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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Neoscream's Life, the 27th of September to the 3rd of October

Starscream from Transformer: Cybertron

Well last week was a nighmare. What will this week lead to?

On Monday not much happened was meant to work 11AM to 4PM but at 4:30PM they said I had to work till 6PM but then I ended up finishing at 6:45PM. Also for once in a long time I manage to get around to have a chat with SuzySmartz. She was fine and her Smartz Girls revolsion plans are growing. Just go to her blog and learn for your self. There is a link under the blogs that I follow section on the right hand side of this blog.

I was off work on Tuesday. I finished off and posted last week's Neoscream's Life post. I also started a new series of posts on the main blog "Labels A to Z" where I talk about what each label mains on is blog and my MS Wars blog. I did so work on the unit and pilot cards on my MS Wars database, but note a problem with it. For some unknown reason I had multiples of several unit. I got a feeling I need Richard's help, but I need my laptop back to do that. The laptop was still at the repairs which I thought it was odd as it should have been back today. Also later on in the day there was tweet from Blaire, she was on her way to Spain.

On Wednesday morning I left for work so I could pop into Hobbycraft to get a new craft case to carry my Heroclix on Thursday as my old case was getting too small with the campaign. The case I ended up getting was able to fit the old one in it. Worked from 12PM to 7PM. When I finish my mum had some good and bad news for me. The bad news was that she received a letter saying that my laptop was beyond repair. Just great, not, now I have to get a new one even though I am still paying for the laptop. However the good news was protection that I pay monthly paid off as they have given me £999.99 to replace it. Hippy. The odd thing is that it cost about £800 about two or three years ago. So the new laptop will not only be much more powerful over the advancements in computer technology the last couple of years, but it would be more powerful from a higher cost. I looked for new laptops on the PC World website as I could only buy it from them or one of their partner companies. I nailed it down to ever the HP Pavilion dv7 at £999.99 or the Samsung r780 at £1049.99.

The next day Thursday I left home to work early again to look at what Currys has for laptops but the highest cost laptop that was not a mac was about £800 but most of them where about £550 or less. They were a general electronics store than just a computer base one, so I understand that their range would be slim. I worked from 11AM to 4PM. Normally I would of gotten a bus home as I needed to be back by 5:15PM to cook dinner, but I decided to pop into PC World to see if they had them is stock and then call for a taxi. They only had the HP Pavilion dv7 in stock so I know I had to go for that one. However I had a problem getting home my phone was out of credit. So I had to walk to the train station and got a black cab back which cost twice as much as a normal taxi. Got home at about 5:45PM but luckily I manage to cook dinner in time to go to Heroclix. But before I left I chat to my mum about getting the laptop after we both finished work. I got back from Heroclix just gone 11PM and found a tweet from Blaire saying that she was leaving Spain, but no comment on where she was going next.

On Friday had work from 11AM to 4PM and I manage to finish on time as my mum had finished work early and was waiting. We headed to PC world and found that the laptop had dropped down in price by £50 so we picked up a Bamboo too. I have been wanting to get one for a long time but never had gotten around to get one. Now all I need is to get some software for it. I spent most of the evening setting the laptop up. Installing, Norton’s Anti-Virus, the full version MS Office  2007, iTunes, Google Chrome and setting up the Bamboo.
The next morning, Saturday, Anime-Media had the new Iron Man anime from Mad House. It really has changed from the original trailer and plans. It was meant to Japans take on the character, what they imagined Iron Man to be like. I got a feeling that all changed are due to Disney taking over Marvel, they wanted to show to stay closer to the character we all know then a Japanese version. So this could be the reason why it was six months later than originally planned. Instead it was being a Japanese Iron Man it is Tony Stark (Iron Man) visiting Japan on business and then a new suit of armour Iron Man Duo going out of control and then stolen at the end of the first episode. The Duo was a prototype mass production Iron Man suit that Tony was making as he was planning on retiring from the role of Iron Man but plan on replacing himself with a team of Iron Men. It feels like it is set in the movies universe but there are a couple of things that that does click into place, like the public knowledge that he was retiring for Iron Man and the mass production suit the Duo. Over all it seems great, but this is the first of 12 episodes. Mad House are meant to be releasing a Wolverine anime after Christmas and have an X-Men and a Blade Anime in the works. A lot of people are hoping that like Iron Man, Wolverine with totally different than the original trailer. My dad was off work so he gave me a left to coffee, after he left I realised I had forgotten my wallet in my other jacket. I normally put it in my bag so I stupidly did not check before going. So I had to wait for the others to turn up, which they were half an hour late. Only Richard and Darren turned up, Darren picked up my coffee while Richard let me the money for the bus to work. Richard had just realised that he forgot to tell us that he had talked to Richy (an old friend that does not life in Miton Keynes anymore and is bad at keeping in contact with people). It was only briefly but he seemed fine and was studying another course at university. Where does he get the money to keep on studying I do not know? I worked from 12PM to 7:20PM. When I got home I downloaded and installed MAL Updater so I could update what Anime and Manga I have watched. While doing this I finished and posted Heroclix post which was a day late. I also learnt that there is a new Smartz girl called JulieSmartz from Suzy’s latest post on her blog.

Iron Man fight the Iron Man Duo Armour
On Sunday I sadly had to go into work on my day off. I was meant to only be working from 10AM to 2PM but ended up finishing at about 3PM. I did not do much as I was tired so I meanly rested, however I did install VLC so I could watch the anime shows that I have download. Also before going to bed I post the new Watch, Listen and Read post.

RIP old ASUS laptop. I am enjoying having a laptop again, even if I have to reinstall things again on a laptop. Well next week hopefully Richard will come over to fix the problem I am having with the database.  Also fingers crossed that Blaire will be back on-line too next week. Well until next time, enjoy.