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Friday, 21 January 2011

CosmicBreak News Update, the 21st of January

Hi all, the regular Thursday Maintenance on the Cosmic Break has been complete with some big news. A few bugs have been fixed and new items have been added to the UC Garapon pool and as Drop items. Also there has been some structure changes on both forms of the Quest mode (Unexplored Planet Arcantus and Battle Planet Bastagant) and the Garapon Sale in Shop have been extended to February the 2nd. But here in the real news, they have started a new Campaign today, "Union Wars Battle Campaign". If you play Union Wars a 100 times during the Campaign, you will win:

- [Ro] Lucky Cube Alpha x1 (a random robot)
- [It] Lucky Cube Alpha x1 (a random Item)
- [Wp] Lucky Cube Alpha x1 (a random Weapon)

Also if you win ten of the same area award durring the campaign you win a Cross Flag BSJ. The campaign will end on the 24th of February. Bring on the Arena, my missile will bring down any bot, apart for the Jikun Siblings and Ouka. Please do not add Ivis any time soon, or there sadly be another super power Land type loss on the battle field. Until next, have fun.