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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Heroclix Special 7, Next week's event

Just got the event details for next week's Heroclix game. It will be 400 points Rookie Rumble. All figures most be from the same universe, no feats and rookie rank figures only.

No new Heroclix news.

To help block this post out I decided to do a DreamClix of one character. Ichigo Kurosaki released sword version from Bleach. After losing the Soul Reaper powers that Rukia gave him. Urahara saves him and helped Ichigo regain his Soul Reaper powers. This time his sword was different as it was the released form of his Zanpakutō Zangetsu. With his regained powers and training from Urahara, Ichigo and his friends travel to the Soul Society to save Rukia. This version of Ichigo should be a little better than the last one. The only real changes I would do is to dump the AE line, up the number of clicks with toughness and not to reduction damage to below 2 and attack below 9.

Until next time have fun.