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Monday, 31 January 2011

Watch, Listen and Read for the week of the 24th to the 30th of January

Another week, another Watch, Listen and Read post.

On Monday I listened to episode 265 of Anime Pulse and episode 85 of Manga Pulse. Also received the new issue of Neo Magazine in the post and would have had the complex box set of Outlaw Star if it was not pushed back to April. 

On Tuesday I watched episode 151 of the dubbed version of Naruto, episode 22 of Dragon Ball Kai, a Gadget Show web clip (Focus Group: Fitness Gadgets), episode 6 of the Gadget Show Web TV and listened to episodes 86 and 87 of Manga Pulse.

On Wednesday I watched episodes 30 and 31 of Fullmetal Alchemist.

On Thursday I listened to episodes 88 and 89 of Manga Pulse.

On Friday I watched episode 4 of IS: Infinite Stratos, episode 106 of the subtitled version of Naruto: Shippuden and finished reading chapter 3 of Dragon Ball Multiverse.

On Saturday I watched episode 183 of One Piece, a Gadget show web clip (Suzi Perry singing “Running”) and listened to episode 90 of Manga Pulse and episode 9 of VG Pulse.

On Sunday I watched episodes 184 and 185 of One Piece.

This week’s video is the opening of Outlaw Star. It is called “Through the Night” and is done by Masahiko Arimatsu. Until next time, have fun.