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Friday, 25 February 2011

CosmicBreak News Update, the 24th of February

Well, it is that time of the week for an update for Cosmic Break. This week’s update there is a bunch of new stuff in the in game store. First of is the new Garapon called Lop-Gara 1. This contains Renny Lop, the youngest of the Lop Sisters as well as many other robots. Two of the new robots feature a new type of Wonder Bit called an AURA System. When activated, the AURA System will cause certain parts on these robots to transform, giving them various special abilities and changes their states. AURA compatible parts may be mixed and matched on other robots like normal parts, but they will only be able to transform when they are equipped to a robot with an AURA System. You can pick up a limited edition blond haired version of Renny Lop in the store for 299 Rt until next week's maintenance. However the store one is has on slot for tuning and the part are undetectable. Sadly they have decided to split the Lop Sisters up into two separate updates, so Renny's elder sister Patty will be coming next week instead of this week. I am not planning on getting Renny Lop, as she is a Land type and I not fond of the look. I might get Patty if she is any good. I am not a fan of Land and Air robot and I believe that there are far too many Land robots and not enough Artillery robots. Well let me back to the news update. 
There are also new robots have been added to the Store. Blazed Baron 120 Rt 60 Rt (50% OFF) and Greinaut 100 Rt 50 Rt (50% OFF). Cosmo Regret Tickets have been added to the Star Coin Prize List. These tickets allow you to undo successful Tune Ups at the Cosmos Pot Reset, which has been added to the Ground Area. The ALPHA Ticket will undo one Tune Up; The OMEGA Ticket will undo one Tune Up, as well as allow you to recover the materials you used to make that Tune Up (Slot Protectors and Harmonics, however, will not be recovered). Finally we get to the bug fixes and other changes

The following bugs have been fixed:

   - Missing Ranking Counter NPCs have been returned to the BRD and DOS Union Areas.
   - Level 5 Rooms have been removed from Auto Matching (so that players with robots over level 5 cannot enter).
   - Bug in which several dialogue boxes in the tutorial were not displayed properly has been fixed.

Other changes:

   - The Union Wars Battle Campaign is now over. Results will be tallied, and prizes will be sent out to all eligible players in the near future.
   - Quest Mode has been returned to Channel 1.
   - Auto-kick time for AFK players has been reduced from 90 seconds to 60 seconds.

Until till next time, have fun.