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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Neoscream's Life, the 17th to the 23rd of January

Well the third full week of 2011 is now over and done with and it is time to write it up. Last week had a weak of work and a lot of window shopping, but what does is week's post have hold for me. As I was posting this week's post I realised I am out of Starscream's to post at the top of the Neoscream's Life posts. So I post this intersting Starscream picture and from next week I will be moving on to plan B (not B for Blaire), The Many Armours of IRON MAN.

On Monday morning I finally posted the MS Wars Update post and started work on the next Labels A to Z post. I worked from 12PM to 3:30PM. When I got home and logged on to Cosmic Break, I found that my Union won the Union Wars again and the prize was an UC+30% Ticket Beta. I finally finished of the Pockets story line too. I finish off writing the Neoscream’s Life post, but I decided to leave posting it to tomorrow when I normally post it. I text Darren H, Richard and Jake with the details of when Green Hornet was being shown. Sadly for Jake there was no 2D viewing of the film. I received a reply from Darren H saying he can make it and a reply from Jake saying he cannot make it but I had no reply from Richard.

On Tuesday morning I got around to post last weeks Neoscream's Life post. As I had some free time and had a look at the Gadget Show website to update my veiwing system. I notice BlackBerry had some thing new and I had a look at it. It was a new tablet that they are releasing later on in the year called the Playbook. It looks really good and challange to Apple's iPad. With two built in HD camras (one 5GP, one 3GP), HDI out port, micro UBS port, blue tooth and that is just the hardwear. It is fully Flash intergrated too, so you can run Flash stuff on it with out problems. I really want one. I worked from 12PM to 5PM and durring my lunch brake finished inking the line drawing of Needle Mog Girl I am doing for the Cosmic Break Fanart contest. Speecking about Cosmic Break, I managed to get to the third outpost in Quests. The deepest I have so far gotten to in Quests. When I cheecked HCRealms for any new Giant Size X-Men dials and found some shocking news. For those who skip past the Heroclix post, Wizkids have adnacsed that the will be releasing a new Heroclix line, Lord of the Rings: Heroclix. This is a major shock to the fandom, some love the idea and some hate it. I think it could be a good idea depending on how they to the figures. Lastly when I asked Richard again for a reply about seeing Green Hornet tomorrow he said no as Jake can not make it. I cheecked if Darren H still wanted to go as Jake and Richard was not and he said best not, wait until it is out on 2D. So no movie this week.

Blaire's New Main Profile Picture
On Wensday I worked from 12PM to 5PM with no lunch break as the manager was too ill to help cover breaks. Then I got home I found Blaire has a new profile up. Sadly some of the pictures were not working. Basic the new profile lays out some genaral rules in her chat room, information about buying custom lingerie from her and information about future plans. Also went onto Cosmic Break and did the Scarlet Moon Story Mission. In it you control Ouka instead of your own robot, on her path of revange.

On Thursday morning Blaire came online at about 7:45AM. She had just came back from what she called a wavehouse (does she mean housewave), where she was allow to DJ. As she come on some random member try to get her to do a maths problem, 2x5+10-11^2+101=?. I quickly solved it for her as I know it was late for her to think. The answer was 0. I told for there was a problem with some of the picture on her profile. She already know about it, but she did not know how to fix it. I tried to help, but I do not know if it helped at all. She was only on for 30 minutes most of that time she was in a Group Show. Later in the day Simon phoned me. He had a idea for an on-line project and was asking me about web coding. Sadly I am no expert at it, but I told him what I know and pointed him to a couple of people who might be able to help. 
Blaire on Thursday
As my mum was off and today is my parents wedding anniversary, she wait to pop into the super market to get some bits, before droping me off at work. I worked from 11AM to 3:15PM. When I got home I received a text from Darren S making sure that I was still up for Heroclix tonight and to warn me that we would have an old player returning to our ranks. Who he did not revile. I let him know that I am still coming and checked the web. I found that there was some major charges done to Cosmic Break during its weekly maintenance and a new campaign has started. I started writing a blog post about the update, but did not have time to finish it or post it before getting ready for Heroclix. At Heroclix I found that the returning was Adam. He was mainly one of Phil's players, but he was a known face to our group. He said another old player, Luck, might be interested in coming back. When I got back home I when on to Cosmic Break and did about three arena matches before going to bed.

Starscream Fangirl "Crimrose"
On Friday morning I posted the Cosmic Break Update post on the main blog and a MS Wars blog post that was a day later than planned. I worked from 12PM to about 2PM as we had a lot of staff in. When I got home I spent over three hours just posting the clix post. Manly due to slow internet and cats throwing up. I chatted to Richard about coffee and role-play. He has his mums car again this weekend as his is not repaired let. Due to a busy morning on Saturday and picking up, Jake he did not know when he would be at coffee. Also as the other player, Peter can not make it on Saturday and role-play will be on Sunday. I also was contacted by a good work mate, Marisa, has finally had her baby, just over a week later than what the doctors said she would be. It was a baby boy, which should make he father happy, Atif. Before going to bed again I had four matches in the arena on Cosmic Break. Still no awards sadly. This bringing the total to seven arena matchs, only 93 more matches to go.

Blaire on Saturday
At about 3AM Saturday morning, Blaire come on MFC. The live video was very loggy due to my slow internet speed. She had just washed her doggy, Buddie. She stayed on line until around 5:30AM when she left almost stairt away after having about half an hour group show. I was hoping to chat about something to her in PMs after the show, but she left stairt away. I headed back to bed afterwards. Oh And forgetting to that her New profile is finally fixed. I woke up at about 8AM and played a little Cosmic Break before heading to coffee. I manage to get two more arena matches under my belt, which one of them I won the Best Support award, this was the second time I ever won it. I got to coffee for 10AM. Darren H turned up until 10:40AM as he had problems parkinhg due to no more free packing. We chatted about random things like the BlackBerry Playbook, Simon's project and the changes of packing in cental MK. Richard and Jake finally turned up at 11:30AM, just as I had to leave from work. So it was a evey brife, hi and bye. I worked from 12PM to 3:45PM. When I got home, I watched a Gundam movie and stacked up seven more arena matches and won the Best Jammer award for one of them. I would have done more arena matches before going to bed if my internet was not acting so laggy. So for that is a total of sixteen arena matched done. Oh and while checking the internet I found that a poster of all the figures from the standard boosters of the next Heroclix set, Giant Size X-Men, was on HCRealms. I will try to remember to talk about it in the next Heroclix post.

Amago, Standard Type
Sunday was my day off work. While waiting for Richard to phone to say that he was on his way, I did so work on making races and class from the MS War role-play idea I had. Then at about 12:30PM, half an hour after we were ment to start I got a message from Richard saying that role-pkay is canceled for this week as Nathaen was not up to running a game due to personal problems. However Richard did come over to help fix the quality problems with using the new TV as a computer monitor and helped with some changes to the MS Wars database. The TV is a little better now, but still not fantastic. With the MS Wars database, he helped program a DC Tally using VB instead of tons of if statments. I also durring the day had seven more arena matches in Cosmic Break, but still no awards.

Well that is another week over and done with. Here is a list of up and coming blog post and the planned (not set) dates for them:

Friday 28th January: Heroclix
Sunday 30th January: Watch, Listen and Read and Units Update - Amago, Range Type (MS Wars only)
Tuesday 1st February: Neoscream's Life
Unknown: Lables A to Z, Cosmic Break News Cosplay Devients Updates and MS Wars RPG news.

Until next time, have fun.