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Friday, 14 January 2011

200th post!!!!! Cosplay Deviants: Fauna - Number 3

Wow, 200 post and still counting. I would like to talk a little about the blog before going back to the normal act of posting. I am over the moon that I have kept up for this long and still going. In the past I have made web site and stopped posting after a couple of months but this blog has been going for eight months now and still going strong. OK, the was a lack of post during Christmas but that was only due to lake of time and computer problems and not me giving up. Over the time Blog Spot has improved making it easier to make posts and making them look nice too. Currently three of the posts have hit the 1,000 viewed mark and all three of them are Cosplay Deviants posts. As I write this post "Cosplay Deviants: Quinn and Kickapoo - Starter" is sitting on 1,091 views, "Cosplay Deviants" is sitting on 2,495 views and "Cosplay Deviants - Noel - Kokiri girl" is sitting at a whopping 3,125 and two comments, wow.

On that note I might as well do a Cosplay Deviants update I have been meaning to do. Last Saturday a new set from the Deviant Fauna. In this set Fauna cosplays as the adult version of Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck (Nel Tu) from Bleach. It was a nice set, but not quite right. I hate to say it as I hate big breast but her breasts were too small for the character. Nel's are huge while Fauna's are small. Never mind.

With the other Deviants, I am looking forward to Noel's Vanille custom from Final Fantasy 13, Sakura custom from Naruto: Shippuuden and Maka custom from Soul Eater. Jsice's Yuna Summoner custom from Final Fantasy X and Holo custom from Spice & Wolf. Sadly I do not have a clue of any Quinn sets that are awaiting to be posted on Cosplay Deviants. Until next time, have fun.