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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Neoscream's Life, the 24th to the 30th of January

Lets start off with the movie version of
the Mark 1 armour

Welcome to the first post of a new month. Well the fourth full week of 2011 is now over and done with and it is time to write it up. Last week was the start of a new Campaign in Cosmic Break and no role-play, but what does is week's post have hold for me. As you can see I have started with the many armours of Iron Man now.

On eairly Monday morning Blaire came on line about 1AM, about half an hour later than what she said on a Twitter post which I for to state on last week's post. Her time keeping is getting better. She showed of some drawings she had done. One of her own breasts and the other is of some underwear she is designing and will be making for another MFC model ChristineAsh. Blaire was on line that long and said she might come back later which she never did. I had back to bed but had a bad night’s sleep due to a pain in my neck and left shoulder. I worked from 12PM to 4PM. On Cosmic Break, wiz won again in the Union Wars and we all got Drop+30% Ticked Beta. I played in the Arena Matches three more times. Not really much sadly.

Blaire on Monday
On Tuesday morning I received a Twitter from Blaire saying that she has found a home to move into now and that she has made a blog post about it on her blog (listed under the blogs I follow). It will be great that she will have a home of her own were Buddie can run free in the garden. Well it was my day off work. I posted last week’s Neoscream’s Life Post and the next MS Wars post. Originally I was down for my Gym trial at 7PM as I thought I would be working, but I manage to change it to 2PM when I leant that I would be off. When I got there I learnt that there have been some major changes to the gym. First off not only do they not have a swimming pool, they did not have saunas now too. However the cost has dropped a lot. Instead of being £28 a month (do not know if this is contract or not), it is £15 a month on a year contract or £20 a month non contract, but there is a £25 sign up fee. It was nice and I am thinking of joining, but not until a fortnight’s time. I might have over done it on the tread mill as my legs felt like jelly when I stopped it. I popped into the Centre to get some bits. I got a mobile phone catalogue for my mum, magazine about draw Manga which comes with a CD-Rom (because of this there is a new blog on the following list called “Art of Jim”), trainers and jogging bottoms. Later on I did six more Arena Matches in Cosmic Break before heading to bed, making the total thirty-two now.

Blaire's Designs for ChristineAsh
Not much happened on Wednesday. I worked from 12PM to 3:30PM and had another six Arena Matches in Cosmic Break.

On Thursday I worked from 11AM to 4PM. Not long after getting home Blaire came on line on MFC. It was a bit of a bad time as I was rushing around getting ready for going out to Heroclix. It was her last morning at the room she was renting, before moving to her new home. She will not be back on line until the 4th of February as she does not have any internet there until then. As she is off line for a week, she is running a Raffle, some thing she had been planning to do a long time. 50 tokens per entery, win gains her first video before anyone else, her new photo set and a Valentines gift. All enterlies will get a Valentines card from her. When I finished cooking dinner I had to pop off quickly. As we sat down for dinner I received a text from Darren S saying due to him being stuck at work their will be no Heroclix this week. After eating dinner and listening to the news about the job cuts at Milton Keynes Hospital, I went on back on line but Blaire had left sadly. Sadly now screen capture software did not work for some unknown reason so I have no picture of Blaire from today. I decided checked the Cosmic Break website and found that the picture and promo video on the introduction page have been changed to the Lily Rain EVE event stuff. It was an event that happened on the Japanese servers, but ended before the English servers restarted. Going to the news page I leant it is an advance advatisment for next weekm However there were some changes done so I posted an Update post. I did another five more area fights before heading to bed.

I bit of great artwork from "Art of Jin"
On Friday morning I posted a Heroclix special post as there was no Heroclix yesterday, before heading to work. I worked from 12PM to 2:45PM. After work I text Richard to find out what wasw happening about role-play this week. He replied that he does not know, but he did told me about people getting together tonight for Verity birthday which he had no details about. So I asked him to let me know what is happening when he knows. He later contacted me to let me know it well be starting at 7:30PM. Played so Cosmic Break before dinner and manage to get another seven Arena Matches under my belt making it fifty in total done. So I am half way there to the 100 goal, but I am planning on doing around 110 to 120 as backup. I left to meet people at about 7:30PM as from past experience if I got there on time no one will be there. But when I got there Cole, Mark, Verity and a couple of people they known were already there and had been there since 7PM. Sadly Jake and Darren H could not make it and Richard arrived as I was leaving at 9:30PM. I had to leave eairy to chance the second to last bus home. I never take the last bus due to too much problems with them in the past, never turning up. I was a nice time and got me out of the house.

The up and coming Lily Rain EVE
During Saturday morning, I could not sleep so I just laid in bed until 8AM. As I was about to leave for coffee Richard phoned to offer me a left to coffee as he did not need to pick up Jake as he was not coming this week. We got to coffee for 10:30AM. Darren turned up about ten minutes later. Richard while at coffee called Nathan to find out about role-play and as people were tired, a deciction was made to make to do it on Sunday than today. After a quick look at the book shop, I headed to work. I worked from 12PM to 5PM. At the moment I am running a head on writing me blog posts and running out on things to write so I have alread started on next week's Heroclix post. On Cosmic Break, I did six more Area Matches and manage to win two Great Fighting Spirit awards and one Leadership award. As there was no Blaire and the fact I needed sleep I decided to turn my laptop off for the night.

Sunday was my day off work like normal. When I got up I worked on the MS Wars RPG, tidying it up and adding a second prestige class. I realised afterwards I should have been working on the new MS Wars post. At 10AM I went out for breakfast and food shopping with my mum. Not long after we got back Richard came up to picked me up to go to role-play. We continued with the Starship Troopers we are currently playing. We finished off the problems we have been having (in character), finished boot camp and now fighting bugs. I got home at about 7PM and I posted the MS Wars post I forgot to do it the morning. Before going to bed I went onto Cosmic Break and did four more Arena Matches, bring my total up to sixty. Oh and I won the Last Attacker awared in the last matche too.

Well that is another week over and done with. Here is a list of up and coming blog post and the planned (not set) dates for them:

Thursday 3rd February: Cosmic Break Update (Lily Rain EVE has returned)
Friday 4th February: Heroclix and Rules: Pilot Skills part 2 (MS Wars only). Also Blaire should be back on line, or at least have internet but knowing USA time it we most likely be the next day to my.
Sunday 6th February: Watch, Listen and Read.
Tuesday 8th February: Neoscream's Life.
Unknown: Lables A to Z and Cosplay Deviants Updates.

Until next time, have fun.