscream's Life, the 4th to the 10th of October

Last week I had to say good buy to my laptop and hello to a free new hightech laptop. What will this week be like? Bet it will not be as good.

On Monday I posted a new Labels A to Z post before going to work. I worked from 11AM to 4PM. I ended up burning my right hand. I was walking to my till from the stock room tooking an order on the head set as I was on drive-thur. I forgot the kiching self were mopping the floor and when I was walking past the boiler (the griller beef burgers) I slipped. Out of instince I went to grab to stop myself falling and ended up grabbing a part of the boiler, burning my hand. Luckily it was not that bad, but I ended up working with only my left hand with ice in my right hand. Other than that I did really do much.

Tuesday was my day off like normal. Not much to write about. I finished off and posted last week's Neoscream's Life post. I also did more instilling on my laptop. Adding Real-player, Super Screen Capture and Battle Planner with data for Heroclix, Mechwarrior, Magic: the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh. I e-mailed Blaire before going to bed to see how she was as I have not heard from her in a while. It face I do not know were in the world she was. Oh and apart from the middle finger feeling a little tender my hand was fine.

On Wenesday morning SuzySmartz was on-line so I said hi. She was asking people to tip he 333 tokens to watch her smock some weed on a different cam room. I decided to leave to get readly for work. While getting readly and travelling to work I started to plan for my halloween costum. I was origanaly planning on doing ever Zoro from One Piece or Tony Stark. However to did Zoro I would need to buy the swords, dry my hear green and shave off my breard on top of any cloths needed. So it will be Tony Stark and what do I need:
A suit - I can get away with using my good tralsers and with the jacket I need to see if one of my dad's suit jackets will fit and if not I need to buy one
A white shirt - according to my mum I have one but if I still have it I do not know if it fits still some I might need a new one.
A tie - Both my and my dad havr tons to chose from.
Also there extra things I would like as well but it depens cost and time:
The chest piece - the idea I have is to get one of those round LED lights things and make it look like the chest piece. The only problem with it is to get it to stick to my chest.
Brife case - the idea is a brife case with stuff in side to make it look like the Iron Man armour is inside it.
I started work at 12AM but as we were dead I finished early at 2AM. I decided to look some extra bits. I first popped into Currys looking for the LED light as I am sure I have seen one there in the past but no luck. I then went to Toys'R'Us to see if they have any good Iron Man glove to put into the brife case but no luck again. They did have glove but they were crap sadly. However I did pick up the War for Cybertron Optimus Prime and a Lego Mini-Fig which turns out to be the disco one. I then went home and did the next Label A to Z post. Not much really.

On Thursday morning I instilled my print software on to the laptop as I had not gotten around to do it and I needed to do some printing. After I instilled the software and printed the stuff I need to print, a message appeared saying that there was an update avaible from my printer software. I decided to download and instill it thinking I had the time before work. Sadly it took longer than I thought and had to leave the computer on working. I went to work and worked from 11AM to 4PM. There was a bit of good news at work, the assisstant manager Tabish was back from his holiday so hoping to see less of the pain. After work I cooked dinner for my family and went to Heroclix. I got back at about 11:15PM and then was still no reply from my e-mail to Blaire, no new Tweets from her since Thruesday and the last time she had logged onto MFC was the 3rd September, over a month ago. I have no clue where in the world she is as her last Tweet said goodbye Spain!

Nothing really happened of Friday. I worked 11AM to 6PM and that is about it really.

On Saturday, only Darren and Richard turned up for coffe as Jake was working for some odd reason. We talked about plan for Halloween. It would be happening at Richard's for once instead of Colette's but other than that there were on other plans. We talked about maybe doing some later on and that Richard would contact me later about what was happening. I worked from 12PM to 7:15PM. When I checked my phone there was no messages from Richard about what was happening. So I tried phoning him but got the anwerser phone strait away. I went home, had dinner and then tried him again but got the anweserphone again. Then about 9PM I get a text message from him saying that he had been stuck on a long phone and lost track of time. He asked me what time would I be free on Sunday. I said 6PM as I had work even tho it was meant to be my day off.

Lastly on Sunday before I went to work, I watched the new epoisode of Iron Man up on Anima-Media, posted the next part of Labels A to Z and went to do a little bit of shop with my mum which we ended up getting dad's chrishmas/birthday present, a new sta nav with speed camera detection. I worked 12PM to 4PM and then at 5:30PM I phoned Richard to see what will be happening. He had not gotten around seeing if anyone else was free so he said he would phone me back later. About two hours later he phoned back and decided to found out what wrong with my Access database for MS Wars game. I will try to go into details about fixing database at a later date in a post on my MS Wars blog when I have the time.

Well that is another week over. Due to weird working hours this week and the fact that I do not have Tuesday off, blog posts might be delayed and the likely hood of a MS Wars blog post this week being slim. When until next time, enjoy.