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Friday, 4 February 2011

Heroclix 3rd February, Crisis on Infinite Earths: Week Ten

Welcome to another Heroclix post. This week is Week Ten of the Campaign and is the first week of the Final part of the campaign. As we have five players now this week there will be five rounds instead of three. This week builds were, Round Twenty-Eight is a 300 points game, Round Twenty-Nine is a 500 points game, Round Thirty is a 400 points game, Round Thirty-One is another 400 points game and lastly Round Thirty-Two is another 500 points game.

So Round Twenty-Eight is a 300 points game. To make things simple, I talk about how I done all my teams. I first split my figure from the current build pool into groups: Good guys Gothan, Avengers, X-Men, teens, DC Vilans and others. Look at the groups I decided to make a Batman as my 300 points team. There were two figures left after building the team, as both of them had the Teen keyword the were moved to the Teen group.

Batman (Vet Legacy) 111
Nightwing (Crisis) 79
Robin (79 points Crisis) 79
Spoiler (Vet Legacy) 22
=291 points and two re-rolls.

I went up against Michael’s 300 points team. He was using a non themed team with:

Doom (Secret Invasion) 249
Scarlet Witch (Rook Fantastic Forces) 35
=284 points and no re-rolls.

I was at first worried, as it was Doom with Mystics TA, but Michael placed him in the open in range of my attacks. Batman and Robin beat the crap out of him and Nightwing could not hit like normal. I ended up taking his whole team out of action without losing a figure.

Next was Round Twenty-Nine is a 500 points game. Looked at the remaining groups and decided to build an Avengers team as I had tons of Avengers. The team ended up being:

Iron Fist (Secret Invasion) 70
Iron Man (Supernova) 160 + Stunning Blow 10 = 170
Scarlet Witch (Rook Infinity Challenge) 29
Spider-Girl (Secret Invasion) 77
Spider-Man (Secret Invasion) 50
Yellowjacket (Secret Invasion) 100
=496 points and three re-rolls.

I was up against Adrian’s 500 points team. He was using an Avengers themed team too, who were:

Black Panther (Rook Universe) 27
Captain America (Hammer of Thor) 79
Ironman (shield Mutations and Monsters) 100
Quicksilver (Avengers) 49
Thor (Hammer of Thor) 226
=481 points and two re-rolls.

This was a close game. I took out his Black Panther, but he took out my Yellowjacket. He had Iron Man on his last legs, but I had Thor on his last legs. However time run out and I lost by points.

Next was Round Thirty is a 400 points game. I looked at Teens as my first 400. They fitted nicely with move for a new figure.

Batman (Arkham Asylum) 64
Cosmic Boy (Legion of Super Heroes) 70
Dream Girl (Justice League) 50
Karate Kid (Crisis) 63
Kid Flash (Crisis) 45
Robin (35 points Crisis) 35
Batgirl (Crisis) 70
=397 points and three re-rolls.

I was up against Michael’s 400 points team. Yes sadly there was a muck up, but everybody realised too late. He was using a non themed team, who was:

Iron Man (Avengers) 154
Scarlet Witch (Avengers) 72
Morbious (Secret Invasion) 67
Mr Fantastic (Secret Invasion) 100
=393 points and no re-rolls.

It was a close game to begin with. He was too grouped together for my guys. But I mange to take out both Iron Man and Scarlet with a flurry attack from Karate Kid just a turn before time was called.

Next was Round Thirty-One is a 400 points game. For my second 400 points team I pulled together the remaining Avengers figure. I am not that happy with this team but I went with it.

Echo (Vet Armour Wars) 38
Iron Man (Web of Spider-Man) 202
Quicksilver (Exp Armour Wars) 62
Spider-Man (red and blue suit Web of Spider-Man) 78
Wasp (Starter Universe) 19
=399 points and two re-rolls.

Echo as Ronin
I was up against Darren’s 400 points team. He was using a Thunderbolts themed team again, who were:

Bullseye (Web of Spider-man) 117 + Thunderbolts 8 = 125
Citizen V (Avengers) 58 + Thunderbolts 8 = 66
Norman Osborn (Web of Spider-Man) 66 + Thunderbolts ATA 8 = 74
Songbird (Rook Fantastic Forces) 44 + Thunderbolts 8 = 52
Venom (Hammer of Thor) 73 + Thunderbolts 8 = 81
=398 points and 2 re-rolls.

Oh man, poor Darren. His dice rolls were crap. He could not get a five or more, but I was rolling eights and tens. I manage to knock out his Citizen V again and Venom while Darren only manage to get my poor Wasp.

The last round of the week, Round Thirty-Two, which was a 500 points game, sadly cancelled as we were running quite late. So in will be the first round of next week.

WOW three more winning under the belt. Sadly for Michael his lost all chances for third place. I am shocked that I did not loss that many pieces this week with the almost automatic MIA in play.

My Force
Alex Summers (LE Mutant Mayhem) has 5 XP. KOs 1, MIAs 1 (Firestar).
Batman (Arkham Asylum) KOs 5, MIAs 2 (Moleman and Boy Wonder).
Batman (Vet Legacy) KOs 5, MIAs 3 (Namor, Batman and Scarlet Witch).
Beast (Mutations and Monsters) has 2 XP. KOs 2, MIAs 1 (Robin).
Cosmic Boy (Legion of Super Heroes) has 5 XP. KOs 1, MIAs 0.
Cuckoo (Mutations and Monsters).
X-Men First Class
Cyclops (Mutations and Monsters) KOs 7, MIAs 0.
Dr. Alchemy (Justice League)
Dream Girl (Justice League)
Echo (Vet Armour Wars) KOs 2, MIAs 1 (Venom).
Havok (Vet Mutant Mayhem)
Hawkeye (Avengers) with Thunderbolts ATA is MIA with 5 XP, 2 KOs and 1 MIAs (Citizen V).
Iron Fist (Secret Invasion)
Iron Man (Secret Invasion) MIA with 4 KOs and no MIAs.
Iron Man (Supernova)
Iron Man (Web of Spider-Man) has 5 XP. KOs 3, MIAs 1 (Reed Richards).
Jean Grey (Rook Universe)
Karate Kid (Crisis)
Karma (Vet Fantastic Forces)
Kid Flash (Crisis)
Mockingbird (Vet Sinister) MIA with 2 KOs 2 and no MIAs.
Nightwing (Crisis) has 10 XP. Tokens 2, KOs 2, MIAs 1 (Wondergirl).
Nurse (Web of Spider-Man)
Professor Xavier (Exp Universe)
Quicksilver (Exp Armour Wars) has 10 XP. Tokens 2, KOs 3, MIAs 1 (Citizen V).
Ra’s al-Ghul (Vet Legacy) KOs 1, MIAs 0.
Rageman (Collateral Damage)
Researcher (Web of Spider-Man)
Robin (35 points Crisis) has 5 XP. KOs 1, MIAs 1 (Street Thug).
Robin (79 points Crisis) KOs 2, MIAs 2 (Sue Storm and Doom).
Robot (Invincible)
Scarlet Witch (Rook Infinity Challenge)
Spider-Girl (Secret Invasion) has 10 XP. KOs 4, MIAs 1 (Kid Nova).
Spider-Man (red and blue suit Web of Spider-Man)
Spider-Man (Secret Invasion) has 5 XP. KOs 2, MIAs 2 (Cosmic Boy and Black Panther).
Spoiler (Vet Legacy)
Storm (Danger Room) has 10 XP. KOs 7, MIAs 4 (Annihilus, two Batmans and Night Thrasher).
Thinker (Arkham Asylum)
Warpath (Web of Spiderman) + X-Force, Tokens 1, KOs 1, MIAs 0.
Wasp (Starter Universe) MIAed this week.
Wolverine (Fantastic Forces) MIA with 3 KOs and 1 MIA (?).
Yellowjacket (Secret Invasion) MIAed this week. KOs 2, MIAs 0.
Batgirl (Crisis) new recruit.

Darren S
Batman (Arkham Asylum) 64
Bullseye (Web of Spider-man) 117 + Thunderbolts 8 = 125
Ch’p (Green Lantern Corps) 82
Citizen V (Avengers) + Thunderbolts, Back but was MIAed by me again.
Deadshot (75th) 89
Gotham City Detective (Arkham Asylum) 27
Gotham City Detective (Arkham Asylum) 27
Hitman (Arkham Asylum) 61
Jakeem Thunder (Origin) 126 + Coordination (Feat) 6 = 132
Kid Zoom (Brave and the Bold) 87
Liberty Belle (Crisis) 84
Man-Bat (Icons) 38
Moonstone (Hammer of Thor) 76 + Thunderbolts 8 = 84
Norman Osborn (Web of Spider-Man) 66 + Thunderbolts ATA 8 = 74
Radioactive (Vet Sinister) 80 + Thunderbolts 8 = 88
Sandman (Origin) 59 + Coordination (Feat) 6 = 65
Scarlet Spider (Web of Spider-man) 72
Shatterstar (Mutations and Monsters) 57
Songbird (Rook Fantastic Forces) 44 + Thunderbolts 8 = 52
Venom (Hammer of Thor) 73 + Thunderbolts 8 = 81
Warpath (Web of Spider-man) 70
Wildcat (Rook Origins) 54
Wolfsbane (Web of Spider-man) 65
Wolverine (Web of Spider-man) 105
X-23 (Web of Spider-man) 60

Black Panther (Avengers) 92 + Fantastic Four 5 = 97
Captain America (Hammer of Thor) 72, Back
Chief (Crisis) 63
Gamora (Secret Invasion) 73
Gravity (Secret Invasion) 64
Invisible Girl (Exp Clobberin Time) 57 + Fantastic Four 5 = 62
Ironfist (Secret Invasion) 70
Ironman (shield Mutations and Monsters) 100
Kid Flash (Crisis) 45
Logan (Vet Clobberin Time) 60 + Fantastic Four 5 + Auto Regain 12 = 77
Metron (Arkham Asylum) 195
Moonstone (Hammer of Thor) 76 + Thunderbolts 8 = 84
Ms Marvel (human Secret Invasion) 168
Quicksilver (Avengers) 49
Rampaging Hulk (Mutation and Monsters) 128
She-Thing (Secret Invasion) 50 + Fantastic Four 5 = 55
Spider-girl (Secret Invasion) 77
Spiderman (Secret Invasion) 50 + Fantastic Four 5 = 55
Thor (Hammer of Thor) 226
Black Panther (Rook Universe) 27, new recruit

Batman and Robin (Justice League) 138
Chief (Crisis) 63
Doom (Secret Invasion) MIAed this week.
Dr. Alchemy (Justice League) 62
Enchantress (Hammer of Thor) 141
Gravity (Secret Invasion) 64
Iron Man (Avengers) 154
Morbious (Secret Invasion) 67
Mr Fantastic (Secret Invasion) 100    
Penance (Hammer of Thor) 58 + Thunderbolts 8 = 66          
Red Arrow (Crisis) 73
Robin (35 Crisis) 35
Scarlet Witch (Rook Fantastic Forces) MIAed this week.
Spiderman (Mutations and Monsters) 41
Ulik (Hammer of Thor) 118
Wondergirl (Crisis) 60 + Stunning Blow (Feat) 10 = 70
Scarlet Witch (Avengers) 72, new recruit and MIAed this week.

Benjamin J. Grimm (Secret Invasion) 100
Question (Rook Origin) 40
Scarlet Witch (Exp Fantastic Forces) 49
Tomar Re (Green Lantern Corps) 111

As there is no Adam next week, as he is off on a trip, we will be doing only three rounds again. Round Thirty-Two will still be a 500 point team which I will use the team I was planning for this week, Round Thirty-Three will be an epic 600 points game and Round Thirty-Four will be a 400 points game. I Have heavy ideas of what I will be using in these games, but I while wait to revile them.

About 12 hour after posting last week's post, Wizkids did a perview of the Purifiers and their leader William Stryker. Wow their can be very nasty it the right setting, 25 points for 11 attack with willpower and 57 points for 12 attack and 5 damage. However they have no move and attack power and they are only good ageist X-Men and Brotherhood teams. During the week there were previews of Siryn (daughter of Banshee), Harry Leland and Hellfire Club Guard. Siryn has a nice dial and a must fore the feat Stunning Blow with Incapacitate and damage 3. Harry is interesting but he had a very low attack for a major character of a team and the Hellfire Club Guards can be useful for Hellfire Club members, but on the own, they are poor. Wizkids have reviled that they are doing a six figure set called "Green Lantern Fast Force" for the Green Lantern film. I deferentially want to get this. However will there be sets for Thor and Captain America. They are also releasing a single figure booster set too to go with the film. There will be about 15 figures to the set. Also the Wizkids site has post information pages about some of their new up and coming products: Lord of the Rings Heroclix, Star Trek and a new game Quarriors!. Nothing really new for Lord of the Rings apart from it should be out the second half of this year. With Star Trek, the broad game is out June time and they have reviled five out of the six figures that it comes with. It is based on the new movie. The ships game for Star Trek will have 12 Federation and 12 Klingon ships to collect as well as tons of cards. 
It looks to be a very like the old Wizkids Star Wars game but with 3D plastic ships instead of ships made out of pop out card. This will be out by the end of the year. Lastly Quarriors! is not a clix game. Instead it is a card and dice game with 130 custom Dice. It looks to be a box set than boosters. No idea when it will be out sadly. Still no news about Iron Maidan Heroclix and Street Fighter Heroclix. However they are saying that in the coming weeks they will revile their plans for Marvel and DC sets this Summer and new games.

This week's Dreamclix I am doing for ShounenClix, Guy Might from Naruto, Yasutora “Chad” Sado from Bleach, brick figure Goku adult version from Dragon Ball Z and a dial design for Axe-Hand Morgan from One Piece. For MAClix I am doing dials for Guerrilla Solder (sorry miss spelled it last week) and the anime version of the Mark 1 Iron Man armour. And lastly for MechaClix, I am doing Winberrl, Zero Saber and, Cannon Ball from Cosmic Break and three wonder bit to go with them too.

First off is Might Guy from Natuto. Might Guy is the jōnin leader of Team Guy, consisting of Rock Lee, Neji Hyūga, and Tenten. Guy has considered Kakashi his rival for his entire life. They competed regularly, even in the moments preceding the Nine-Tails' Attack on Konoha. In later years, before Guy became a jōnin-sensei, he heard rumours of an Academy Student that was determined to become a ninja despite every indication that he could not. When this student, Rock Lee, eventually became his own student, Guy became determined to help Lee become a taijutsu master. He should have Stealth, Charage, two special called "Dyamic Entery" and "Lotus", Close Combat Reflexes, Super Sences, Close Combat Expert and Battle Fury.
Dyamic Entery: Guy can use charge but he does not halve his movement if he started his movement in hiddering terrain.
Lotus: Guy can use Incapacitate, but only as part of a close combat attack and his damage is not reduced to zero.
He should have about eight clicks of health and starting states of Movement 8, Attack 10, Defence 17, Damage 3 and Range 4 with one target. He should have the Naruto TA and the keywords Team Guy and Konohagakure.

Next is Yasutora “Chad” Sado from Bleach. Yasutora Sado, also known as Chad, is a Human teenager who lives in Karakura Town. He is a student at Karakura High School, where he is in the same class as Ichigo Kurosaki. Sado was born in Okinawa, Japan, but was taken to Mexico by his parents at a young age. After their deaths, Sado was adopted at the age of eight by Oscar Joaquín de la Rosa, a man believed to be his grandfather since Sado calls him Abuelo ("Grandfather" in Spanish). During his early years, Sado was extremely violent; exploiting his advantage in size, he intimidated and hit any other children who annoyed him. Oscar Joaquín tried to teach Sado to be gentle, but was initially unsuccessful. One day, the fathers of the children Sado fought, seeking to punish him, attacked Sado. Oscar Joaquín stepped in between them, taking Sado's punishment without retaliation. Sado was inspired by this example to become a decent person. To commemorate this event, Oscar Joaquín gave Sado a old Mexican coin; years later, when Oscar Joaquín had died, Sado made a vow that he would never fight unless it was to protect others, as instructed, even if his own life was in danger. The coin would come to symbolize this vow, which Sado now claims to hold more value than his own life. Sometime after De la Rosa died Chad moved back to Japan and entered Mashiba Junior High School at Karakura Town. In the 8th grade he helped Ichigo when the latter was attacked by thugs. Chad was later attacked by two of Yokochini's gang members and, keeping with his vow, did not strike back or defend himself. Ichigo intervened and saved him and later learned from Chad a little about his past, the meaning of the coin and the vow he made. However, as the gang members fled they left a cell phone with an ongoing call to Yokochini, allowing him to spy on Chad and learn what might get a rise out of him. Yokochini later had Chad abducted and threatened him with the destruction of the coin. Ichigo stuck his neck out again, this time to protect not only Chad, but also the coin he held so dear. When the gang was defeated, Chad and Ichigo made a pact to fight for each other and protect one another. Because they were constantly involved with fights and brawls with thugs and delinquents, both Ichigo and Chad gained the reputation of hardened thugs themselves. Their reputation far exceeded that of violent youths as they were made up to be juvenile gangsters of sorts. On their first day of high school, Chad and Ichigo were forced into pushing back a gang of thugs led by Reiichi Ōshima, who was hell bent on proving his bravado by beating up such a menacing duo. When Mizuiro Kojima befriended them, Reiichi started bullying Keigo Asano, forcing the two to help him and beat up Reiichi. He should have Super Strenght, Toughness, Range Combat Expert and Close Combat Expert. He should have about six clicks of health and starting states of Movement 8, Attack 9, Defence 16, Damage 3 and Range 6 with one target. He should have the Bleach TA and the keywords Teen and Karakura Town.

Next is brick figure Goku adult version from Dragon Ball Z. After defeating Piccolo twice. Goku married Chi-Chi and they had son called Gohon. Years later at a reunion party, Raditz came to Earth and reviled Goku’s true past and kidnaps Gohon. This figure shows Goku when he battled Raditz. He should have flight symbol, Change, Flurry, Super Strength, Indomitable and Toughness. He should have eight clicks of heal and starting states of Movement 12, Attack 11, Defence 17, Damage 4 and Range 8 with one target. He should have the Dragon Ball TA and the keywords Martial Artist, Turtle Shell School, Z Fighters and Saiyan.

Next are the dial designs for Axe-Hand Morgan from One Piece and Guerrilla Solder, Guerrilla Leader and Mark 1 Iron Man armour for the Iron Man anime.

Next is Winberrl from Cosmic Break. An intelligent and resourceful hero who once led a band of rebel warriors. Beautiful like a rose, but has hidden thorns as well. Winberrl is the first available Moe Support game. She should have the SUP Trait, two specials called "Drawguns" and "Thorn Bind" and Willpower.
Drawguns: After making a range attack, Winberrl can do knock back. But instead of moving the figure away from Winberrl, you move them towards Winberrl.
Thorn Bind: Give Winberrl power action. Make one attack roll ageist all adjacent opposing characters. If she hits any of them, they are treated as if they there hit with Incapacitate.
She should have about five clicks of health and starting states of Movement 6, Attack 9, Defence 18, Damage 2 and Range 6 with two targets. She should have the Unions TA and the keywords Support, Robot, Moe and Unions.
Mini Repair Bit – Prerequisite: Support Keyword - Wonder Bit - Give the character a power action. Roll a D6 for each adjusent friendly character. On a roll of 5 or 6 that character heals one click.

Next is Zero Saber from Cosmic Break. A newcomer to the battlefield, he seems to have potential necessary to lead the world into a new age, starting from "zero". He should have the "LND" trait, Charge, Indomitable and Toughness. He should have about five clicks of health and starting states of Movement 8, Attack 9, Defence 17, Damage 3 and Range 4 with one target. He should have the Unions TA and the keywords Land, Robot and Unions.
Spike Bit - Prerequisite: Ever the keyword Support or Land - Wonder Bits - The character can use Poison.

Lastly is Cannon Ball from Cosmic Break. A robot who carries the soul of a hero who died in battle. It fights to prevent the death of other great heroes. He should have the "ART" trait, Toughness, Willpower and Range Combat Expert. It should have about four clicks of health and starting states of Movement 6, Attack 9, Defence 17, Damage 1 and Range 8 with one target. It should have the Unions TA and the keywords Artillery, Robot and Unions.
Rifle Bit – Prerequisite: Ever the keyword Artillery or Land or Support - Wonder Bit - After making a successful range attack you my make a second range attack at a -1 to their attack and damage values as a free action. You must declare using this before making the first attack.

Next time in DreamClix I am planning on doing for ShounenClix Marine Sergeant LE from One Piece, Touta Matsuda from Death Note, maybe Hayate Gekko from Naruto and the dial design for Flying Nimbus from Dragon Ball. For MAClix I be doing the dial designs for two more Zodiac Warriors and for MechaClix I be doing ever IS: Infinite Stratos characters or Code Geass characters or more Ghost in the Shell characters. Until next time, have fun.