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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

MS Wars Update, 22th of February, Dragons are appearing

Sorry for the late update, been busy doing other thing sorry. While working on a RPG version of MS Wars, I have come up with a new race, the Dragonite and started thinking of Elf and Dwarf vehicles. On the RPG side I have designed the races and most of the classes, still get at least one class to do.  I have done three standard mechs so far.  With the mean game I have added a couple of new character cards to the database but over the next month I should be adding a ton of new units too, must of which do not have names yet. I have decided that whenever I am doing Unit posts now, I will be doing two units instead of just one. Here is the plan of up and coming posts until the next update:

24th of February:  Rules – Unit Abilities part 2
1st of March: Units – Small Construction Mech and Dwarf Infantry
6th of March: Units - Gladstone Troop Transport and update Human Heavy Weapon Team
11th of March: Rules – Pilot Skills part 3
16th of March: Units – Jaeger Small ABRACU and yet unnamed command Jeep
21st of March: Units – Yet unnamed Dwarf small mech and yet unnamed light human tank   
26th of March: MS Wars Update

Until next time, have fun.