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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Neoscream's Life, the 25th to the 31st of October

As it is a Halloween week I decided to
use a different picture this week
Last week was the long awaited return of Blaire. What will this week be like?

On Monday I gotten around to posted the Watch, Listen and Read before heading to work. I worked from 11AM to about 5PM. When I get home the post had arrived. What, still no Iron Man 2 DVD let, not even mum's Kindel I thought to myself. However the postman arrived with them about five to ten minutes after I got in. The only problem I have with the Kindel's packaging is that it comes with none, the parcel it comes it is the packaging. So it would have been a pain to wrap with the plug. But luckily and nurtliy my mum decided to nab it now then wait to Christmas. That was it for Monday apart from working on my Neoscream's Life post.

I had a bad night sleep again, but on Tuesday Morning I was awaked be Blaire come on cam. Hippy. She was with new Smartz Girl, LotusBabe. Blaire was showing her the ropes. After they left I finished last week’s Neoscream's Life post and posted if before going to work. I worked from 12PM to 8PM. That was it apart from working on my MS Wars update post.

LotusBabe (Sammi) and Blaire on Tuesday
On Wednesday morning I posted the new MS Wars update post on both of my blog. I worked from 12PM to 4PM. When I got home, I did some work on my DreamClix post. As I was about to go to bed, Blaire come on line, she was not on cam as she was working on her profile. We chatted for awhile on PMs. She needed help with a contest she was working on. The contest was an opportunity to work with her as a male model for gentlemen's bedroom wear and as a fellow designer. She also said she would come on cam later on so after the help I head to bed to get some sleep until she comes on cam.

Blaire on Thursday
Early on Thursday morning Blaire finally come on cam, but sadly only for about half an hour. She was only really on to advertising her Contest. I decided to post the details of the Contest on my blog to help drum up interest. I worked from 11AM to 4PM. After work I popped into Hobbycrift to get some minor bits for Halloween as there was no Heroclix this week. When I got home I finished off the DreamClix post I was working on and posted it a day earily.

On Friday I got into work for an 11AM, but when I got there I was not a loud to start until 11:45AM. I spend the time doing some drawings for MS Wars. I finished work at about 5:30PM. Where I got home I did a bit of worked on the LED lights for my Halloween custom, then I did some work on the rules to MS War and had a bath be for going to bed.

On Saturday I posted the updated version of the Turn Structure rules for my MS Wars game on its blog. There was no coffee this week as Richard was working over time and Darren was away in London with Lisa. I worked from 12PM to 3:30PM. When I finished work I phoned Richard to find out when the party started and to see if was able to find a briefcase for me to use. His reply was that the party starts at 6PM and that he could not find a briefcase at his mum’s. He then asked me to try to pick up some food for the party on the way as he had a flat tyre which he did not have the time to change it. I then phone my parents to get a lift home, but I found that they had just started the weekly food shopping. I asked them the pick up the party food as they were already at a supermarket. As I could get a left home I decided to get the bus home instead. Like normal, my mum over did it with the party food. After dinner I got ready changed into my costume and grabbed my Wii stuff. If you have not noticed from past posts I was planning to dress up as Tony Stark. Like normal I was the first one there. From phones calls to Darren we learned that he and Lisa would be late as there was problems with the London underground and it was also busy because of London Expo which I could not affurd to go to this time, again. That is four in a row I have missed. Collette was the next person to turn up, followed by Jake and then Paulla and her parter. We played a lot of the mini games from the Pirates: The Hunt for Blackbeard’s Booty Wii game (Simon will be kicking himself for not coming) and then we played some Bleach. Then Darren and Lisa finally turned up and we took a little break from gaming. After the break I tried to get them on Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Wheelie Breakers as it was a racing game we have not played as a group. They wanted to see how it was played, so I showed them. They all felt it was too diffeclt as you need to muilty take, more so if you never played before. We decided to go for Mario Party 8 instead. Due the power problems with mine and Jake's controllers we all split into two teams. We played on the King Boo's Hunted Hideaway as it was a Halloween party. Normal we never finish a game of Mario Party as we normally set it to twenty-five turn and they get board after about fifteen. So I set it for the shortage length I could which was ten turns. After the game we called it a night as Richard was tired from not being well all week and Darren and Lisa where tired from a long busy day. Sadly no one was taking pictures this year so I have no pictures of me dress as Tony Stark sadly. When I get home I found I missed Blaire on MFC. Never mind.

Blaire on Sunday in her Halloween costume
Lastly on Sunday I forgot that the clocks went back last night until I looked at the time on my computer. I had several things I wanted to do but I was too tired and my stomach was acting up. I planning to move the stuff I took up stairs back downstairs, to get some pictures of my costume and several other things. I posted the Watch, Listen and Read post of the week and was about to go to bed when Blaire was on MFC. She was on cam and stayed on for longer than half an hour. She was on line for about two hours in fact. After she left I went to bed.

Well like I said I did not manage to get any pictures of me as Tony Stark. I will try to get some done this week. With my MS Wars post the first ever Units post will be post sometime today on the MS Wars blog, Friday will be a background information post on both blogs and then Monday will be the updated Movement rules on the MS Wars blog. Until next time, enjoy.