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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Neoscream's Life, the 15th to the 21st of November

Machine Wars Starscream
Last week was fashion with Blaire but what will this week be like?

As you might know from last week's "Neoscream's Life" post at 4AM Monday morning Blaire came back on-line. She was chilling be for having a bath and going to bed. In face she had her bath in a group show. However she was wearing a bikini so that her private parts were covered. She was only on-line for about two hour. I then went back to bed for an hour. I finished off writing last week's "Neoscream's Life" post and started on writing the Heroclix post. I worked from 10AM to 1PM with a lunch break. Other than that not much happened.

On Tuesday morning Blaire on-line at 4AM again. She was cooling again but with her puppy Buddy. Luckily dog. LOL. Blaire had finished the panties but she was not modelling them. She was on camera for about to hours and then we chat on PMs as I posted on the "Neoscream's life". She sadly had not gotten around checking my blog recently, how recently I do not know. She then went to bed and I did some work on my blog. As you my notice on the right hand side there are several changes. First of is that I added a new blog to the following list, Anime UK News.
Blaire on Monday in the bath
Second I have added a links section under the banners for stuff that does not going the blogs I follow section or I have a banner for. Third I added a section that shows the top 5 most viewed posts on the blog in the last 30 days. The post "Cosplay Deviants: Noel - Kokiri Girl" is the all time top post with over 20,000 views, about 5,000 more than the next most viewed post. And last I have dumped the Twitter section. I worked from 10AM to 1PM. When I got home I finished off what I can do at the moment for the Heroclix blog as the subtitled version of episodes 6 and 7 of the Iron Man anime are not up yet and I cannot write up what has not happened yet. Blaire briefly can online during 10PM for about half an hour. She said she would come back later. So I went to bed.

When I got up on Wednesday morning there had been no signs of Blaire coming online but she did make a Twitter post saying that she had an unexpected visit from a friend. It was the end of her contest. Last I heard she had only four entries. I worked 10AM to 3:30PM with break. Hippy, more than just three hours. Well working, I decided to that I well try to run a Necromunda campaign. However I do not have the terrain. So I contacted Darren H via text message during my lunch break to see if he had any, but sadly he did not. Then a idea came to me. A 2' by 2' tower that can grow in height. The pillars would be easily and and super cheep to do, as at work we have a ton of small plastic cup which we do not use which are ideal and free. After work I popped in to Hobbycraft to look at prices of thick card board to make the floors of the tower. It was £4.49 for an A1 size sheet. I was thinking I would be needing a minimum of four boards for the project which would mean it would cost me £18 before tools and other bit. I decided to do a little more thinking before buying the card. When I got home and checked Anime Media, I spotted that they had the finally posted the subtitled version of the latest two episodes of the Iron Man anime. However the first half of episode 6 was missing and I was not going to watch 7 until I have seen 6.

Blaire on Tuesday morning with Buddy
When I woke up on Thursday morning at 8AM I found Blaire was online on MFC, but not on camera. She had got back home from helping a friend in need. She needed I bit of help which I tried my best to give. We chatted for an hour before she went to bed. I worked from 11PM to 4AM. I did some more planning for the tower. I decided to make it usable for MS Wars and as a 3D map for Heroclix. So I need to grid the Tower's floors to be usable for Heroclix. Also I thought of good ways to make it that will not use up so many cards and to make it more collapsible. However for Necromunda I need some kind of structure to help bloke line of sight. While on my way to Stony for Heroclix I received a phone call from Darren S. Sadly at the very last minute the brother said they can not come. Also they will most likely not be turning up until after the Christmas holidays, which mean the campaign is on hold. However me and Darren S will still be playing Heroclix, just not this week. When I got back home me and my mum decided to go out and watch the new Harry Potter movie on Friday evening as dad was out for the night. I ordered the tickets. I then edited and posted the Heroclix post before going to bed.

Blaire on Friday
On Friday morning Blaire came online about 7:50AM. She had been busy hanging and shopping with her 13 year old brother and helping her grand-mother making holiday cards for prison inmates so they can send them to their loved ones. Blaire was hoping the the winner of her contest, who was CuddaHunter, would be online. Sadly for her he was not, so she showed off her ability to speck Spanish and French. Sadly I could not hear much of what she should as my Internet was actioning slow again, however I was sure she said "I'll be on all day tomorrow". I worked from 10AM to 4:45PM. After work I went to Hobbycraft to get two sheets of think grey A1 card and a metal ruler. Afterwards I got picked up by my mum and we headed to the shopping centre to had quick look around as we have an hour until we wanted to be at the cinema. Mum picked up a new jumper and pursh but other than that we did not spend any money. There were several interesting trailers. First was Tron Legend. I have been wanting to see this one and it looks great. Next was Yogi Bear. WTF! They have made a live action Yogi Bear movie. Now I have seen everything. Then it was the new Narnia, it was OK but will wait until it is out on DVD. Then it was the new Meet the Parents movie. Pass. And lastly it was Paul. Looks like a great laugh. The main film, the new Harry Potter, is great film if you have been watching the others. After the film we went to Cafe Rogue for dinner as the place did stake which my mum had been wanting. It was 10PM. We sat down and ordered our food and while having a drink we were told that the head chief had closed the kitchen. It would take at lest half an hour to cook our food. As it would take too long and it would course hassle my mum decided to not bother. They noted my mum's name down and contact details so if we come back another time they will give us up £30 off the bill, they also did not charge for our drinks. So we then went to Wagamama for my chose, ramen. When we got home I watch a bit of WWE and then headed to bed.

OK, I would like to tell you a tail, a tail of my first ramen. Back when when I was briefly wearing glass, I was at the Shopping Centre MK as I needed to see an optician. Sadly at the appointment I found I needed to get new glasses as my eye sight changed again. In fact it improved from 0.5 to 0.4. Lucky I only needed to wait for a couple of hours for them to get the new ones to be ready. I decided to get some lunch. I decided to try a new restaurant I always some to walk past. I looked at the menu and notice that they had Ramen, the food Naruto is always eating. I thought I give it a try and found I really liked it.

Blaire on Tuesday Evening
On Saturday morning Anime Media finally fixed the like to episode 6 of the Iron Man anime so I was able to finally see episodes 6 and 7. While watching episode 7 I got a message from Darren H saying he could not make it to coffee he was sick and the just after watching the Episode Richard phone up cancelling coffee as he would not be coming too as he had a hang over. However we did make planned to meet up with Jake to watch a movie or two. So with the extra time I had I found and watched the trailer to the Green Lantern film that is out summer next year and I also started working on the Tower. I started work at 12PM and was meant to finish at 3AM, but it was change to 8PM as by the look of it someone wanted to leave early. I contacted Richard about the change I he decided that it would be best that we change the plan to Sunday. Other than that not much happened.

Blaire on Sunday getting readily to go out 
Lastly on Sunday, Blaire was online at 3AM. She was getting ready to meet her new male model and helper for the men’s bed wear/underwear line, CuddaHunter. I learnt something new about her too, she use to work for Starbucks. She only stayed on for half an hour so I went back to bed. When I got up, I got on working on the Tower, however I realised a sheet of card will only do one floor if you include a base and top for the pillars, which I now know I will need eight for games with metal figure like Necromunda and MS Wars. While working on the Tower, I phoned Richard to find out the plan for today. As Jake was busy, plan just planned to meet up at mine as he had to go off at 7PM. As he was doing some stuff at the moment he said he will be over at about 5PM. So I did a bit more work on the Tower and then went to have a bath. I went on to Anime Media to check what was added since I last checked and found that the subtitled version of episode 8 of the Iron Man anime was up so I watch that while having a bath. When Richard came we talked about the Necromunda campaign and the Tower, I showed him the Green Lenten trailer and he help with the MS Wars database too. After he left I watched and listened to some stuff, posted the new Watch, Listen and Read post and then I went to bed.

The Tower so far on Sunday
Well that is another week over and done with. Here is a list of the planned posts coming this week:

26th of November – Heroclix post and MS Wars Update post (both blogs)
28th of November – Watch, Listen and Read (maybe if not the next day)
29th of November – Amago, Range Type (MS Wars blog)
30th of November – Neoscream's Life
No Planned Date - Labels A to Z
No Planned Date - Necromunda Call Out

Until next time, enjoy.