MK HeroClix House Rules

Sunday, 14 November 2010

DreamClix Dial Errors

I have notice a couple of errors and problem on couple of the dial designs I have done and I would like to put them right. Please note the images are the old designs.

First off Kakashi Hatake:
I realised that Kakashi's high attack value, with the Probability Control from his Sharingan Eye trait was too powerful when he uses his special "Chidori" so this should be added at the end of his "Sharingan Eye" trait:
"When Kakashi has Chidori, he can only use Probability Control on attacks ageist him."
Also the attack values of clicks 5, 6 and 7 should be reduced by one.

Next is Ichigo Kurosaki:
I realised I forget to add his Alter Ego line. It should be in between clicks three and four.

Next is Goku Son:
I realised I forget to show when his "Kamehamhe" special is on the dial. Goku should have it on his third and fourth clicks.

Lastly is Great Ape:
Why I gave Great Ape Leap Climb do not know as it is a Giant and it would not be breaking away. Also I missed a bit of its trait "Berserker":
"It also classes all figures as opposing figures."

Well that is it. Until next time, enjoy.