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Thursday, 10 February 2011

CosmicBreak News Update, the 10th of February

Welcome it is that time in the week where Cosmic Break is updated, and the week was bigger than expected.

First off is the new UC Garapon 2. A new UC Garapon featuring Robot Lucky Cubes is now available. The cubes contain one random robot each, including robots normally only available with Rt! Other New UC Garapon goodies include 3 slot weapons and parts, slotted accessories, and rare Tune Up materials. Also an option to spin the UC Garapon 20 times in a row is now also available. When spinning 20 times in a row, the spin animation will be shortened for each spin.

Next is an event that was not on the event list, Cosmic Valentines Event. Talk to the moe bots hanging around the Cosmic Ark for a chance to receive Valentine’s Day chocolate! This special event only lasts for one week, so make sure to get your chocolate quick! I have no clue if the chocolate has any in game effects.

Next is the campaign that was listed to start this week, the New Rt Charge Bonus Campaign. I am not that excited about the new ones. The seemed to be the same as the old Bonus parts, buy 500 RT and get Red Scarf (a 1 slot accessory), 1,000 Rt and get Cat Tail LGJ (a tail leg joint) and Halo Ring (a flight base back joint) and lastly 2,000 for Abstract Wing AMJ (one wing again not a pair) and Striped Scarf (a 1 slot accessory).

Lastly there are more new Rt weapons have been added to the shop. As before, new weapons are all on 50% off for a week!

Flare Star (1 slot) 28 Rt 14 Rt (50% OFF)
Flame Mace (1 slot) 32 Rt 18 Rt (50% OFF)
Bayonet (1 slot) 40 Rt 20 Rt (50% OFF)
Dragon Fangs (1 slot) 48 Rt 24 Rt (50% OFF)

Also doing the week rules for the Clan Tournament has been posted. There have been changed since the last tournament during beta. The tournament will be single-elimination style. Starting brackets will be assigned randomly. Winners of the 2 Semi-Finals will play each other in the Final Round to determine 1st and 2nd Place. Losers of the 2 Semi-Finals will play each other in the 3rd Place Playoff to determine 3rd and 4th Place. Clans who wish to participate in the tournament may register a team roster of up to 10 regular members + 5 alternates by posting in this thread using the form below. The deadline for entry is the 2/17 scheduled maintenance (0:00 midnight PST). Once this deadline has passed, changes to team rosters may no longer be made. When conducting matches, only players on each clan's team roster may participate, players not included on the registered 15 person team roster will not be allowed to play, even if they are members of the competing clan. This is in order to avoid any allegations of team stacking. It is highly suggest that all clans who wish to participate register a full 15 members, as they will not allow unregistered alternates to take the place of regular members who fail to show up. Up to 16 clans may participate. If there is more than 16 clans apply, the 16 applicant clans with the highest Union Wars Cosmic Points (CP) contribution as of the 2/17 scheduled maintenance will be given priority. CP from this week, as well as CP from next week (up until the 2/17 deadline) will be counted, so make sure to play lots of Union Wars with your clan mates in order to ensure that your clan gets a place in the competition! The matches will be 10 vs. 10, and will be held in special password protected clan fight rooms. All participating clans should plan ahead to make sure that all of their members are available and on time to matches. The GMs will not postpone or reschedule matches due to any scheduling conflicts on the part of clan members, and matches will be played even if one team has a numerical disadvantage. In order to ensure that matches begin smoothly, teams should complete all customizations, commando changes, and other such adjustments beforehand. Once clan members have entered a room, that room's password will be announced globally in order to allow spectators. Blocks A and B will play on 2/18, Blocks C and D will play on 2/25, and the Semi-Finals, 3rd Place Playoff, and Final Round will be held 2 weeks later, on 3/11. This delay is due to the fact that CyberStep is attending GDC in San Francisco, and will thus be unable to run the Finals on 3/4. The tournament starting time for all three days will be 6:00 PM, Pacific Standard Time (a.k.a. Server Time). Current PST/Server Time is displayed on the top of the main Cosmic Break website, the Fan Forum as well as on the in-game clock. Clans wishing to participate should fill out the application form and have a clan member post it in this thread. Application rosters may be modified and reposted up until the 2/17 deadline. The first regular member listed on the roster will be responsible for receiving room passwords from GMs during the tournament and passing them along to other members via clan chat, etc. If the first member becomes unavailable for whatever reason, passwords will be sent to the second member down on the list, and so-on.

The Prizes for the Tournament will be for first place 300 Rt, Victory Pennant BSJ, Festive Fan BSJ and Magic Neck HDJ for each clan member in the tournament. For Second place it will be 150 Rt, Festive Fan BSJ and Magic Neck HDJ HDJ for each clan member in the tournament. For third place it will be 10 Rt and Magic Neck HDJ. And Participation prize will be 10 Rt. Please not the Rt awards will only be given to players who have participate in at least one Clan Tournament match.

To apply please go to this page and fill in the application form.

Until next time have fun.