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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Watch, Listen and Read for the week of the 8th to the 14th of November

Another week, another Watch, Listen and Read post.

On Monday I watched episodes 141 to 143 of One Piece, this week’s episode of the Gadget Show and read prologue 2 of Soul Eater.

On Tuesday I watched two Gadget Show web clips (Challenge Extreme Sports Part 3 and Focus Group – Stress Busters), episode 14 of Mobile Suit Gundam 00, episode 2 of MAR, episode 217 of the subtitled version of Bleach and listen to episode 254 of Anime Pulse.

On Wednesday I watched episode 4 of Tenchi Universe, episode 44 of the dubbed version of Bleach, Lupin The Third: The Secret of Mamo, episode 6 of After War Gundam X, listened to episode 34 of ClixCast and read chapter 34 of Yu-Gi-Oh: The Duelist.

Nothing on Thursday.

On Friday I watched episode 22 of series 2 of Batman: The Animated Series and this week’s episode of New Tricks.

On Saturday I watched episode 144 of One Piece, episode 1 of Mobile Suit SD Gundam Mark III, episode 20 of Dragon Ball Kai, episode 15 of Mobile Suit Gundam 00, episode 10 of Full Metal Panic, a missing scene that followed after when Amy Pond tried to seduce the Doctor and listened to episode 168 of TFWire.

On Sunday I watched episodes 145 to 148 of One Piece, this week’s episode of Merlin, the fourth One Piece movie Dead End Adventure and the last live action Death Note movie L change the World.

This week’s video is the first opening to Aquarion. The song is called Sousei no Aquarion (Genesis of Aquarion) and is done by Akino. Until next time enjoy.