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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Watch, Listen and Read for the week of the 7th to the 13th of February

Star Driver
Another week, another Watch, Listen and Read post.

On Monday I watched episodes 18 to 20 of Slayers.

On Tuesday I watched episode 23 of Dragon Ball Kia, episode 190 of One Piece, a Gadget Show web clip (Dalla’s Exoskeleton), listened to episode 267 of Anime Pulse, episodes 92 and 93 of Manga Pulse and read all the web comics to Control+Alt+Delete for the month of July 2005.

On Wednesday I watched episode 5 of the Wolverine anime, episode 1 of Star Driver, episode 11 of the creators of Robot Chicken plays D&D and read chapters 2 to 4 of Needless.

On Thursday I read chapters 5 to 7 of Needless.

On Friday I watched episode 6 of IS: Infinite Stratos, episode 1 of Lets Play Pokemon Black and read chapter 1 of Iron Man: The Five Nightmares and chapter 8 of Needless.

On Saturday I watched episode 108 of the subtitled version of Naruto: Shippuuden and episode 12 of Transformers: Victory.

On Sunday I watched episodes 191 and 192 of One Piece, episodes 2 to 17 of Lets Play Pokemon Black and listened of episodes 94 and 95 of Manga Pulse.

This week’s video is the second opening of Needless. It is called Scarlet Bomb! and is done by Aki Misato. Until next time, have fun.