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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Neoscream's Life, the 10th to the 16th of January

TransTech Starscream

Well the second full week of 2011 is now over and done with and it is time to write it up. Last week started was sick and a lot of Blaire, but what does is week's post have hold for me.

On Monday morning as is was my day off, I went on to Cosmic Break and found WIZ won the Union War again. This meant I gained an EXP+30% Ticket Beta. Sweet. Sadly other than that nothing interesting to that I can remember that is worth blogging. Oh I posted the last week's Neoscream's Life a day before normal before going to bed. I did this so I would not have to rush it in morning before work.

On Tuesday morning I received two phone calls. The first one was from the gym I was meant to have a free trial. They wanted to conform the appointment in the evening. The second was from work about five minutes before I was planning to leave the house. Did not come into work today they said. Crap, I wasted time getting ready for work to be told not to come in, plus this will mean I am off work three days this week too. Never mind, I played some Cosmic Break, watched some stuff and build my teams for Heroclix. About half an hour before I was planning to leave to go to the gym, out of the blue I got a bad case of cramps in my stomach so I could go. The cramps lasted all night. Not great at all. While playing Cosmic Break I got back on trying to finish the second section of the tutorial, get to the second outpost in quest mode. Which after a long time, I managed to do it. Oh I a forgetting I also brought £40 worth of Heroclix online. I have listed what I brought on the Heroclix post.

What my High Priestol Q currently looks like.
Taken on the 18/01/11
On Wednesday morning I received a message from Darren S saying that Phil should be coming to Heroclix this week so the campaign is on hold. Still bring you campaign teams just in case. This week's Heroclix bring four 400 points teams. Great so I have to build four more teams at a day and a half notice. Great, not. So I put together the teams quickly before heading to work. I worked from 11AM to 3:30PM. When I got home I collected all the figures and cards for all seven teams and team Darren about borrowing Sinestro. I really need to get a Sinestro. I manage to quickly finish off the tutorial on Cosmic Break. Did it give me anything at the end, nope. So I start the Pocket mate’s story and did some Area matches before going to bed. And wow I got 1st place and the Great Warrior Award in one of matchs. Hippy. Destructor Girl is fantastic, oh and having High Priestol Q and Amateus being equip with Missile Barrel joint helps. I need to give High Priestol Q a real name, how's about Doctor Missile.

My First Place Win in the Area in Cosmic Break

A preview photo of Blaire from the Photo Shot

At about 12:30AM in the morning of Thursday (some people might still say Wednesday night) Blaire came on line on MFC. She was doing a photo shoot with Cuddahunter as the camera man, lucky bum. However MFC was acting up. They really need to fix their server problems. She was online for a whopping three hours. When she left I went back to bed. When I woke up I did any printing I needed to do for Heroclix as I was not coming home after work today. As both my mum and dad were out till late, there was not point as I would be making dinner for one or getting a take-a-way and spend £5 on a taxi to Heroclix. While I could hang around the City Centre, have dinner out and catch a bus into Stony Straford on my bus pass. I worked from 11AM to 3PM. While at work I found old member of staff Fara was back working for us again. I fact she started back last week but we never had a shift together until today. After work I headed to the city centre. I looked around Waterstone, The Lego, Game, Model Zone, HMV, Game Station, WHSmiths, MK Manga, The Entertainer, The Works and the Calender Store before going to get some dinner at 5PM. I hold off spending too much money. In fact I only spent £4 on a Shadowcat figure at The Entertainer. I also try out the Sky 3D TV at the Sky stand. It was my first experiences of the new 3D style. It was quite nice, but it was more like placing several 2D images at different distances from one and other, but they do jump out at you. I would not go and get a 3D TV but I would like to see a film in the cinema in 3D. I decided to have dinner at Nando's, a Piri-Piri chicken restaurant. I went for the WARNING Extra Hot and found it was not really that hot. After the meal I went to Starbucks as I still had time. At Heroclix was the first time in months that I have seen Phil. Phil was one of our skilled players before his job changed his hours so that he could not make it. He also was an Official Heroclix Judge like Darren S was before Topps dumped Heroclix. When I got home at about 11:30PM, I found that I had missed parcel note which according to the time on the card I would have been there for it if I head strait home after work. Never mind.

Blaire in Pigtails on Friday morning
Friday was my day off work again, sadly. I was awoken at about 7:15AM by Blaire coming on MFC. She had just got back home. After she went off line, I spent most of the day having a bath, watching anime, working on and posting three blog post and doing a bit of house work. I also had a miss phone call from Simon, sadly I was in the bath when he called. He said he would phone back later. I text Richard to find out when was coffee starting. He replied that he does not know when he can make it, ask Darren H. So I text Darren H asking him, but he never replied and Simon never phoned back ever.

Blaire and Buddy on very early Saturday morning
At about 1AM on Saturday, Blaire came on MFC. Her puppy, Buddy, really has a pee problem. He is house trained, or so she clams. However when he get excited he wets himself. Blaire during the time did talk about something she could not do but wishes that she could, so when she went into a group I went hunting for sites that might help her. Well I learnt from it too. I PMed them to her and she thank me for the links. I later learnt on a Tweeter I should have been watching the group show. Never Mind. When she left I went to bed. Later in the morning, after I woke up. Richard text me can he has his mothers car this weekend, he is moving role-play to today instead of tomorrow. I gave up wanting for Darren H to text me back and phoned him. He said he never received the text and due to the late notice he could not make it until 10:30AM. At coffee this week was Darren H, Lisa, Richard and Jake. We made rough plans to see Green Hornet on Wednesday which I need to conform on Monday. I worked from 12PM to 5:15PM as we were finally busy, plus I am now working Sunday and I was free that day now. Richard picked up everybody for role-play and we did it at Richards. I found out from Twits from Blaire that I missed her on MFC due to the fact I was out role-play. Never mind. We continued with Starship Troopers. There was a lot of twists and GM fucking with our characters background. But we are still having fun and we have levelled up to level two Troopers, so level three characters. Nathan said he will do two more games and then we will be taking a break from Starship Trooper. He wants one of us to GM another game for a period of time. None of us had any all idea of what to do or who will GM. When I got home I played a bit of Cosmic Break before going to bed. I decided to get a standard Destructor, the robot that Destructor Girl is based on.

During the night I had a strange dream about the Gadget Show. They were now doing their standard show in front of a live audience of maybe 50 to 100 people. I was in the audience. They were having the audience testing tri-pods and where only one or two were doing a review some of the others pop into the audience to talk to them. WOW, it was a fantastic dream. The only slightly odd thing about it was that there was no Polly, but thin king about it she has only been doing it for one season with a slow start too. So I can understand my subconsciousness missing her. I did not really do much on Sunday morning apart from sleeping in. I worked from 12PM to about 5PM. As I was heading home I start thinking what I would what to run for role-play if I was to run a game. Two thoughts I come up both uses the Metamorths game I got for Campaign about two years ago. The game is basicly a Transformers role-play game that is give different names for copy rights reasons. The first one was to continual with the Transformers Animated idea I had ages ago. It is a couple of months to a year after the end of season three. Optimus Prime was made acting supreme commander after his return to Cybertron while Ultra Magnes is still recovering. The players are a group fresh out of the Elite Guard Academy who have been put in charge of rounding up the remained Decepticons. However a one threat has rising. Galvertron, a Decepticon Megatron had imprison due to madness for his constant taking about the coming of a planet eat, has escape and is building his own army. The second idea is lossy based in G1. The players are awaken for their slavery by A3 (aka Alpha Trion), and join his in his fight ageist the Quintessons. Then a flash forward to the rise of the Decepticon were the players end up choosing which side they are on. Then another flash forward to modern/modernness time, where the players our off world, but not on Earth. The second idea would make in very open, but knowing my luck the players will try to fuck with the time line. When I got home I watch some Anime and worked on the MS Wars Update that was due yesterday. While writing the post and talking about not getting around to do any story an idea stroked me. Use Mecha d20 and Anime d20 to build a MS War Role-Play Game and use the players as a story. The players will start of as young solders in the Mobius Empire before the virus attack, but will end up in the chaos of the world the game is in now. I will do some heavy planning on this and see what people think next week. Before going to bed I posted that week's Watch, Listen and Read post and decided to leave posting the MS Wars post until Monday.

Well that is another week over and done with. Here is a list of up and coming blog post and the planned (not set) dates for them:

Thursday 20th January: Rules - Weapon Abilities part 1 (MS Wars only)
Friday 21st January: Heroclix
Sunday 23rd January: Watch, Listen and Read
Tuesday 25th January: Neoscream's Life and Units - Amago, Melee Type (MS Wars only)
Unknown: Lables A to Z, Cosmic Break News Cosplay Devients Updates and MS Wars RPG news.

Until next time, have fun.