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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Heroclix 6th of January, Crisis on Infinite Earths: Week Eight

Welcome to another Heroclix post. We are finally getting back to the campaign. This week, Week Eight, is the second week of the Replacements part of the campaign. Round Twenty-Two is a 400 points game while Rounds Twenty-Three and Twenty-Four are 200 points games. Currently I am sitting on fifteen wins out of twenty-one games. Darren has now confumed what the tokens do. After next weeks game, we each regain random figures we have lost equal to the number of tokens we have collected.

So Round Twenty-Two, 400 points. As Karate Kid is out of action and the fact that I was planning to use Batman Beyond in a 200 points team, I decided to use a deferent team than my 400 point wild card team. As I have not use Web of Spider-Man Iron Man much I decided to use him and go for an Avengers team. Then, as Hawkeye is always useful figure, I added him to the team. Then I wanted someone that is fast, has a high defence with a good defence ability and can automatically breaks away to grab the objective and get it back to my starting area. Quicksilver. As I did not have him in my build pool, I had to recruit him. I was then planning to add his sister, Scarlet Witch to the team. However this would have left 37 points gap which I could only get another support figure when I wanted a never character that could fight. I ended up recruiting Iron Fist. The end result was is:

Iron Man (Web of Spider-Man) 202
Hawkeye (Avengers) 56 + Thunderbolts ATA 8 = 64
Quicksilver (Exp Armour Wars) 62
Iron Fist (Secret Invasion) 70
=398 points and 2 re-rolls.

I went up against Adriam’s 400 points team. He was using a non-themed team with:

Moonstone (Hammer of Thor) 76 + Thunderbolts 8 = 84
Kid Flash (Crisis) 45
Chief (Crisis) 63
Gravity (Secret Invasion) 64
Rampaging Hulk (Mutation and Monsters) 128
=384 points and no re-rolls.

At the start it looked like I was doing when Iron Man deal a nasty blow on Moonstone and when Rampaging Hulk was did not hit with Quake after I used a re-roll. But Moonstone with help from Gravity managed to take out Iron Man and the only one hit that was hitting the Hulk was Iron Fist as both Hawkeye and Iron Man (when he was still around) were both missing. I manage to collect my token thanks to Quicksilver, but sadly I lost the game due to point.

Next was Round Twenty-Three, 200 points. I decided to use the same team as the last time I used a 200 points team. That team was:

Batman (Arkham Asylum) 64
Nightwing (Crisis) 79
Spoiler (Vet Legacy) 22
Robin (Crisis) 35
=200 points and two re-rolls.

I was up against Michael’s 200 points team. He was using a Gotham City  team too, who was:

Batman and Robin (Justice League) 138
Street Thug (Arkham Asylum) 19
Robin (Crisis) 35
=192 points and one re-roll.

Again in this one I was doing quite well. I had last only Spoiler and Michael had lost all but his Batman and Robin duo figure. But Nightwing could not hit for squt and Batman and Robin duo figure could hit my high defence values. The Batman and Robin duo figure manage to OK my team and poor Batman Beyond was MIAed. Luckly Nightwing did get me my token.

The last round of the week, Round Twenty-Four, which was another 200 points game. With this team I decided to recruit Kid Flash to grab the objective and then I build a team around his teen keyword.

Kid Flash (Crisis) 45
Spider-Girl (Secret Invasion) 77
Cosmic Boy (Legion of Super Heroes) 70
=192 points and 1 re-roll.

I went up against Darren’s 200 points team. He was using a non-themed team with:

Kid Nova (Exp Supernova) 66
Scarlet Spider (Web of Spider-man) 72
X-23 (Web of Spider-man) 60
=198 points and no re-roll.

Let again I started well, but luck change again and Darren just managed to win with X-23 as his only standing figure on her last click. However I did get my token, stopped him getting his and MIAing one of his guys.

It was a bad week for my, three loss. I had a bad feeling before hand that this would happen. Never mind. However I have five tokens now. I will be able to recover a third of my lost figures.

My Force
Alex Summers (LE Mutant Mayhem) has 5 XP. KOs 1, MIAs 1 (Firestar).
Batman (Arkham Asylum) was MIA this week and has 15 XP. KOs 5, MIAs 2 (Moleman, Boy Wonder).
Batman (Justice League) MIA.
Batman (Vet Legacy) has 10 XP. KOs 4, MIAs 2 (Namor and Batman).
Beast (Mutations and Monsters) has 8 XP. KOs 2, MIAs 1 (Robin).
Cosmic Boy (Legion of Super Heroes) has 5 XP and is out of action until round twenty-nine. KOs 1, MIAs 0.
Cyclops (Mutations and Monsters) MIA with 7 KOs and no MIAs.
Dark Beast (Mutations and Monsters) MIA.
Dr. Alchemy (Justice League) has 0 XP.
Dream Girl (Justice League) has 0 XP.
Echo (Vet Armour Wars) MIA with 1 KOs and no MIAs.
Havok (Vet Mutant Mayhem) has 0 XP.
Hawkeye (Avengers) with Thunderbolts ATA, has 5 XP. KOs 2, MIAs 1 (Citizen V).
Iron Man (Secret Invasion) MIA with 4 KOs and no MIAs.
Iron Man (Supernova) MIA.
Iron Man (Web of Spider-Man) has 5 XP and is out of action until round twenty-six. KOs 3, MIAs 1 (Reed Richards).
Jean Grey (Rook Universe) has 0 XP.
Karate Kid (Crisis) has 0 XP.
Klarion (Crisis) MIA.
Mockingbird (Vet Sinister) MIA with 2 KOs 2 and no MIAs.
Nightwing (Crisis) has 10 XP and is out of action for twenty-seven. Tokens 2, KOs 2, MIAs 1 (Wondergirl).
Nurse (Web of Spider-Man) has 0 XP.
Psylocke (Rook Xplosion) MIA.
Ra’s al-Ghul (Vet Legacy) has 0 XP. KOs 1, MIAs 0.
Rageman (Collateral Damage) has 0 XP.
Researcher (Web of Spider-Man) has 0 XP.
Robin (35 points Crisis) has 5 XP and is out of action until round twenty-eight. KOs 1, MIAs 1 (Street Thug).
Robin (79 points Crisis) MIA with 1 KOs which was an MIAs (Sue Storm).
Robin (starter Icons) MIA.
Robot (Invincible) has 0 XP.
Scarlet Witch (Avengers) MIA.
Scarlet Witch (Rook Infinity Challenge) has 0 XP.
Spider-Girl (Secret Invasion) has 10 XP and is out of action until twenty-nine. KOs 4, MIAs 1 (Kid Nova).
Spider-Man (red and blue suit Web of Spider-Man) MIA.
Spider-Man (Secret Invasion) has 5 XP. KOs 1, MIAs 1 (Cosmic Boy).
Spoiler (Vet Legacy) has 0 XP out of action until round twenty-six.
Storm (Danger Room) has 10 XP. KOs 7, MIAs 4 (Annihilus, two Batmans and Night Thrasher).
Thinker (Arkham Asylum) has 0 XP.
Warpath (Web of Spiderman) + X-Force, has 0 XP. Tokens 1, KOs 1, MIAs 0.
Wasp (Starter Universe) has 0 XP.
Wolverine (Fantastic Forces) MIA with 3 KOs and 1 MIA (?).
Yellowjacket (Secret Invasion) has 0 XP. KOs 2, MIAs 0.
Quicksilver (Exp Armour Wars) new recruit. Tokens 1, KOs 0, MIAs 0.
Iron Fist (Secret Invasion) new recruit and had 5 XP.
Kid Flash (Crisis) new recruit and is out of action until round twenty-nine.

Darren S
Batman (Arkham Asylum) 64
Batman (Justice League) MIA
Bullseye (Web of Spider-man) 117 + Thunderbolts 8 = 125
Ch’p (Green Lantern Corps) 82
Citizen V (Avengers) + Thunderbolts, MIA
Firestar (Web of Spider-man) MIA
Gotham City Detective (Arkham Asylum) 27
Gotham City Detective (Arkham Asylum) 27
Hitman (Arkham Asylum) 61
Jakeem Thunder (Origin) 126 + Coordination (Feat) 6 = 132
Justice (Exp Supernova) MIA
Kid Nova (Exp Supernova) was MIAed this week.
Kid Zoom (Brave and the Bold) 87
Liberty Belle (Crisis) 84
Moonstone (Hammer of Thor) 76 + Thunderbolts 8 = 84
Night Thrasher (Vet Supernova) MIA
Norman Osborn (Web of Spider-Man) 66 + Thunderbolts ATA 8 = 74
Radioactive Man
Radioactive Man (Vet Sinister) 80 + Thunderbolts 8 = 88
Sandman (Origin) 59 + Coordination (Feat) 6 = 65
Scarlet Spider (Web of Spider-man) 72
Shatterstar (Mutations and Monsters) 57
Songbird (Rook Fantastic Forces) 44 + Thunderbolts 8 = 52
Spider-girl (Secret Invasion) MIA
Stargirl (Vet Legacy) MIA
Venom (Hammer of Thor) 73 + Thunderbolts 8 = 81
Warpath (Web of Spider-man) 70
Wildcat (Rook Origins) 54
Winter Soldier (Avengers) MIA
Wolfsbane (Web of Spider-man) 65
Wolverine (Web of Spider-man) 105
X-23 (Web of Spider-man) 60

Black Panther (Avengers) 92 + Fantastic Four 5 = 97
Captain America (Hammer of Thor) MIA
Dawnstar (Crisis) MIA
Dr Strange (Secret Invasion) MIA
Gamora (Secret Invasion) 73
Gravity (Secret Invasion) 64
Human Torch (Secret Invasion) + Fantastic Four, MIA
Invisible Girl (Exp Clobberin Time) 57 + Fantastic Four 5 = 62
Ironfist (Secret Invasion) 70
Ironman (shield Mutations and Monsters) 100
Lionheart (Avengers) MIA
Logan (Vet Clobberin Time) 60 + Fantastic Four 5 + Auto Regain 12 = 77
Luke Cage (Secret Invasion) + Fantastic Four, MIA
Metron (Arkham Asylum) 195
Ms Marvel (human Secret Invasion) 168
Namor (Secret Invasion) MIA
Quicksilver (Avengers) 49
Reed Richards (LE Secret Invasion) MIA
Ronin (Avengers) MIA
Scarlet Witch (Avengers) MIA
She-Thing (Secret Invasion) 50 + Fantastic Four 5 = 55
Spider-girl (Secret Invasion) 77
Spiderman (Secret Invasion) 50 + Fantastic Four 5 = 55
Sue Storm (LE Fantastic Forces) MIA
The Thing (Secret Invasion) + Fantastic Four, MIA
Thor (Hammer of Thor) 226
Wonderman (Avengers) MIA
Yellowjacket (Secret Invasion) MIA
Moonstone (Hammer of Thor) 76 + Thunderbolts 8 = 84
Kid Flash (Crisis) 45, new recruit
Chief (Crisis) 63, new recruit
Gravity (Secret Invasion) 64, new recruit
Rampaging Hulk (Mutation and Monsters) 128, new recruit

Alex Luthor (Crisis) MIA
Annihilus (Secret Invasion) MIA
Aqualad (Crisis) MIA
Batman (Arkham Asylum) MIA
Batman (Justice League) MIA
Boy Wonder (Crisis) MIA
Captain Gordon (Arkham Asylum) MIA
Chief (Crisis) 63
Cosmic Boy (Legion of Super Heroes) MIA
Dawnstar (Crisis) MIA
Doom (Secret Invasion) 249
Dr. Alchemy (Justice League) 62
Dr Polaris (Justice League) MIA
Enchantress (Hammer of Thor) 141
Gravity (Secret Invasion) 64
Iron Man (Avengers) 154
Ironman (zombie Mutations and Monsters) MIA
Kid Flash (Crisis) MIA
Living Laser (Avengers) MIA
Metron (Arkham Asylum) MIA
Moleman (Secret Invasion) 50
Moloid (Secret Invasion) MIA
Moloid (Secret Invasion) MIA
Morbious (Secret Invasion) 67
Mr Fantastic (Secret Invasion) 100    
Penance (Hammer of Thor) 58 + Thunderbolts 8 = 66          
Rampaging Hulk (Mutations and Monsters) MIA
Red Arrow (Crisis) 73
Robin (79 Crisis) MIA
Scarlet Witch (Rook Fantastic Forces) 35
Speedy (Crisis) MIA
Spiderman (Mutations and Monsters) 41
Stingray (Avengers) MIA
Ulik (Hammer of Thor) 118
Wondergirl (Crisis) 60 + Stunning Blow (Feat) 10 = 70
Batman and Robin (Justice League) 138, new recruit
Street Thug (Arkham Asylum) 19, new recruit and MIAed this week
Street Thug (Arkham Asylum) 19, new recruit and MIAed this week
Robin (35 Crisis) 35, new recruit

Next week will be the final week of the Replacements part of the campaign. Round twenty-five will be 200 point (again), round twenty-six will be 300 points and twenty-seven will be 200 points let again.

With Heroclix news this week, Wizkidz have just started releasing the print and play cards for DC 75th Anniversary. They are very nice if you are using them with the right teams and powers. Also the dials of Cyclops and Emma Frost from Giant Size X-Men have been leaked. Cyclops is great. Here are the dials.

This week’s DreamClix is an Iron Man anime special. The show is over and here are the final characters.

First we have the Zodiac form of Chika. Unknown to Chika, she was a member of Zodiac. In this form she should have the flight symbol, a special called "Electric Tentacles", Invulnerability, Toughness, Willpower, Range Combat Expert and Perplex.
Electic Tenticals - Chika can use Incapacitate As if she has a range of 2. Damage is not reducted to 0.
She should have about six clicks of health with starting states of Movement 10, Attack 10, Deffence 18, Damage 3 and Range 8 with one target. She should have the Hydra TA and the keywords Zodiac, Scintict and Armour.

Next we have out of armour Nagato Sakurai. Not only is he a bad ass in armour he is a bad ass out of it. He should have a Trait called "Ace Pilot", Indomitable, Close Combat Reflex, "Bazooka" Range Combat Expert and a special called "Way of the Warrior".
Ace Pilot - Characters that carries Sakurai do not suffer a minus two to their movement for carrying him. If Sakurai gains flight, he does not suffer a minus two to his movement for carrying others.
Way of the Warrior - Sakurai can use Outwit but not on powers with damage reducters.
He should have about four or five clicks of health with starting states of Movement 6, Attack 10, Deffence 17, Damage 2 and Range 4 with one target. He should have no TA and the keywords Solder, Warrior and JDF.

Next we have the head of the JDF, Defence Minister Kuroda. He should have Leadership and Outwit. He should have about tree clicks of health with starting states of Movement 6, Attack 8, Deffence 14, Damage 1 and Range 0. He should have no TA and the keywords Politiction, Zodiac and JDF.
Next is the leader of Zodiac, Kuroda in his Rasetsu armour. It was too easy to tell that he was the mastermind. He had a untrustwerthy face. In this form he should have the flight symbol, a trait called "Zodiac Mastermind", Change, Super Strength, Indomitable, Impervious, Invulnerability and Close Combat Expert.
Zodiac Mastermind - Rasetsu can use Outwit, Perplex and Leadership.
He should have about ten clicks of health with starting states of Movement 10, Attack 11, Deffence 19, Damage 5 and Range 8 with one target. Ok I can not remember seeing he use any range attacks, but it is oveus that it has the ability to make range based attacks from the desgins it was based on. He should have the Hydar TA and the keywords Zodiac, Armour and Ruler.

Next is Nanami’s partner, Ichiro Masuda. He should only have a special called "Camera Man".
Camera Man - If Nanami is within four squares of Ichiro and can draw a clear line of sight to him, she can use Headline News as a free action instead of a power action.
He should have about three to four clicks of health with starting states of Movement 6, Attack 8, Deffence 14, Damage 1 and Range 0. He should not have a TA and the keywords Reporter.

Lastly we have the man of iron himself, Iron Man. The one big shocker of the seires is that Tony only stuck to one suit of Armour or at least one model. Apart from the flash back to the Mark 1, the one time he used the Dio Armour and the suit/a suit being sparied with a special alloy so he can use it in space. Unlike normal where I give you an idea I am giving you a dial design instead. This is mark the start of doing dial designs for all the Iron Man anime stuff.

Next week's Dreamclix will suffer a major change. There will be three sections: ShounenClix, MAClix (Marvel Anime Heroclix) and MechaClix. With ShounenClix, I will be doing two to three ideas and one dial design. Like what I have been doing with the Iron Man Anime I will be done ideas of characters from the Wolverine anime as well as doing two dial designs from the Iron Man Anime. Lastly I will be doing a new DreamClix feature, MechaClix. MechaClix will be covering Mecha amine shows with small mechas like Ghost in the Shell and IS: Infinite Stratos and other Mecha things like Cosmic Break. I will be doing two or three ideas a week for MechaClix. If the weekly game of Heroclix does not happen, I will only be doubling ShounenClix or MechaClix not both. For ShounenClix next week I will be doing Grand Fisher for Bleach, Usopp from One Piece, may be Don Kanonji and dials for Shrieker from Bleach. The dials for MAClix will be the first two Zodiac warriors that were introduced and then for MechaClix I will be doing Crimerose, Lily Rain and maybe LazFlamme. Well until next time, have fun.