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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Neoscream's Life, the 18th to the 24th of October

Last week was work, work, work and a lack of sleep. What will this week be like?

On Monday was the first day off of the week off work my perants had. I worked on and posted next part of the Labels A to Z before heading to work. My perants dropped me off at work and went off to get some stuff to decorate with as the were planning to decorate the living room. I worked 11AM to 5PM. When I got home I finishing writing up the Neoscream's Life post for the next day and did some tidying of my room.

I was up early Tuesday as I had a lot to do. First I was moving my stuff that waw down staire to my room so my dad could decorate the living room. Then I posted Neoscream’s Life post and worked on the DreamClix side of my Heroclix post. I was down to work from 12PM to 9PM but it was dead at work and I ended up finishing at 7PM. When I got home the case for my mum's Kindle had arrived. Stupidly I sent them in my mum's than my name. Luckily she already knows that me and dad were getting her a Kindle for Christmas.

On Wednesday I posted the next Labels A to Z post before work and worked on the Character Cards on my MS Wars database. I also worked from 12PM to 5AM.

I was awoke on Thursday morning by sounds from my laptop. Blaire was back on-line on MFC. She was designing clothes for herself and to sell on-line. She had been back for about a week but had been too tired to come on-line. When she left she say she should be on in two days and might be on tomorrow to introdute a new Smartz Girl LotusBabe. Wow, another Smartz Girl without Smartz at the end. She also posted a tweet saying that she will keep us updated on when she will be on MFC on Twitter. After she left, my mum said to get readly quickly as they wanted to do a bit of shopping for curtans as the old ones for the Living room did not servive the wash and to get a new booster box for the TV. I got ready and we went to do a little shopping. We went to Maplins first and picked up a new booster box and a Christmas gift for Richard. I also was about to get one of those round LED lights for Halloween but my dad said he had a spear one at work he could give me. After that we went to a bedroom shop place to pick up some new curtans for the living room and then Homebase for a couple of bits. After all of that my parents dropped me off at work were I worked from 11AM to 4PM. I went home fit the cabling of the TV for my dad, had dinner and went to Heroclix. I got back home about 11:15PM.

The was no sign of Blaire or the new Smartz Girl LotusBabe on Friday morning. I went food shopping with my parents at Asda as I needed to get some bits for Halloween and they wanted to do food shoping for the weekend and next week. We picked up a suit (jacket and trasors) and a white shirt for £29. I also got a tie for Christmas. I worked from 11AM to 5PM. When I got back home stupidy did some more work of the Character Card report on the database for the MS Wars, while I should have been working on my Heroclix post and the last Labels A to Z. Luckily I realised I was forgeting there in time to finish and post the Heroclix post.

On Saturday morning the was no Blaire. I should of guest that would happen. If she said she should be on-line, the likelyhood she will be on is slim to none. I started working on the final Labels A to Z post, but because of internet problems, I could not finish the post before going to coffee. At coffee were Richard, Colette and Darren H. Jake could not make it as he was working. We talked more about Halloween and planned to watch some films at Richard's later it the day. Sadly Darren could not make it but Jake should be able to. The idea was to which both of the Iron Man movies if the second one arrived in the post as preorders from can be that good. I worked from 12PM to 3PM. When I got home I phoned Richard for the final plan for tonight as the DVD had not turned up. He said for me to bring my DVDs and that he would pick me up at about 7PM. I finished off and posted the final Labels A to Z post before going out. It was just me, Richard, Jake and Collette, over at Richard’s to watch films. We ended up watching Team America: World Police and the first Iron Man film. As I was later and Richard had been drinking I ended up sleeping over.

I got back home about 11AM on Sunday. I ended up not doing much, but I did get the big MS Wars announcement do a day earlier than I stated on the last Labels A to Z post. It was originally going to be Sunday but I thought as I was about to post the last Labels A to Z post that I would not have it readily on time so I stated Monday.

Well that is it for this week. Next week will be Halloween, which I will try to remember to take some pictures. Oh and the Last Labels A to Z is not the last, it is just that I am out of labels to post about. Then I have five new labels to talk about I do a new post. Until next time, enjoy.