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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Neoscream's Life, the 8th to the 14th of November

Last week was a slow time at work but what will this week be like?

On Monday morning before heading to work I posted the Movement rules for my MS Wars game on its blog. I was down to work 11AM to 8PM, but as we were dead I ended up leaving at 5PM. My hours for this week had me down for working every day apart from Sunday, which was normal for me just lately. I manage to re-find a useful torrent site where you can get a lot of Anime opening and closing tracks as well as sound tracks and character CDs. The site is Nipponsei. At about 8PM Blaire came on-line. She was sorting out the pictures she had cut out the other day for some kind of ideas board. She liked the bad ass girl look. This reminded me about as scene from Code Geass R2 when an imprisoned Kallen beat the crap out of Suzaku. So I searched YouTube to see if I could find the clip, but sadly Blaire had to leave before I finished finding it. She did say that she would be on-line tomorrow. After finding the video I booked marked it so that I could give her the link at a later date and as well as to keep it for my self.

Blaire on Monday
On Tuesday morning I quickly posted last week's Neoscream's Log post before going to work for a early start. I was down to work from 9AM to 4PM, but ended up finishing at 12PM and my schedule was change and now I have Wedesday and Friday on top of Sunday. So a massive hours cut. Doing the maths I am working thirteen hours this week. Well not much else happened. Blaire was never on-line.

Wednesday was a day off. When I cheched Twitter there was a tweet from Blaire saying that she was not going to be on-line on Tuesday as her car had broken down. However she did say that she would be on-line tomorrow morning, meaning this evening. Finally she is letting people know that she was not going to be on-line when she had stated when she said she was. I had a bath, I finally got around to take down the stuff that I moved up stairs when my parents decorated the living room and curry for cook dinner. Also thought out the day I worked on the MS Wars Update post and the Heroclix post. As I was about to go to bed Blaire came on-line. She was later than she on was planned as she was looking to see what was  on-line for about two hour. She was cutting patterns for panties and then she cut out the patterns in several materials to start making a pair. She said she will try to come on line later. I went to bed shortly afterwards.

Blaire on Wednesday
Blaire never come back on-line so when I awoke on Thursday morning, I posted the new Update post for my MS Wars game on both blogs and did more work on the Heroclix post before head to work. I worked from 12PM to 4PM. As I was finishing I was told I would be working now on Friday. When I got home I did a little bit of printing and cook dinner like normal before heading to Heroclix.

On Friday I had to get get up early as I was in work early again. The washing machine repairman was meant to come today but luckily my parents were off for that. I worked 10AM to 4PM. When I got home we had new washing machine. The repairman sadly they had to come back next week to finish the work was the new programming he had for the washing machine was not working. My parents argoy about that as it as it would mean we would have been without a washing machine for over two weeks. As well have had a lot of problems with the washing machine, the repairman decided to write the machine off and we got 50% off a new one as long as it was the same make. The new one is very silent. I finished off the Heroclix post and posted it up. Then I remembered the I was a deble set this week on Cosplay Deviants so I checked it out. This fortnight's new model was Ichigo and she was doing Meg from Burst Angel. As this was one of the shows I watch and the fact it was a good set I did a post on my blog about it and then headed to bed.

(WTF) A Confused Blaire on Saturday
On Saturday at coffee was Richard and Darren. Richard was very late as he was getting dinner ready for the slow cooker as had old University mates over. This meant he was not free tonight to do anything. Afterwards I headed to work where I worked from 12PM to 3PM. Watched so anime and listen to some of the music I downloaded. Then at about 9PM Blaire came on-line. She was trying to work out how to get this special sewing machine for seems to work. It was a laugh to watch from some of the confused faces she was pulling. About an hour after she came on camera, she popped off camera for what she said for a moment. SuzySmartz come on camera so I popped into her chat room to say hi as I have not seen her come on camera in a long time. Suzy was studying and was not talking much. After half an hour of waiting for Blaire to return I had went to bed knowing the sound of her returning would wake me up. Sadly she never returned.

Blaire with panties she is making on Sunday
Lastly on Sunday it was my day off like normal. I ended up watching a ton of One Piece and while having a bath I watched the last live action Death Note movie. Now I can mark off Death Note from my watch list. At about 8:45PM Blaire come on-line. The reason why she disappeared was she had just be reminded about her cousins birthday party that she had for gotten about. She was finishing off work out how to how to set the machine up to do what she wanted to do on it. She managed to get it working with supporting comments from everybody. She then worked on the panties she had been working on. The whole reason for the machine. After she had done the seems, she had the elastic to add, but she realised that the elastic she had was too think for what she wanted, so she could not finish them. Also she took apart her checkered pink bra as it no longer fitted her and she needed it to help make templates so she can start making bras. As she was on a bit of a dead end until she could get the elastic she needed, Blaire stopped work and let her hair down, figuratively speaking. She had a group show and then popped off. I posted the Watch, Listen and Read post and then headed to bed. She came back on camera about 4AM, but as that is technical Monday (OK still Sunday for her) I will leave that till next week's post.

Well that is it for this week's Neoscream's Life. I would like to say sorry for any spelling mistakes in any of my posts, past and futcher. Sadly Word does not like spell check stuff I typed up on the BlackBerry.

Here is a list of the posts coming this week:

17th of November - Attacking Rules part 1 (MS Wars blog)
19th of November - Heroclix post
20th of November - Units: Pelham Tank (MS Wars blog)
21st of November - Watch, Listen and Read (maybe if not the next after)
23rd of November - Neoscream's Life and Attacking Rules part 2 (MS Wars blog)

Oh the video I have included is the one I sent a link to Blaire. Until next time, enjoy.