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Monday, 29 November 2010

Necromunda CALL OUT

Now if you have read my last Neoscream's Life post, MS Wars Update post or Heroclix post, you will know that I am planning on ruling a Necromunda campaign. I am planning on starting it at the beginning of the new year. As the number of players I know are quite low, I am making a call out for any Necromunda players or anyone who wants to learn the game in the Milton Keynes area of the UK or can get then with ease.

Here is some info:

  • I will be using the revised version of the rules.

  • Only the gangs from the rules book are allowed for you first team unless I give you permission.

  • You cannot use a second team until after your first team has done three to five games. Still deciding on which.

  • You can use any figure as long as they fit in the scale and the team has a theme.

  • There will be relaxed rules on "What you see is what you have". A basic weapon looking weapon can be treated as any basic weapon, a random melee weapon can be treated as any melee weapon and so on.

  • Also pistols, daggers and grenades do not need to be on the model, but more than one of each is pushing it.

If anyone is interested in joining please e-mail me at and I will get in touch. It would be nice if you have terrain that can be used in Necromunda but it is not a necessary.