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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Cosplay Deviants: Noel, Nana, Quinn and Kassandra - Messy Maids

(from left to right): Himeko Katagiri, Ichijo, Miyako Uehara, Rebecca
Miyamoto, Rei Tachibana, Mesousa, Kurumi Momose, Behoimi,
and Sayaka Suzuki (No. 6).
This Saturday's new set Cosplay Deviants is the second ever group set on Cosplay Deviants. Is this set Noel, Nana, Quinn and Kassandra are Cosplaying as characters from Pano Poni Dash in a maid custom scene in the kitchen. Noel is Rebecca Miyamoto (Becky), Nana is Miyako Uehara, Quinn is Himeko Katagiri and lastly Kassandra is Rei Tachibana. I have only watch one full episode of Pani Poni Dash so I am no expert, but looking at the picture I found on the web there are three things that are not quite right about the set.  Fist Noel is not short enough to the others to do Becky right. Hight is always a nightmare to do right so it is not a major problem. Next Kassandra hair does no look right, but then as this is a scene in the kitchen having the hair tide back is fine.

And lastly Nana does not look anything like Miyako. Is the list of characters they were doing on ChronoClepsydra's VIP forum post "Cosplay Master List" correct. Well never mind the set steel looks good. Until next time, enjoy.