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Friday, 14 January 2011

CosmicBreak! Contest

They is a new contests I am helping advertising and hopeful enter. No it is not a Blaire one this time, it is Cosmic Break Fan art contest. This will be the first ever English Fanart contest. There has been three so far in Japan. Hello CosmicBreak players! Winners will receive a shit load of Roots and their artworks will be used for CosmicBreak's in-game loading screens! Current 3rd Japanese Fanart Contest winning artworks are being used. The dead line is February the 17th at 11PM PST (7PM GMT). There will be a "Deadline Post" made by the CB Management Team on when the contest is officially closed. Posts made after this Deadline Post will be disqualified. The Fanart Theme is anything which has to do with CosmicBreak! Draw your favourite Robot! Your Favourite Chibi! Your Favourite....Chaos? Sadly I did not know if you =r own character designs count. The rules are:

1) Images must be a PNG file, 800*600, and no larger than 1000KB. Submit fanart created by yourself!

2) There is no limit to the number of artwork you post.

3) Entries must be posted here on THIS thread (The link). Posts to other threads or website will not be qualified.

4) Contest winners will be chosen by the Cosmic Break Service Team!

To make the whole process easier, we would appreciate it if you can write your IGN in your post. (You do not have to write your IGN in your artwork.)

The Prizes are:

* 1st Place: 2,000 Roots (1 Award)
* 2nd Place: 1,000 Roots (1 Award)
* GM Award!: 200 Roots (The GMs of CosmicBreak like to give out many GM Awards! Details are still undecided at this time!)

And remember all winning artwork will be used as CosmicBreak's Official Loading Screens!

That is $200 for first place, sweet. Knowing some of the work on the Fan Forum, I know there is no way that I will win first or second, but I will try for the GM awards. I will work on my Needle Mog Girl design and also try a drawing of Lily Rain and/or Needle Mog. Until next time (Heroclix post later today or tomorrow morning), have fun and get drawing. Might add more pictures to the post later