MK HeroClix House Rules

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

CosmicBreak News Update 3

On Friday two new Garapons will be available. The first, Ouka Garapon, featuring the return of Ouka, the samurai girl, her alternate form Ouka Dayu and many other robots as well. It will cost 40 Roots for one spin or 160 Roots for five spins and will only be available until February the 2nd. The second is a UC Garapon, featuring Koko Gaap and floating Mini Crim and Mini Lily accessories. It will cost 500 UC for one spin or 2,000 UC for five spins. (Got to have a Mini Lily! Hang on, what on earth is a floating Mini Lily accessory?)

Additionally, Ouka's story mission, Scarlet Moon, will be available for play from the Mission menu. Here is a promo video for the story mission.

Also the 50% OFF Roots Robot Sale will be extended to cover ALL Roots robots in the Cosmic Break Shop, and will now run until February 2nd.

Lastly other changes to the game will be several new stages being added to Union Wars. The Night Highway being removed from Union Wars and being made a Team Fight only stage. (Hippy!) Many parts which were only available as drops in other game modes will now be available as random drops from Union Wars. And lastly arena rooms will now begin running with a minimum of two players, one on each side, to make it easier for players to get the rooms that they want to play to start running.

Well I hope you all enjoy the Cosmic Break news update. Until next time, have fun.