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Friday, 25 February 2011

Heroclix 27th of February, Avengers Dissemble

Welcome to another Heroclix post. This week is a 500 points, no feats, no pogs, no ATA, must be themed and the theme must be non-generic. The brothers Adrain and Michael where not going to play is no week as they were busy but Adrain manage to find the time. We had Phil back for this week, but sadly no Luce. Due to the number of players one play had to take a bye each round. Sadly due to Phil leaving early and time we only manage to do three/four rounds in. I will explain the the three/four rounds later.

The theme I used was Green Lantarn as I wanted to build a team around the new Green Lanterns from 75th Anniversary. Sadly I could not use Saint Walker due to the face he would cost too much and that the he only has the Blue Lantern Keyword and not the Green Lantern one.

Kyle Rayner (75th) 169
John Stewart (75th) 151
Guy Gardner (75th) 110
G’Nort (Green Lantern Corp.) 70
=500 points and 2 re-rolls.

In the first round I was up agaist Phil. He was using a non themed Avenagers team.

Thor (Rook Supernova) 112
Captain America (Rook Armour Wars) 72
Wasp (Rook Infinity Challage) 24
Iron Man (Rook Armour Wars) 89
Ant-Man (Rook Supernova) 48
Hulk (Rook Universe) 103
Hawkeye (Rook Fantastic Forces) 61
=509 points and no re-rolls.

His team technicly was not a "Theme Team" as Wasp does not have the Avenagers keyword. But Darren let it go. Also doing the maths later his team was 509 and not 499 like he said it was. The extra points never helped him as sadly with their attack value of mainly nine and defence values of mainly sixteen, Phil did not stand a chance. He infact gave up half way into the game. On the second round, I was up agaist Adam. He was using a JSA themed team.

Jakeem Thunder (Origin) 129
Liberty Belle (Crisis) 84
Wildcat (Rook Origin) 54
Dr. Mid-Nite (Exp Collateral Damage) 43
Stargirl (Vet Legacy) 63
Sandman (Origin) 59
Mr. Terrific (75th) 59 491
=491 points and three re-rolls.

My dice rolls suck in this game and the shard nineteen defence does not help. I ended up losting this game sadly. I ended up getting the Bye on the third round. After the third round Phil decided to call it quits. As he took a bye in the second round, this meant some people who already played ageist each other might have to play ageist each other again. Darren put Adam and Adrian up ageist each of meaning that I was up agaist Darren in the four and final round. He was using a SS themed team.

Bronze Tiger (Justice League) 60
Red Arrow (Crisis) 73
Atom Smasher (DC Giants) 97
Count Vertigo (Arkham Asylum) 74
Nightshade (Arkham Asylum) 50
Multiplex (Arkham Asylum) 30
Multiplex (Arkham Asylum) 30
Deadshot (75th) 89 503
=503 points and four re-rolls.

Both Deadshot and Nightshade were quite nasty. I manage to take down a lot more of Darren's figures than Adam's but he still beat me. For any one who wants to know Adrain was using a Teen Titen themed team.

Robin (Vet Icon) 65
Roy Happer (Crisis) 53
Nightwing (Crisis) 79
Tempest (Crisis) 116
Raven (Vet Icon) 73
Boy Wonder (Crisis) 40
Wally West (Crisis) 72
=498 points and three re-rolls.

Again I did not do too well. Hopeful next week I will do better. Well talking about next week, we will be doing the last week of the Campaign. The games will be round 35 will 400 points, round 36 will 300 points, round 37 will 500 points, round 38 if it happens will 500 points and round 39 if it happens will 500 points. The will be no Luce this week

This week it was reviled that there will ten figures in the Green Lantern single boosters: the six from the Fast Force set (still do not know if they will have the same dials) as well as four others. They will be a single figure booster of Superman too that will come out September time. Also it has been reviled that an office online Heroclix game is being worked on and it will be a PC game that will debut in the late spring or early summer. The computer game is being created by the North Carolina-based Icarus Studios LLC, developers of the Fallen Earth MMO. This is all that has been reviled of the computer version of the game. Will the figures be free or do you need to buy them, will the game be free or will it be a one of charge or a monthly charge. We will have to wait and see sadly. This week's perviews for Giant-Size X-Men were the Mindless One generic from Next Wave and the Reavers members Pretty Boy Skullbuster and Bone Breaker. With 100 points, Mystic TA, Indomitable, Psychic Blast, Impervious, attack 10, damage 3 and Range 8, the Mindless Ones could be very useful and nasty. They would be useful place holders for the big minons for Mole Man too due to the monster keyword. The Reaver members look good too, maybe a cross universe cyborg team with Cyborg Superman.

This week's DreamClix I am doing a special for ShounenClix talking about the set and starter I designed for fun and about the next set and action pack that I will be doing next. Also for ShounenClix I will be doing two dial desgins, the generic Leaf Village Ninja from Naruto and Rukia Kuchiki Soul Reaper version from Bleach. For MAClix I will be doing the dial designs for Ho Yinan in the Iron Man Dio armour and the Iron Man Sigma drones from the Iron Man anime and for MechaClix due to the length of time the ShounenClix is taking I will not be doing anything for it this week apart from the missing two Wonder Bits I forgot to do last week.

Over all time time I have manage to do ideas for a full set and starter. For the starter I wanted a cross manga verses pack. I picked Naruto and Bleach to be in the pack. Most Heroclix starter sets and box sets have seven figures. I wanted to make it 50/50 with the Manga characters and on good guys and bad guys. However with an odd number of figures I decided to make them one a duo figure to help blance the numbers. I ended up with this.

Naruto Uzumaki
Sasuke Uchiha
Demon Brothers - duo figure
Ichigo Kurosaki - Soul Reaper AE
Rukia Kuchiki - depowered
Acidwire - aka Sora Inoue

Yes, I have done dial designs for all of them. The only problem figure here is Ichigo Kurosaki as the box set does not come with the other half of the AE, but as this is the end resealt than the weaker human version. Also the idea of adding two to six Naruto Shadow Clone pogs to the set would help too.

With the main set, I focus on doing character in cronical order to the Manga as well as I can, this lead to the the "Beginnings" for this first set. There was a heavy focus of Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and Dragon Ball (not Dragon Ball Z), and some Death Note stuff too. I desgined the set with 60 standard figures, one brick figure, four chase figure and five LE's in mind. With the brick and chase figures, I wanted to make them special. With the brick figure I wanted to have a look in the futcher, by doing a later version of a character. For this set I did the adult version of Goku from the start of Dragon Ball Z. With the Chase figures, I wanted to do major background characters, characters that are not in the story as they have died but had a major inferlance to the other characters and/or the world. I did for this set, Minato Namikaze The Forth Hokage from Naruto as he help shape the show, Kaien Shiba from Bleach as he helped made Rukia the person she it and helped form the relationship bettwen Ichigo and Rukia (as Ichigo looks like him), Kuina from One Piece as she made Zoro the man he is and finally Bardock from Dragon Ball Z who was the father of Goku. If I run out of these types of characters, I will start doing Anime excusive characters instead. You might have noticed several pods (also known as Bystander Tokens). I know that they are technically no longer around, but they fit the idea of things like clones in Naruto to ignore. The idea I had for them is to have something like two to four of these pogs with their related character and then ever a random one with each booster or a set of each with each LE figure. The main focus of ShounenClix this on the Manga and not the Anime of each serge. OK as I have many see the Anime for most of these, I might by mistake base some of the stuff off aniome only stuff. Sorry if I do. However with characters like Bardock from Dragon Ball Z, I do user the anime to help fill out their powers.

With Naruto I decided to do thirteen characters in the main set as well as an LE.  This covered Team Seven aka Team Kakashi forming and the mission to protect the bridge builder. I decided to not do characters like Tazuna and Inari as they are not major combatants or major characters of the overall story line. If Bystander Tokens were still standard in the game, they would have fitted there quit well. With the LE I decided use the Leaf Village Ninja figure as Hayate Gekkō. OK this is a little bit of a jump ahead in the line time, but I was putting a list together for the next set and found I had one too many characters and I still needed to give a name to the LE in this set as I planned on using the Leaf Village Ninja, so I decided to make him the LE. Well any way for is a list of the Naruto stuff from the first set. Please note I have not done rarity.

Sakura Haruno
Kakashi Hatake
Leaf Village Ninja – generic
Iruka Umino
The Third Hokage
Ebisu + a pog
Momochi Zabuza + a pog
Thug– generic
Kakashi’s Dog Squad
Rock Lee
Guy Might

With Bleach I decided to do thirteen characters in the main set as well as an LE again.  This covered all the events up to just before heading off to save Rukia. I decided to leave Urahara and his team until the next set and Yoruichi’s cat from until I do the human form. I am planning on doing Yoruichi a bit like the new Beast Boy and throwing a bit of nastiness into the cat form. With the LE I decided to use the human form of Ichigo as Kon as there was no good reason of doing Kon in his teddy bear lion form. Well any way for is a list of the Bleach stuff from the first set. Please note I have not done rarity.

Ichigo Kurosaki - human form AE
Rukia Kuchiki - soul reaper version
Hollow – ground type generic
Hollow – flying type generic
Menos Grande – generic
Grand Fisher - double base
Don Kanonji
Uryu Ishida
Byakuya Kuchiki
Renji Abarai
Orihime Inoue
Yasutora “Chad” Sado
Ichigo Kurosaki – Soul Reaper released sword

With One Piece I decided to do thirteen characters in the main set like with the other major mangas this set was following however there would be two LE.  This covered all the events up to the arc where Usopp joins the crew. I decided to not do characters like the Usopp Pirates as they are not major combatants or major characters of the overall story line. If Bystander Tokens were still standard in the game, they would have fitted there quit well. With the LE’s I decided to use the two generics and make less common generics. Well any way for is a list of the One Piece stuff from the first set. Please note I have not done rarity.

Money D. Fluffy
"Iron Mace" Alvida - pre-devil fruit
Pirate – generic
Axe-Hand Morgan
Marine – generic
Buggy the Clown
Mohji and Richie – duo figure
Captain Kuro

With Dragon Ball I decided to do thirteen characters in the main set like with the other major mangas this set was following however no LEs for them.  This covered all the events up to Goku going to Master Roshi to train. I decided to keep Oolong as one figure as he was not important enough to wasted several spots. Also I did Lauch before Kuririn as Kuririn would fit the next set better than Lauch. Well any way for is a list of the Dragon Ball stuff from the first set. Please note I have not done rarity.

Goku Son
Buluma - on bike transporter
Beast Man Warrior – generic
Master Roshi
Flying Nimbus - transporter
Yamcha and Pu’ar – Duo figure
Great Ape
Ox King
Shu and Mia – duo figure
Emperor Pilaf

With Death Note I decided to do only eight characters in the main set unlike the other mangas in this set, and also one LE.  This covered all the main characters at the beginning and several generics. I decided to slowly do the members of the Kira Investigation Team as it is hard to define them all in Clix form. With the LE I decided to use the Light Yagami to do a Kira figure. This is meant to be how the public saw the Kiras then just what Light or Misa or the other Kiras are like. Well any way for is a list of the Death Note stuff from the first set. Please note I have not done rarity.

Light Yagami
Soichiro Yagami
Police Officer – generic
FBI Agent – generic
Touta Matsuda

Well now for the next set. I will continal going down the time line idea and I will be adding one more manga to the list Soul Eater. I was origanally planning on adding Fairy Tail, however I decided as I write this adding more than one manga per set would over flood the sets too quickly. For this set onwards the main focus will be on three mangas with the other Mangas getting only sevel characters. This set will focus on Naruto durring the Chunnin Exams, Dragon Ball durring Gouk's training and the Tounemant and finally Soul Eater. The rough idea for a name for this set I have is Exams and Tounemants. Due to the fact that a lot of characters are add in the Chunnin Exams, I have decided to do an action pack with the Genin members of squad eight and ten. This has left room to go up to at less the 2.5 exams with Naruto. Some of the noteable characters that with be in this set are Sasuka from Naruto with his Sharingan Eyes, Orochimaru, Naruto after the three year gap (known as Naruto Part 2 in the manga or Naruto: Shippuden in the anime, I will be calling it by the anime name), the main students from Soul Eater, Kuririn and Jackie Chun from Dragon Ball, Kisuke Urahara from Bleach and Sanji from One Piece.

I will not be starting on the new set and action pack until April to have a bit of a break. However I will be doing two dial desgins a week and ever one or two cards (Feats, ATAs, Battlefield Condesions and Special Objects) a week too.

On a quick keyword change, the Anti Kira Task Force or Kira Task Force as I have written it at times should be Kira Investigation Team, my mistake.

Here are the dial desgined for the generic Konohagakure Ninja from Naruto, Rukia Kuchiki Soul Reaper version from Bleach and Iron Man Dio and the Iron Man Sigma drones from the Iron Man Anime.

Lastly we have the two Wonder Bits I forgot to do last week. Please note I am not doing Wonder Bit when I am doing Chaos characters.
Beam Bit - Wonder Bit – Prerequisite: Must have ever the Air or Support keyword - This figure gains a +1 to their attack value when attacking figure with the standard boot or transporter boot symbol.
Repair Bit - Wonder Bit - Prerequisite: Must have the Support keyword - Heal all adjacent friendly characters one click of damage.

Next time in DreamClix I am planning on doing for ShounenClix, I will be doing dial designs for the Marine generic from One Piece and L from Death Note. For MAClix I will be doing the dial designs Zodiac Warrior Sagittarius and the generic Armoured Soldier from the Iron Man anime and for MechaClix I am planning on doing Manimo, K-Ogre and maybe Destructor Girl from Cosmic Break. If I have the time I will try to do some more IS: Infinite Stratos characters for MechaClix if I have the time. Also if I have time I will be doing a special post that will reshow all the dial desgins I have done so far and errarters. Until next time, have fun.