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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Neoscream's Life, the 7th to the 13 of February

Comic Book Mark 1 Iron Man Armour in

Well the five full week of 2011 is now over and done with and it is time to write it up. Last week was a little Arena grind on Cosmic Break and Blaire move, but what does is week's post have hold for me.

On Monday I worked from 12PM to about 2:30PM. Blaire come on line about 4PM, in was 8AM in the morning for her. She was still laying in bed in her bed wear or at least on public cam bed wear. Before going to bed, I did some work on the MS Wars RPG I have been working on. I have now done the Amago with it veriants, Jaeger the small elf mech and the human power suit. Also during the evering I recivied a text from Richard asking if there was a chance that I can get Saturday off as a group of my mates are planniong on visiting a friend of ours, Jennie. Her birthday was today and she goes on maternaty leave on Friday. Sadly I could not do anything about it until Wenesday.

I got up at 2AM for about an hour to an hour and a half on Tuesday morning for the Chaos Invasion Event. It was a special Arena Match where thirty players go up agaist a GM who is using one of the bosses like K-Ogre, Kisrill and Goten. They led an army of chaos minions into battle. The player are supported by the three guardians and some player end up becoming collosal version of some of the known characters or even one of the three Arks. I did six matches and found it really enjoyable. The should do it more often. I went back to bed and was awoken at 6PM when Blaire come on-line again to have some fun before she went to bed.  I later went to the gym to sign up. I did about two hours before going home. When I got home I posted last weeks Neoscream's Life post and another ten arena fights. Sady I do not know if thew chaos matches count to the Union Wars total so I will not be counting them.

Blaire On Monday
On Wenseday morning I posted the next Unit post on my MS Wars blog before going to work. I worked from 12PM to 4PM. I asked the manager if there was any way I can have Saturday off and work Sunday instead. He said check on Friday to see as he does not know if he will be able to do that. I was origanlly planing on going to the gym but I forgot to bring my trainers. I manage to get another five more arena match done on Cosmic Break before going to bed. About an hour after going to bed Blaire and I got up from be. She was shaving her legs in public cam, something she only did in group shows in the past.

On Thursday morning I posted the news on the latest update for Cosmic Break before heading to work. I worked from 11AM to 3:45PM. When I got home I brought some Roots for Cosmic Break and rolled on the Garapon a dozen times and manage to get Lily Rain EVE. Hippy. At Heroclix, another player that has been gone for two years, Luke, has came back. When I got home from Heroclix I did three more arena matches before going to bed.

Blaire on Tuesday
Friday was sadly a day off work for me. I went to the gym at 12PM for an hour. I meet up with my mum for lunch and then we went to do the food shopping. I phone work to see if they swooped my Saturday and Sunday around about 3AM and they said to phone back in the evening. When we got home I finished off and posted the Heroclix post. I phoned again at 6PM and they said I could not got Saturday off. I was fine with that, all I realy wanted to know if I can or not. Then they phoned back at 8PM and they say that I am off now on Saturday, but sadly still off on Sunday. Great not. Before going to bed I did five Arena Matches and won Last Attack award.

Blaire on Wednesday with her mum's dog
On Saturday morning there was a Twitter from Blaire at 6AM. She said shew as going to be on. She was llogged on to MFC, but not on cam or responding to PM. After waiting for a hour and a hour I decided to go off to the Gym before coffee. While at the gym I recived a Twitter from Blaire saying she was on cam now. Damn it, never mind. I worked out for an hour and a half. Afterwards I headed to coffee. Only Darren H and Richard turned. We hang around in the city centra before heading to Jenny's. Simon, Colete and Sara where there too. It was nice see frends that I have not seen in awhile. I did another four Arena Matches before going to bed.

Not much happened on Sunday really. It was a day off and I have no work or role-play. Oh there was a twitter from Blaire saying she be on later, but that was the next day for me. So that well have to be next week's post.

Well that is another week over and done with. Here is a list of up and coming blog post and the planned (not set) dates for them:

Thrusday 17th February: Cosmic Brek News Update
Friday 18th February: Heroclix.
Saturday 19th Febuary: MS Wars Update
Sunday 20th February: Watch, Listen and Read.
Tuesday 22nd February: Neoscream's Life.
Unknown: Lables A to Z and Cosplay Devients.

Until next time, have fun.