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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Neoscream's Life, the 1st to the 7th of November

Last week was Halloween madness. What will this week be like?

On Monday morning I did so printing and scanning as there was some stuff my parents wanted printing and I need to scan some of the drawing I have done. Afterwards I sent an e-mail to Blaire with some of the scanned draws. The drawing were rough ideas for infantry uniform and a pilot suit for my MS Wars game. I e-mailed then to her as she said she would help with uniform designs. I worked from 11AM to 4PM. When I got home after work I did some work of the Character Cards for MS Wars game and on my Neoscream's Life post. Blaire was on MFC briefly. She was not on cam but we did chat for a moment vir PMs.

On Tuesday morning I finished off and posted last week's Neoscream's Life post. I worked 12PM to 4PM and when I got home I learnt the washing machine had broken down again. A repairman man was booked to come and repair if on Friday as my dad was off on that day. I posted the first even Units post on my MS Wars blog. When working on teams for this week's Heroclix I found I really need need the new Warpath figure from Web of Spider-Man but sadly I did not pull him and as Darren is using his, I went on-line and brought him and five other  Web of Spider-Man figures.

On Wednesday I was down to work 12PM to 4PM, but ended up finishing at 3PM. As I finished early I went to the get a hair cut in the shopping centra. After the hair cut I looked at a manga/anime mercendice stand and brought a new wallet with Zoro from One Piece on it.  Afterwards I headed to Game Station to see the deals they have and spotted that they were selling Wii Jog for just £2.99, so I picked one up. Other than that I did not do much.

On Thursday I worked for only one hour as they had too many staff in. When I got home I tested Wii Jog on Bleach and it work. An evil plan came to mind. Should I get a second one. Afterwards I had a bath. I went to Heroclix like normal but got home half an hour earlier than normal. At Heroclix I was able to borrow Darren's Warpath as he was not using it the round I wanted to use it.

On Friday I only had time to posted what I had done on Background information on the world of the Mobius Empire as I had not finished the Heroclix post. I worked from 11AM to 8PM. Thu out the day I had I lot of pain coming from my dry eyes. Why I do not know but if it keeps up I will need to get them checked. When I got home I found that the washing machine still has not been repaired as the repairman needed to order the parts and it looks like it will not be repaired until Friday next week. Also the Heroclix figures I orders arrived.

Blaire on Saturday 
About 1:30AM on Saturday morning, I was awoken by Blaire coming on line. She was on-line for about an hour and a half. She was meanly singing and pulling apart a fashion magazine for ideas. When she came off cam I asked her on PMs if she had received my e-mail. She replied that she had not checked her e-mail yet but she will do it now. Not long afterwards she logged off. I then head back to bed. At coffee was just me, Richard and Darren this week. Jack could not make it as he was busy. As I only had one work uniform, I asked Richard if I could use his washing machine ever after work or on Sunday. He was fine with it and said to phone him after work to sort something out then. I ended up only working for one hour, 12PM to 1PM, as we were not as busy as the management thought. I phone Richard to see if he was still at the Shopping Centra and he replied that him was but about to live. He picked me up and we sung by my place to pick up a couple of bits to add to the wash like underwear before heading to his. While wait for the washing we watch a movie. After getting back home and having dinner I finished off and posted the Heroclix post.

The One Piece wallet I brought
Lastly on Sunday I did some work on the Movement rule for my MS Wars as I had just thought of a way to word something what I had problems wording. After lunch and helping my mum tidy up down stairs, I went for a bath. Some time during the evening Blaire came on-line on MFC briefly. She was on cam as so she needed help with a question she had. I helped her and then she left before I could ask about my designs. Never mind.

Well that is it for this post this week. This week's MS Wars posts should be Thursday being a new update post and Sunday being a Units post of Basic Human Infantry. Until next time, enjoy.