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Friday, 5 November 2010

MS Wars Background Story 1

Please note that this is still a work in progress. 

The Empire of Mobius military might was an unstoppable with its infantry, tanks, fighter jets, starfighters, SRACU, ABRACU, fighters and battle cruisers. Many races joined for support or from fear. However over the decades fighting became mainly just a training experience of mock field battles and computer simulations as there was no one to fight as they were too afraid to go ageist them. They locked away many of their weapons in many underground values, labs and factories on all of their worlds as well as space stations, and satellites.

They forces were split into several groups/technologies. These are: Mecha, Air Force, Ground Vehicles, Infantry, Space Force, Sea Force and Fortus. However there are vehicles and troops that exest in multiple groups/technologies like the primitive biker teams that are both Infantry and Group Vehicle.

Mecha are the robotic power suits. They  very in size, from two meter tall power suits to 18 meter tall Large SRACU. There are also rumours of large colousal monsters that stand over 20 meter in hieght, but if they had shuch a thing exest there in no public data on them. There many four different kinds of Mecha, the SRACU (Samurai Robotic Armoured Combat Unit), the ABRACU (Animel Based Robotic Combat Unit), Power Suits, Construction and Walking Platform also known as the Walking Tank.

Ground vehicles are typically wheeled or tracked, but at higher levels of this technology combined with other technology other means of movement are unlocked like hover, anti-gravity and walking. There are several types of vehicles. These are Bikes, Jeeps, Transports, Tanks and repair.

The Mobius Empire was made up my up of many races, but at the helm were three major races: Humans, Dwarfs and Elves. Humans out of all the other races are the largest race in numbers. In fact there was more than three times more human than or the other races put together. Dwarfs are strong and tough warriors for their size and are the masters with materials and making melee weapons and ballistic weapons. Elves are the most nimble and high-tech of all the other races, but are still very down to earth by still being one with nature. Other notable races are: the Goths who are a race of giants that were genetically made by a long dead race as a warrior force. The Gargles are a race of reptiles that have highly advanced flight technology. The Dread who are a race of scavagers that have developed nano technology for beyond any other race. They have integrated it in everything, including themselves.

The fallen of the Mobius Empire came all of sudden. A super virus known as Dioron hit them from out of nowhere. It spread like wild fire and turned their weapons ageist them. They managed to make an anti-virus and sent it into their computer systems, but the virus knowing it was about to be destroyed and decided launch tons of missions on to every planet it could as well as plunging space ships and satellites. Not just one belonging to the Mobius Empire. It was the Apocalypse, but in a galactic scale. With luck, many people served in places like bunkers. It took decades for the radiation to clear. All communications between planets had been lost and now the people of Mobius have to try to rebuild. The survivors live now in villages. Some formed military groups that have been dubbed as Corps. These Corpses have various goals. Some fight to protect a village or a set of village, some fight for power and some fight to rebuild the Mobius Empire ever by forcing villages or Corpses to join them or by forming alliances with them.

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