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Friday, 4 February 2011

CosmicBreak News Update, the 4th of February

Well the new update is up  and running on Cosmic Break. The BIG NEWS is that the Lily Rain EVE event has started. What does this mean? There is a new Mission and Garapon.

The new Garapon, EVE Garapon, is the only way to get the wonderful Lily Rain EVE and well as a bunch of other robots. The EVE Garapon is only avalible until March 2nd. This has meant the Ouka Garapon has deaded, so no more new Oukas to plage my Artillery robot.

The new Mission is called EVE Awakens and it is Lily Rain EVE's story mission. You do not need Lily Rain EVE to do this mission. If you complete the mission on any difficulty with a score of over 1800, you will win a limited edition Lily Rain EVE fan accessory and a Deluxe Tune Up Set. Again the deadline for the challenge is March 2nd and the Ouka story mission, Scarlet Moon has ended. Prizes for this mission will be sent out after the deadline.

On other update news, the sales have been extened again. 50% OFF sale prices on Shop robots and items, as well as the currently reduced Garapon rates, will all be extended for another month until March 2nd. However the extention does not include weapons anymore.

The Login Campaign that gives you a prize each day you login to Cosmic Break has been replace with the Double Login Campaign. So now you gain two prizes each day you login. This now includes these prizes: Accele Roll/Air Loop cartridges, Level Limit Removers, Cosmo Harmonics and Slot Protectors

Six more Root weapons have been added to the store. The new weapons are all 50% off until next week's maintenance on Thrusday morning.  There is three Main Weapons: Accel Beam Gun (1 slot) 20 Rt 10 Rt, Boost Gun (1 slot) 28 Rt 14 Rt and Linear Cannon (1 slot) 32 Rt 16 Rt. And three Sub Weapons: Battle Boomerang (1 slot) 16 Rt 8 Rt, Oar Edge (1 slot) 28 Rt 14 Rt and Photon Saber (1 slot) 32 Rt 16 Rt.

Due to popular demand, they have put together an official Event Schedule for this month just like what they do for the Japaness servers. They will be posting details about the events as they draw near.
Chaos Army Attack: ??? Chaos attacking the main bases? A special mission or quest?
GM Radio Show: This is not new, but they are finally making them public knowledge on when they are happening.
New Rt Bonus Campaign Items: would like to know what they are.
Login Challenge: Server testing I am guessing.
Transformation Room: WTF? Do not know on this one.
Clan Tournament: Clans vs. Clans for the bid for top clan.

The have also been several major bug fixes and a new feature added. The new feature is to the stage Editor where it is now possible to add stage names and comments to custom stages. This may be done by clicking the new Stage Name button in the top right corner of the stage editor window.

The following minor bugs have been fixed:

   - Sorting order problems when sorting parts by range or speed have been fixed.
   - Bug in which old boost stats were occasionally carried over into new Arcantus Quests has been fixed.
   - Bug in which Arcantus scores were not showing up on the Ranking when players returned from Quest Mode immediately after obtaining treasure rewards has been fixed.
   - Bug in which rank points from Arcantus were not showing up properly on the Profile screen has been fixed.
   - In Relic Towers, robots are no longer able to enter inside of certain objects.
   - Bug in which Bugsycait BS's built in slicer shield sometimes failed to block enemy bullets has been fixed.
   - Object display bug when moving the object VILLAGE_GATE_01 in the stage editor has been fixed.

The following balance adjustments have been made (minor adjustments carried over from the Japanese version of the game):

   - Boiledeck AM's built in weapon's accuracy has been slightly increased. (I might type him out again then).
   - Aquila BD's built in blaster has been slightly improved so that all bullets now have the same power as the center bullet.

Other changes:

   - Code involving the user interface has been optimized, so the Garage should load slightly faster than before. (Hippy, this was a nightmare).
   - Quest Mode layout has been shuffled.

Well that is it for the Cosmic Break news update. Hoping to score myself a Lily Rain EVE soon. My current gaming plan is to have a go at the EVE Awakening Mission, finish of the 110 Arena Matches. Go back to the mission until I get over 1800 score. Spam Quests for several day and then if I have time hit the Arena again to gain more Awards. Spam Support might be an idea. While until next time, have fun.