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Monday, 10 January 2011

Neoscream's Life, the 3rd to the 9th of January

Starscream from Scattered Glass 
Well the first full week of 2011 is over and done with and it is time to write it up.

As you might have remembered from the end of the last Sunday on last week's Neoscream's Life post I was feeling very quissy before going to bed. Well at about 1AM/2AM I threw up and again several times durring the night. When I finally got up on Monday morning I was too unwell to go into work, so I had to call in sick. My mum was also suffering from the same bug. Luckly for her she had the day off anyway as it was a bank holiday. Though out the whole day, I did not have the strength to do much. I watch a bit of anime, had a bath, played a little bit of Cosmic Break and slept.

On Tuesday I awoke nice and early, maybe too much sleep yesterday. I post the three week Neoscream's Log post before phoning work to see what hours I am working. When I phoned they said take the day off, but then they said they needed me to pop in to deal with till as we have new deals starting today and the seft manager did not know how to program them in. So I went in for half an hour and had some lunch at Subways. When I got home I watch some anime, played some Cosmic Break, work on the DreamClix side of of my Heroclix post and tidied one of my DVD flodders. Before going to bed I noticed a grear promo video for which I posted on my blog.

Blaire of Thursday morning
On Wenseday morning I finally got the first of the missed MS Wars posts up, Units: Cavendish Troop Transport. I planned on trying got it up to date by the end of the week. I worked from 11AM to 5PM. When I got home there was news on an update for Cosmic Break on Thursday. I made a posted on the blog about it. I started work on the next missed, Units: Amago, Scout Type, but I then received a Twitter from Blaire. She was back from her Christmas holidays and was planning on coming on MFC soon. However MFC was not working so we chatted on Skype a little and then I headed to bed.

On Thursday morning Blaire finally came on MFC with a new account, KnottyBlaire. I partly know why she has a new accout, but I did not think I can talk about it. She was reading a old book called The Art of Kissing and show off something she got herself for Christmas. LOL, it looks like a candy cane. After she left I finish off and post the next MS War post before heading to work. I worked from 11AM to 4:30PM. I was chaos at work as the Shake Machine was not working and there was a problem with the drive thru all day. As I was leaving work, I got a Tweeter from Blaire saying she was going online on MFC, but when I get to the bus stop I found I just missed my bus and had to wait twenty minutes for the next one. When I got home Blaire was still on-line. Hippy. She was still enjoying and using the two books I brought her. 
Blaire on Thursday Evening
As mum forgot the stuff for the dinner I normally make, she said she would do a straw fry. However she got home late and dad had turned up yet, so she gave me the money for a taxi and a dinner out. So I went to a fish and chips before head to Heroclix. Luckily as Darren S had to pick up the brothers I had time to eat my food before they arrived, but with the way things have gone I had a bad feeling about tonight. I was right three loses. Will at Heroclix I had a phone call from work. They wanted me to come into work at 10AM instead of 12PM. Ok. When I got home about 11:30PM, I brought some Roots for Cosmic Break to pick up some bits from the sells and the new Garapons. I picked up Zero Saber Girl and Amateus. One roll on the Unit 03 Garapon which I got a bloody blue ball. Five roll on the Ouku Garapons, which I got:
  • Medi Aide
  • 2 Thoarla Nimbus
  • Cluster Gun
  • Shino Exroad BETA

Zero Saber Girl
And a ton of rolles on the UC Garapon. Here is a list of some of the bits I got:
  • 2 Mini Crims
  • 2 Flower Ribbon Roses
  • 3 Mascot Pepens
  • 1 Moko Gaap
  • And tons of wonder bits and tuning bits.

On Friday morning Blaire was on line again. Thanks to cuddahunter for PMing me and waking me up, I did not miss Blaire. She was retiring an old toy of hers. I worked from 10AM to 3PM. After work me and Richard planned when to do Role-Play. We decided to do it at 12PM Sunday. I worked on my Heroclix post and played some Cosmic Break.

Blaire on Friday with Buddy
On Saturday morning I posted the Heroclix post and one of the missing MS Wars posts. Both me and Darren get to coffee at 10AM liked what Richard planned, but he turned up at 11AM. Before I left to work we checked the sells at the near by book store, Waterstones. It was crap, they only had the grimace/comedy book they had leftover from Christmas. However they were not that cheep as the were three from the price of two before hand and Now they are half price instead, add on top of that there prices can be up to three time more then online too. The sells in the store had been much better in the past. I generly the Janaury sells have been crap this year. Nothing interesting on or too. Normally I end up buy half a dozen to a dozen DVDs but this year none. I started work at 12PM and finish at 2:15PM as we were dead for a Saturday. When I got home I was working on Character Cards for the lasted missed post and found that there is a major bug in the DC calation. Luckily it only affected the unit that I was working on and the Human Heavy Weapons team, both now having less DC and costing less than what they did. So I need to update the Heavy Weapons Teams before adding the scouts, but I decided not to do it now and played a bit more Cosmic Break. I decided to buy 10 more UC Garapons and finally got a Mini Lily.

Blaire on Saturday
On Sunday morning before going to role-play, I went to Staples with my mum. At role-play Richard again arrived late, but this time only half an hour and he forgot his character sheet. As everyone was there, we contained Starship Troopers. We reached to the end of week thirteen of our training and are off to a new site for our next stage of training power suit training. We also levelled up to the first level of trooper. Later on when I got back home, Blaire came on MFC and was doing yoga. The way she had her hair at the beginning it looked like she had cut it very short, luckily not. However she is planning to have her hair dreadlocked. Also her doggy, Buddy, peed on her bed. Poor Blaire.

Well that is another week over and done with and me back up todate. Here is a list of up and coming blog post and the planned (not set) dates for them:

Friday 14th Janaury: Heroclix
Saturday 13th Janaury: MS Wars Update (has been changed then firsted planned on the last update)
Sunday 16th Janaury: Watch, Listen and Read
Tuesday 18th Janaury: Neoscream's Life
Unknown: Lables A to Z, Cosmic Break News and Cosplay Devients Updates.

Until next time, have fun. Yes I have change the way I ending posts.