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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Heroclix 4th November, Crisis on Infinite Earths: Week Six

Welcome to another Heroclix post. So far in the campaign I am sitting on ten wins out of fifteen rounds. This week, Week Six Five is the final week of the death of a hero part of the campaign. Round sixteen is 300 points, round seventeen is 200 points and round eighteen is 200 points as well.

So Round Sixteen, 300 points. As I lost Wolverine, I needed to replace him so after a look around, I decided to replace him with Warpath from Web of Spiderman.

Beast (Mutations and Monsters) 73
Cyclops (Mutations and Monsters) 50
Jean Grey (Rook Universe) 31
Alex Summers (LE Mutant Mayhem) 35
Storm (Danger Room) 40
Warpath (Web of Spiderman) 70
=299 points and three re-rolls.

I went up against Darren’s 300 points team. He was using a New Warriors team with:

Firestar (Web of Spider-man) 81
Kid Nova (Exp Supernova) 66
Night Thrasher (Vet Supernove) 73
Scarlet Spider (Web of Spider-man) 72
=292 points and 2 re-rolls.

Wow, I manage to win ageist Darren. His heart was not really in this team. He did not really want them to servive and half of them went MIA. Sadly Cyclop with his missive OK score (7) was MIAed. He will be very miss and hard to replace.

Next was Round Seventeen, 200 points. As there are two 200 points games this week and my 200 point took a massive blow, I needed two new teams. The first team is a cut down version of my wild card team but with Hawkeye from my Avengers team.

Hawkeye (Avengers) 56 + Thunderbolts ATA 8 = 64
Cosmic Boy (Legion of Super Heroes) 70
Spider-Man (Secret Invasion) 50
Nurse (Web of Spider-Man) 10
=194 points and no re-rolls.

I was up against Adrian’s 200 points team. He was using a one figure team who was:

Metron (Arkham Asylum) 195
=195 points and no re-rolls.

I was hoping to be ageist his Fantastic Four team so Hawkeye could Thunderbolt to Ultimates so I could attack Invisible Girl for range. However he went for Barstud in a chair, Metron, instead. Metron is a monster he might have only 6 clicks of health, but it is a nightmare to deal damage to him with his Impervious, Probability Control, Perplex, Outwit and the bloody Quintessence TA. I last this game but luckily none of my guys were MIAed.

The last round of the week, Round eighteen, which was another 200 points game. The other 200 points team was:

Batman (Arkham Asylum) 64
Nightwing (Crisis) 79
Spoiler (Vet Legacy) 22
Robin (Crisis) 35
=200 points and two re-rolls.

I went up against Michael’s 200 points team. He was using his Teen Titans team with:

Wondergirl (Crisis) 60 + Stunning Blow (Feat) 10 = 70
Red Arrow (Crisis) 73
Boy Wonder (Crisis) 40
=183 points and 1 re-roll.

Try to catch his guys was a pain on the map we were on with my stealth team. I had to wast my two theam team re-rolls on stopping Red Arrow from hurting Nightwing because he was rolling high on his attack rolls. However I managed to take out his team to win the game.

Again I have won two out of three games. Sadly I used a very useful figure, Cyclops this week and it will be very hard to replace him. The XP listed below is after spending for recruiting. Also again I did not get around listing all the new recruits the others made for this week.

My Force
Alex Summers (LE Mutant Mayhem) has 5 XP after OKing one character. KOs 1, MIAs 1 (Firestar).
Batman (Arkham Asylum) has 13 XP. KOs 3, MIAs 2 (Moleman, Boy Wonder).
Batman (Justice League) MIA.
Batman (Vet Legacy) has 3 XP. KOs 1, MIAs 1 (Namor).
Beast (Mutations and Monsters) has 3 XP. KOs 1, MIAs 1 (Robin).
Cosmic Boy (Legion of Super Heroes) has 0 XP with be back in action on round twenty-two.
Cyclops (Mutations and Monsters) has 8 XP has been MIAed this week. KOs 7, MIAs 0.
Dark Beast (Mutations and Monsters) MIA.
Dr. Alchemy (Justice League) has 0 XP.
Dream Girl (Justice League) has 0 XP.
Hawkeye (Avengers) with Thunderbolts ATA, has 13 XP and with be back in action on round twenty. KOs 2, MIAs 1 (Citizen V).
Iron Man (Secret Invasion) MIA with 4 KOs and no MIAs.
Iron Man (Supernova) MIA.
Iron Man (Web of Spider-Man) has 5 XP. KOs 3, MIAs 1 (Reed Richards).
Jean Grey (Rook Universe) has 0 XP.
Karate Kid (Crisis) has 0 XP.
Klarion (Crisis) MIA.
Mockingbird (Vet Sinister) MIA with 2 KOs 2 and no MIAs.
Nightwing (Crisis) has 10 XP from OKing two characters this week. KOs 2, MIAs 1 (Wondergirl).
Nurse (Web of Spider-Man) has 0 XP and with be back in action on round twenty-one.
Psylocke (Vet Xplosion) MIA.
Ra’s al-Ghul (Vet Legacy) has 2 XP. KOs 1, MIAs 0.
Rageman (Collateral Damage) has 0 XP.
Researcher (Web of Spider-Man) has 0 XP.
Robin (79 points Crisis) MIA with 1 KOs which was an MIAs (Sue Storm).
Robin (starter Icons) MIA.
Robot (Invincible) has 0 XP.
Scarlet Witch (Avengers) MIA.
Scarlet Witch (Rook Infinity Challenge) has 0 XP.
Spider-Girl (Secret Invasion) has 5 XP. KOs 2, MIAs 0.
Spider-Man (red and blue suit Web of Spider-Man) MIA.
Spider-Man (Secret Invasion) has 5 XP. KOs 1, MIAs 1 (Cosmic Boy).
Spoiler (Vet Legacy) has 0 XP and with be back in action on round twenty-two.
Storm (Danger Room) has 18 XP after KOing two characters and with be back in action on round twenty-one. KOs 5, MIAs 3 (Annihilus, Batman and Night Thrasher).
Thinker (Arkham Asylum) has 0 XP.
Wasp (Starter Universe) has 0 XP.
Wolverine (Fantastic Forces) MIA with 3 KOs and 1 MIA (?).
Yellowjacket (Secret Invasion) has 3 XP. KOs 2, MIAs 0.
Warpath (Web of Spiderman) new recruit and has 5 XP after KOing a character. KOs 1, MIAs 0.
Robin (35 points Crisis) new recruit and he is out of action for X number of turns or MIAed as I just realised I never rolled for him as he was KOed.

Darren S
Batman (Arkham Asylum) 64
Batman (Justice League) 75
Bullseye (Web of Spider-man) 117 + Thunderbolts 8 = 125
Ch’p (Green Lantern Corps) 82
Citizen V (Avengers) + Thunderbolts, MIA
Firestar (Web of Spider-man) MIAed this week
Hitman (Arkham Asylum) 61
Jakeem Thunder (Origin) 126 + Coordination (Feat) 6 = 132
Justice (Exp Supernova) MIA
Kid Nova (Exp Supernova) 66
Kid Zoom (Brave and the Bold) 87
Liberty Belle (Crisis) 84
Moonstone (Hammer of Thor) 76 + Thunderbolts 8 = 84
Night Thrasher (Vet Supernova) MIAed this week
Norman Osborn (Web of Spider-Man) 66 + Thunderbolts ATA 8 = 74 new recruit
Radioactive (Vet Sinister) 80 + Thunderbolts 8 = 88
Sandman (Origin) 59 + Coordination (Feat) 6 = 65
Scarlet Spider (Web of Spider-man) 72
Shatterstar (Mutations and Monsters) 57
Songbird (Rook Fantastic Forces) 44 + Thunderbolts 8 = 52
Spider-girl (Secret Invasion) MIA
Stargirl (Vet Legacy) MIA
Venom (Hammer of Thor) 73 + Thunderbolts 8 = 81
Warpath (Web of Spider-man) 70
Wildcat (Rook Origins) 54
Winter Soldier (Avengers) MIAed this week
Wolfsbane (Web of Spider-man) 65
Wolverine (Web of Spider-man) 105
X-23 (Web of Spider-man) 60

Black Panther (Avengers) 92 + Fantastic Four 5 = 97
Captain America (Hammer of Thor) MIA
Dr Strange (Secret Invasion) MIA
Gamora (Secret Invasion) 73
Gravity (Secret Invasion) 64
Human Torch (Secret Invasion) + Fantastic Four, MIA
Invisible Girl (Exp Clobberin Time) 57 + Fantastic Four 5 = 62
Ironfist (Secret Invasion) 70
Ironman (shield Mutations and Monsters) 100
Lionheart (Avengers) MIA
Logan (Vet Clobberin Time) 60 + Fantastic Four 5 + Auto Regain 12 = 77
Luke Cage (Secret Invasion) 85 + Fantastic Four 5 = 90
Ms Marvel (human Secret Invasion) 168
Namor (Secret Invasion) MIA
Quicksilver (Avengers) 49
Reed Richards (LE Secret Invasion) MIA
Ronin (Avengers) MIA
Scarlet Witch (Avengers) MIAed this week
She-Thing (Secret Invasion) 50 + Fantastic Four 5 = 55
Spider-girl (Secret Invasion) 77
Spiderman (Secret Invasion) 50 + Fantastic Four 5 = 55
Sue Storm (LE Fantastic Forces) MIA
The Thing (Secret Invasion) + Fantastic Four, MIA
Thor (Hammer of Thor) 226
Wonderman (Avengers) MIA
Yellowjacket (Secret Invasion) MIA
Metron (Arkham Asylum) 195 new recruit

Alex Luthor (Crisis) MIA
Annihilus (Secret Invasion) MIA
Aqualad (Crisis) MIA
Captain Gordon (Arkham Asylum) MIA
Cosmic Boy (Legion of Super Heroes) MIA
Doom (Secret Invasion) 249
Dr Polaris (Justice League) MIA
Enchantress (Hammer of Thor) 141
Gravity (Secret Invasion) 64
Ironman (zombie Mutations and Monsters) MIA
Kid Flash (Crisis) MIA
Living Laser (Avengers) MIA
Metron (Arkham Asylum) MIA
Moleman (Secret Invasion) 50
Moloid (Secret Invasion) MIA
Moloid (Secret Invasion) MIA
Morbious (Secret Invasion) 67
Mr Fantastic (Secret Invasion) 100
Penance (Hammer of Thor) 58 + Thunderbolts 8 = 66
Rampaging Hulk (Mutations and Monsters) MIA
Robin (Crisis) MIA
Speedy (Crisis) MIA
Spiderman (Mutations and Monsters) 41
Stingray (Avengers) MIA
Ulik (Hammer of Thor) 118
Wondergirl (Crisis) 60 + Stunning Blow (Feat) 10 = 70
Scarlet Witch (Rook Fantastic Forces) 35
Iron Man (Avengers) 154
Chief (Crisis) 63
Dawnstar (Crisis) MIA
Batman (Arkham Asylum) MIA
Red Arrow (Crisis) 73, new recruit
Boy Wonder (Crisis) 40, new recruit and was MIAed this week

Next week will be this first week of the Recruiting point periord of the campaign. Also all the games next week are 300 points game.

Wizkids have started previews for the new DC booster set 75th annaversity. So far they have posted three figures who are Ragdoll, Crimson Avenger and Saint Walker of the Blue Lantains. The first two were intreasting but not enough to go out and get. However I want Saint Walker, I do not know why but over the years of playing Heroclix I have develop I liking for the Lantains even tho I do not play them that often as they drop heavy after the first click of damage. Also of personal Heroclix news I have order and recived six new figures, Warpath, Carnage, Norman Osborn, Menace, Night Nurse and Toxin.

In this week’s DreamClix I will be doing Invincible Woman from House of M, Iruka Umino from Naruto, L from Death Note and the Zodiac Warrior from episode 5 of Iron Man. Also well as the dial from Great Ape from Dragon Ball.

First off is Invincible Woman. Valeria was Doom’s wife in House of M. She became the Invincible Woman, able to create shields and forms out of a shadow like energy. She should be a no holds bars version of Sue Storm with the flight symbol, Telekinesis, Poison as a power action, Energy Shield Defletion and Range Combat Expert. She should have about six clicks of health and she starting states should be something like, Movement 8, Attack 9, Defence 18, Damage 2 and Range 8 with two targets. She should have the no TA and the keywords of Fearsome Four and Mystical.

Next is Iruka Umino from Naruto. Iruka is an instructor at the Konoha Ninja Academy. He should have stealth, Incapacitate, Super Senses, Shape Change and Perplex. He should have five or six clicks of health and his starting states should be something like, Movement 8, Attack 8, Defence 17, Damage 2 and Range 4 with one target. He should have the Naruto TA and the keywords of Konohagakure and Ninja (generic).

Next is L from Death Note. L is considered the world's greatest detective, whose real identity remains unknown before the story takes place because he has never revealed himself to the public. L takes on the Kira case in order to find the titular murderer able to kill people whose names are written in the Death Note. He meets Kira, a teenager named Light Yagami, and becomes determined to convict him. L should have Stealth, Plasticity, Mastermind, Close Combat Reflexes, a special called “World’s Greatest Detective” and standard Outwit.
World’s Greatest Detective – L can use Outwit and Probability Control.
He should have four clicks of health and his starting states should be something like, Movement 6, Attack 9, Defence 17, Damage 1 and Range 0. He should have the PD TA and the keywords of Detective and (Anti) Kira Task Force.

Next is the Zodiac Warrior from episode 5 of the Iron Man anime. Again there was no name mansioned so I do not know which sign of the Zodiac it is. It should flight symbol, giant symbol, Stealth, a special called "Radioactive Waves", Invulnerability and Range Combat Expert.
Radioactive Waves - It can use Poison. When it uses Poison all opposing characters with in three squares take poison damage instead on ajsunt ones.
It should have five or six clicks of health and his starting states should be something like, Movement 14, Attack 9, Defence 17, Damage 2 and Range 12. It should have the Hydra TA and the keywords of Zodiac, Armour and Robot.

Lastly here is the dial for Great Ape from Dragon Ball.

I am planning on doing for next week’s DreamClix It from House of M, Oolong from Dragon Ball, Nami from One Piece and dials for Light Yagami from Death Note. Until next time, enjoy.