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Thursday, 11 November 2010

MS Wars Update, 11th of November, The Growth of the Mobius Empire

Rough design idea for a Gargle mecha,
I most likely will not use it as a Gargle
mecha but save the the design for later

Well it has been just over two weeks now since the last update post. So it is time to update people about what has been happening with the game.

First off I will talk about my drawings and designs. I have put together some pictures of some of the units for the character cards, but sad I could not find my drawing pens until last weekend so the picture on for the Amago was not the final version. I did drawings for the Amago standard type, range type and melee type, the standard type small elf mecha and the standard type small dwarf mecha. Still need names for the Dwarf and Elf mecha. All the drawing other drawings I have done are scattered around this post with comments about them. The only ones that are not are here are some rough designs of uniforms for infantry and pilots which I have already posted on the Background post. I have sent these to a friend of mine in America who is a fashion designer. People who follow my main blog will know her as Blaire. She had sadly she would help with the designs of the military uniforms. Have not got any reply from her yet about the designs.

Melee and Range type Amago
As most of you might have noticed on the unit post that I have done some work on the back of the Character Cards by adding a Damage Tally for the unit. The back is not truly finished yet but other than adding the pilot's Reflex value and the unit's Output values there is nothing planned at the moment.

In the last update post I stated that I would state the rule changes I was doing and here they are. First off, instead of been up to two move actions per movement phase and a unit can make any number up to half their Output round up movement actions in one turn. It will be up to one move action per movement phase and a unit can make up to two move actions a turn. This has meant to movement values of some units like tanks have dropped as the can make two move actions instead of one. 
Dwarf and Elf mechas, currently
With this change I had to alter some of the Move Actions like Charge and Run. Carriers still unload the same number of standard units but it can now unload twice as many Infantry units. With ramming a unit can now use its ram attack for attacking units that are trying to breaking away. With turrets must declare where the turret is facing (the centre of the arc of fire) during the first movement phase. And lastly the shooting over unit rule changes. I have decided to leave taking about the rules changes to this until the next updates post as I might do some changes it before I start posting the attack rules. Oh and about the attack rules, they will be the next set of rules that will be posted however as I never posted them up in the past and that they are five pages long, I will be splitting it up into two posts. Also two unit abilities have been added to the database, Multi Crew and Regan. Multi Crew does not do anything; it is there for pilot skilled. Regan as you can guess that the unit can heal itself. Currently no units on the database has Regan, plus I need to work on points cost and rules for it. They only reason I added it is so I have it already there when I start adding them.

Unfinished Design of a Gargle
What are my plans for now? I will be rechecking the rules that I have not posted yet and adding new unit abilities and pilot skills. Also I am hoping to get back into model making.

Lastly here is a list of up and coming MS Wars post. Please note these are not set in stone and may change.
14/11: Units - Basic Human Infantry
17/11: Rules - Attack part 1
20/11: Units - Pelham Tank
23/11: Rules - Attack part 2
26/11: New Update post
Also there is a plan on a quick update on the Amago, Standard Type to include Output and Reflex values and new abilities. Until next time, enjoy.

P.S. If any one what's to get a rough feel of the game world "After War Gundam X" is great or at least the start is as I have only seen 6 episodes of it so far. Here is a link to where you can watch it on the web