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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Neoscream's Life, the 22nd to the 28th of November

Last week was mainly planning and thing getting cancelled but what will this week be like?

On Monday I checked out SuzySmartz's blog and found there has been a bit of chaos amounge the Smartz. Helen and Junita have left. They are still on MFC, but with new accounts with the name Roxx instead of Smartz. Are they still non nudes I do not know (Need to read their blog). The only ones that are still around are Suzy herself, the fantastic Blaire, Zoey, Chloe and Jade. However there has been on sign of Jade for a mouth and Julie is still around on MFC even tho Suzy never listed her on the list of Smartz girls, oh and what has happened to Blaire's friend LotusBabe? Did Blaire forget to tell Suzy this she recruited a new Smartz. While anyway, Suzy is also on Facebook too now. I only worked from 10AM to 12PM. As I missed jugded the amount of card I needed, I decided to popped into Hobbycraft to get two more sheets before going home. While there I saw a cute little sewing machine so I took a picture of it with my mobile phone and e-mailed it to Blaire. Her reply was: "Sooooo cute!" When I got hone I started working on the tower again. I manage to finish off the first level completely and only had the pillers to finish off for the second by time I had to finish for the day.

Mini Sewing Machine
On Tuesday I worked 10AM to 3:15PM. When I got home I got back to building the Tower. However due to a phone call from Richard I did not get much done. He was phoning about using Visual Basic to do the DC Tally on the database for MS War. He showed me examples on Excel which he e-mailed me. After talk for a while I managed to finish off the seacond floor and started on the third floor. Oddly I only just used up the card I brought last week. When I checked Anime-Media for new new episodes I found that they now have a manga section what they were heaviely up dating. So my spreadsheet for watching, listening and reading was hit with the return of several manga series that were dumped due to OneManga removing there manga. As you might have noiced I have been doing as lot of reading this week because of it.

Blaire on Wednesday
Early on Wednesday morning Blaire came online. She was feeling down as a friend of hers was moving quite a distance away and she needed cheering up. She also reviled something about her self, she had been hurt by so meanly ex-boyfriends she is scard to let any guy get personally close to her. I felt read sorry for her. When she went off line I went back to bed feeling down. I worked from 11AM to 5PM. Sadly I did not get around doing any building of the tower today.

On Thursday I worked from 10AM to 12PM. As my mum forgot to get the mined meat from out of the freezer, I decided to pop into Sansburys before going home to get some freash ones and so diet coke as I was running low. I also e-mail Blaire wishing here a happy Thanks Giving as it was Thanks Giving in America. When I got home I started building the tower again managed to just finish the third floor before I needed to stop and pack up. Sadly I ran out of Pritt Stick for gluing the grids on so If I had the time to do the ground floor I would not be able to do it. As to might have read already I was cream at Heroclix. All three of my teams got torn apart by Darren H with out taking down a single figure of his. Well I did get back home about 9:30PM, about an hour to two hours earlier then normal.

The Tower by the end of Sunday
Not much happened on Friday. I worked from 10AM to 5:30PM. I sadly did not get  the time to do any building done on the Tower and if I had the time I would have been stuck as I was still out of Pritt Stick.

At coffee on Saturday there was an odd surprise, Simon and Lucy turned up for coffe with Lucy's daurter Abby. I had been meaning to phone Simon phone to see how he was. Richard and Darren also turned up too. I worked from 12AM to 7PM. Again I did not get the time to do any work done on the tower.

Blaire on Sunday
Lastly, early on Sunday morning Blaire was online. She was getting ready to go to a warehouse party a mate of her's was having. However she must of turned up last as she was online until about 11:30PM her time. After she left I worked on this post and updated my Amazon wish list. Then I needed the ground floor to the tower. Now that the main part of the tower done, I can move on to things like ladders and the center piece. I then add more Character Cards for tomorrow MS Wars post. Before heading to bed I posted the new "Watch, Listen and Read" post.

Well that is another week over and done with. Here is a list of the planned posts coming this week:

2nd of December – Rules: Extras part 1 (MS Wars blog only)
3rd of December – Heroclix post
5th of December – MS Wars Story or back groups and Watch, Listen and Read (maybe if not the next day)
7th of December – Neoscream's Life
No Planned Date - Labels A to Z

Until next time, enjoy.