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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Neoscream's Life, the 13th of December to the 2nd of January

Masterpiece Starscream
Sorry about the wait, with Cosmic Break, being Chrismas time at work, the weather and computer problems, I had not had the time to write this post and post it. I have deicided to make it a three week Neoscream's Log post (as well as several of my other posts). Well the last week I blogged about was the return of Role-Play games, but what will these two weeks be like?

On the morning of Monday the 13th of December 2010, I posted the Watch, Listen and Rean post for the week of the 6th to the 12th of December, as I did not get around doing it last night. I also joined the Cosmic Break fan forums. I worked from 10AM to 4PM. When I got home I did some fighting in Cosmic Commander to try to gain more Zero Fighter Mark IIs to fight in the Hard level Mission as I wanted to at least finish it, but I can never do the last fight 3 or 4 Zero Fighter Mark IVs. The single player mode (practice mode) on Cosmic Break came on line. I took a while to download the update as my computer was acting up. For some unknown reason the drivers for the graphics card was failing and coursing the laptop to crash while watching One Piece and downloading the update. Luckly it is not crashing any more. I managed to get around having two goes of the game. You can read the reasults in the post Cosmic Break News 1.

On the morning of Tuesday the 14th of December 2010, I posted last week's Neoscreams Life post and a post about Cosmic Break. I worked from 11AM to 5PM. I was origanally meant to finish at 4PM, but as Marisa was not well she left early and I covered her last hour. When I got home I got on to Cosmic Commander to see if I could get the Mark II's, I did manage to got three but it was not enought to beat the Mark IVs and the game ended. Blaire came on line on MFC in the evening morning time for her. She had work that day but she a later seft so she did need to leave for a couple of hour. She lying bed chatting and by the sound of it she had a shower in a Group Show before she left. I also pulled togather the teams for Heroclix before heading to bed.

On the morning of Wednesday the 15th of December 2010, I wrote and posted a Cosimc Commander post and finish the Labels A to Z post I had been working on for a long time before heading to work. I worked from 12PM to about 4:30PM. While working on the Dreamclix side of my Heroclix post I recived a text from Darren S that there will be no Heroclix this week. I asked him if it was happening next week and he said yes and it will be the last one of the year.

What my Lily Rain "Lily Rain Follow" currently
looks like. Taken on 03/01/2011
On Thursday the 16th of December 2010, I worked from 11AM to 1PM. I finish early as my cold was action up and we had too much staff. I headed to Sansbury's to get a bit of last moment shopping. When I got home I did a little bit of worked on my Heroclix post and made some posts on the Cosmic Break Fan Forums waiting for Cosmic Break start. Then the magic hour stook, 8PM, and the game were readly to be played, after downloading a very quick update. I picked Lily Rain as my starter bot. I was given a Zero Fighter as I was playing Cosmic Commander before hand. And I received Jagura Arms and Mecha Knight when I leveled up to Rank 1 or was that 2 (I gained them just before I could use them). I got up to the Quests part of the training the three Guardians give you. Sadly I could not finish the Quests part.

What my Mecha Knight "Starscream" currently looks
like. Taken on the 03/01/2011
Friday the 17th of December 2010 was mine and my mum's day off. So the first thing we did was the food shopping. It was nice and clear when we left, but as we were leave to head back home we found that it had been snowing while we were food shopping and is was still snowing. It stopped about fifteen minute to half an hour later. It was not much, just a light covering. When we got home I played a ton of Cosmic Break and did several blog post, one of which was a day late.

At coffee on Saturday the 18th of December 2010 were just me, Richard and Darren. No Jake sadly again as he was working. It was nice and clear when we got there. As we finished drinking coffee early we did a little bit of shopping. Darren H needed gloves and I needed after shave for dad. As I left for the bus to work we found it had started to snow again. I headed to work. Started work at 12PM. The snow was getting heavier and heavier. I was sent home at about 2:30PM as we were dead. The snow settled to a light spinkle at about 8PM, but the damage was done. We had about 5 to 7 inces of snow. Proberly nothing to place that are use to that but we in the UK, expecally in the area I leave in, we are not use to it. Well when I got home we finally got dad to get the Chrismas decerations down from the loft and I got some Cosmic Break in. I decided to stick to the Arena for the time being as I am getting more rewards from there with my crap skills. As you only get a tiny bit of experance (about 40 per bot) and not UC if you fail in Quests and they can take half an hour to an hour, while in the Arena if you do crap and you team loses, you end up with 30 to 75 experance and about 750 UC for 15 to 20 minutes. So you can get about 100 experance and 1,500 UC in the time it takes to fail in Quests. Quests are there for drops more then anything and you only get the drops if you get to the Outpost.

On the morning of Sunday the 19th of December 2010, before I went to work, me and my mum put up the Christmas decorations. I phoned Richard to make sure role-play was still happening as the roads were heavily snowed in. Well heavy for our area. Richard said it was but sadly the other player could not make it. As my mum was not looking forward to give me a left in to work in the snow, Richard volunteered to do it. I worked from 12PM to 4:15PM. After work I phoned Richard that I had finished work so he could pick me up so we could get role-play started early and finish early. While waiting for Richard I did some drawing as I had some ideas for Cosmic Break like characters. At role-role, at we were down one player, Nathen did not wait to contiual the Starship Troopers game with out him so we genarated some Dungens and Dragons 3.5 characters and did a little game. I played a Dwarf Dustblade and played a Human Druid. We were heading to some land to fight some Undead. As we were leave, at about 12AM (why am I the only one that has work the next day), we noticed Nathan’s flat mate was watching a Warhammer 40,000 CGI movie. Me and Richard did not know that one was released. Note to self, look into getting it. When I got home I had dinner and played on Cosmic Break for about half an hour to an hour before going to bed. Oh no role-play sadly until the New Year.

On Monday the 20th of December 2010, I had a bit trouble getting to work due to the snow, as only a couple of buses were running. I left about an hour earlier than normal for an 11AM start, but still arrived half an hour late. The management were not mad about it as they knew that there wast travel problem for everybody. Due to no buses runningf between Milton Keynes and work the Lutan staff could not make it in. The assisstent manager said to me and Marisa that they need at least one of us to stay till 8PM the today and the next two days. Marisa asked if I did today, she would do Tuesday and Wendesday. I stupidly agreed to it worked until 8PM while she worked until 5PM after starting about 12PM. When I got home I found that the level cap removes have been finally add to the Cosmic Break shop at a half price offer. However a lot of players on the forum were upset with the prices as at half price, they cost a hell of a lot more then what they did in the past betas and in the Japaness game. There are now normally 50,000 UC for Level 5 Remover and 100,000 UC for Level 8 Remover.

On Tuesday the 21st of December 2010, trasport to work was a lot easier and I manage with a lot of time to spear. I popped into the near by shoe store and picked up a pair of boots. I started work at 11:30AM instead of 11AM as we were not busy. Marisa's back was action up today and I had to say until 7:30PM instead of her. When I got back home I managed to get enough UC to get the last Moe bot that were avaible to buy from start of Final Open Beta.

On the morning of Wednesday the 22nd of December 2010, I finally finished quests and ture-up parts on the first stage of the training. I started work at 11AM and ended up finishing at 8PM as Marisa finished at 5PM again. It pissed me off as we were meant to be share the late shifts and she did say she was going to to Tuesday and Wendesday and never did. As I was heading home I had a phone call from Darren S about Heroclix. We agreed that due to the weather and how tired I was as I have just done the same number of hours I normally do in a week in the space of three days. We decided to do it next week. When I got home the infomation about how to buy Roots in Cosmic Break and the promotion they are running for it at the moment. If you buy 300 Roots to get a 20 extra Roots and some tuning bits. If you by 500 Roots you get 50 extra Roots, a Scarf, Exp/UC/Drop bonuses and tuning bits. If you buy 1,000 Roots you get 150 erxtra Roots, a cap, a set of wing that is a back pack part or a back pack joint, Exp/UC/Drop bonuses and a ton of tuning bits. And if you buy 2,000 Roots you get 600 extra Roots, a scarf, one wing which is an Arm Joint. I know, 2,000 Roots one is a little bit of a bad deal as you need to spend $400 to get a full set of wings is a bit bad.

On Thursday the 23rd 2010, Cosmic Break to down from most of the day due to bug fixing before the Office service starts. I worked from 11AM to 3:30PM. Sadly I had to clean out the shake machine and by the look of it no one had been cleaning it for some time. Also some of the rubble bands on the machine was fall apart which coused problems as we did not have replacement ones on hand. When I got home I started doing my Christmas waping which I had not had the time to do or so I thought as it only took me one hour to do. After packing up and dinner I headed up stairs to go on to my laptop to search the web and to finally do some blog posts. However when I turned my laptop on the screen would not turn on. So I started downloading Cosmic Break on my mum's beeping notebook, as it stated it would take three to four hours to download. I decided to have a bath listening to music on my phone. At about 10:30PM, Cosmic Break had finally downloaded and I went on to cheeck out the new stuff, to plan on what I want to get.

On the morning of Christmas Eve 2010, I brought some Roots and us them to buy Destructor Girl and thirteen Garapon Rolls. I had one roll from the Garapon Unit 01 and get a bronze ball with a Pile Bunker (a weapon). Five rolls from the Garapon Unit 02 and got Hoverion Magna, Boiledeck, two Cetususion and High Priestol Q. Five rolls from the Garapon Mecha Unit and got Date Max, Gathima Nieuport, Ace Braver, Shine Buster and a blue ball. And lastly two rolls on the Garapon Chibi unit and get Ouka Kamuro and the white haired version of Crim-Chan. The chibis was a wasted of money I sadly only did them to try to get a Lily-Chan. I should have spent the Roots on Zero Saber Girl or roll on Garapon Unit 03 or more rolls on Garapon Unit 02. Never mind, need to see if there are ways to trade with other players. I started work at 11AM and finished about 12:30PM as we were dead for the number of staff we had. When I got home I started tidy the living room for my mum as she was moaning about having too much to do. I then copied the download file for Cosmic Break to my main computer as my mum's notebook was finding it hard to run Cosmic Break. At 8PM that arrived at the bar me and my mates were meeting up for a Christmas get together. I nice number of us turned up but Darren and Lisa pulled out on us at the last moment and Richy could not come as he was busy. Sadly the only person who got me a present was Jake. He got me a Hammer of Thor Heroclix boost, hippy. Sadly I already own two of the figures which were a bit of a bad pull with what little I owned. But I did pull a Beta Ray Bill.

On Christmas Day 2010, I got three new DVDs, Burst Angle volume 5, Soul Eater volume 1 and Love Hina volume 4. The first two volumes of The Invincible Iron Man graphic novels and two Xbox 360 game, Batman: Arkham Asylum and the expansion to Drangon Age. Will my day was watching episodes of Midsummers Night Muders and sopes, I played some Cosmic Break. Just before I was planning to go to bed I jokingly tried to turn on my laptop again. I have been trying it every day since to went to and never worked, but this time it did, hippy. Oh and I e-mailed Blaire Merry Christmas but never got a reply.

On Sunday the 26th of December 2010, before going to work me and my mum checked out sales at Currys for TVs. We ended up getting a 22” HD Logik TV to replace my old TV which we did not know in it would survive the digital, the computer monitor for the main computer and the speakers for the main computer too. When I got to work for a 12PM start they said I could have the day off so when I got home I started tidied room with new set up for the new TV. Sadly I found that the cable connecting the monitor to the computer was built into the monitor so I had to cable to connect the computer to the TV so I have to get one tomorrow. On Cosmic Break’s main website there was news about new robots being added to the game on Tuesday.

On Monday the 27th of December 2010, I pop into Currys to get the missing cable and a UBS keyboard before work. I worked from 10AM to 5PM. Will at work I received a text from Richard about contacting him. I phoned him after work and found that coffee was going to be happening tomorrow as we could not do it last Saturday or this Saturday. On Cosmic Break Wiz won the Union Wars again and all members of the Wiz Union gained a Frogloader head with three Sockets. Sweet free parts.

On Tuesday the 28th of December 2010, me Richard, Richy and Jake meet up for coffee at 9AM. Darren H did turn up but sadly about a couple of minutes before I had to go to work. We made a rough plan to go to the cinema tomorrow to see the new Tron film. I worked from 10AM to 5:30PM. While at work Richy popped in. We made plans to meet up after work on Thursday to go to Heroclix. Richy use to do a bit of Heroclix before he decided to stay in Wales. When I got home I found the new robots have been added and something extra. There were eight Roots robots, six UC robots and three different types of Seraph Promotions. The Seraph Promotions allows you to upgrade your level 8 to 10 Crimrose to level 1 Seraph Crimrose. Also as it was the one year anniversary of the Cosmic Break Fan Forums, there were double multipliers for Exp, UC, and Drop Rate event on Cosmic Break to celebrate it that will end at the end of 2010.

On Wednesday the 29th of December 2010, I worked from 10AM to 5:30PM. The Area Manager decided to send Marisa on maternity leave now instead of Friday, which was a good. After work Richard and Richy picked me up and we headed to the cinema. We thought Jake was not coming so we joined the queue for the 6:45PM start, but when we got to the end of the queue we got a text from Jake saying he will be able to come to watch the new Tron film. So we had to leave the queue to pick up Jake. When we get to Richard’s car he had a problem starting his car but it did start. We picked up Jake and got back. We got tickets for the 8:40PM showing. As we had the time we went to have some pizza before the film. At the film I saw the trailer for the Green Hornet movie which is on my list of films I must see in 2011. The other ones being Green Lantern, Thor, Captain America, Transformers 3 and the final Harry Potter. I found Tron: Legacy was a great film, however the other thought it was ok but great special effects. As we were leave to go home Richard's car (a Metro) dead on us. It would not start. Richard called the RAC but they said that they will take two hours to come. Richard decided to put money into meter till 12PM and come back tomorrow morning to get it fixed. So Jake asked his dad to give us a left home. I ended up getting back home about 12:30AM. When I got home I found that the figures I orders from eBay for Necromunda had arrived in the post. Now I need a leader, a Heavy and several more ganger and juves.

On Thursday the 30th of December 2010, I got up late and did not have time to do anything before leaving for work. I worked from 10AM to 4:30PM, half an hour later then I meant to. Richy picked me up and we headed to mine so that Richy could build his teams. We headed to Heroclix about 6:30PM. I got back home about 11:30PM.

On New Years Eve 2010, I started work at 10AM and as it was quite I finished at 12:45PM and I all was given tomorrow off. I went to Pets At Home and Hobbycraft. I picked up figures in their sales for conversions for Necromunda. At about 7:15PM Richy's dad picked me up after picking up Richard. He tooked us, including Richy, to Mark's for a New Years party. Most of the normal crald were doing other things. We play a card game which no one knows the name too. On the strick of the magic hour I e-mail Blaire, posted a Twitter and a facebook post as I knew SMS would not work.

What my Destructor Girl Currently
looks like. Taken 03/01/2011
I got home about 1:30PM in the morning of New Years Day 2011. Even tho it was my day off I was tired and wanted to go to bed eairy. When I woke up I posted the Heroclix post. The first blog post for a long time. Afterwards I finally watch the last two episodes of Iron Man. Later I played some Cosmic Break. I tried out Air type robots for the first time and found that I was no use with Air types, I am better off Artillery Type that spraies the battle field with mission. I even got second place in the Area with Destructor Girl, however my team still lost the battle. On long before heading to bed I reciceded an e-mail reply from Blaire, wish me happy New Year.

On Sunday 2nd of January 2011, I worked from 11AM to 3:45PM. While playing Cosmic Break, I have been finding thayt I am get a lot better things to the missile tactics as I been getting into the top ten a lot, even a couple of top 5. Before going to bed I posted a three week Watch, Listen and Read special, however it took longer to post as I was feeling quissy. More on that next week.

Well that is another three weeks over and done with. I will try to do a massive MS Wars posting after I get everything back to normal. I will not be doing a list of the planned posts coming this week due to I have no clue when I will be doing a posts, but hopefully it will be back to normal. I will try to do a plan next week. Until next time, enjoy.