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Friday, 26 November 2010

Update 26th of November, The giant's tower

This is not a mecha from the game, but
it does give some ideas for walking
Well it has been just over two weeks now since the last update post, so it is time for another update on what has been happening with the game.

Sadly there is not to really report about. Apart from making the posts I have not being much. The help Richard gave my last Sunday was to reshow me how to make filter forms in Access. He had a little bit of trouble as he is use to MS Access 2003 while I have MS Access 2007. He also said he will like into making the DC tilly simpler then doing a if statement for in number that it couple possibility be. He then phoned and e-mailed me with some ideas on using Visual Basic.

Also I am plan on running a Necromunda campaign in the New Year. The main reason I am doing this is to re see the Necromunda campaign system in action for MS War as I want to use a semiler system in it. As must of my Necromunda terrain is ever missing, damage or baried ramdom boxes, I decided to build some. Well in fact one main bit. A tower. I plan to make it useable to both Heroclix and MS Wars. OK, there will be a problem with vehciles with MS Wars but I am thinking of ways around that. Currently just finished three floors and will be doing next the ground which is needed for Heroclix and then I will be doing ramps, ladder and maybe walls for it. Oh the overall plan for the tower is, Stage One: to build it up to three floors high, with a ground floor, Stage Two add a fourth floor, Stage Three add two more fours with another ground floor so I can make in two small towers or one large tower and then Stage Four make variable floors to swap around half damaged floors. Also there will be a centre piece that which I need to design and build.

The Tower at the end of Monday
What are my plans for now? Finish off Stage One of the tower, rechecking the rules that I have not posted yet and add new pilot skills, try to get back into model making and design and build the centre piece.

Lastly here is a list of up and coming MS Wars post. Please note these date are not set in stone and may change.
29/11: Units - Amago, Range Type
2/12: Rules - Extras part 1
5/12: Background or Story
8/12: Units - Human Heavy Weapon Team
11/12: New Update post

Until next time, enjoy.