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Sunday, 7 October 2012

DreamClix 7, Idea Madness

Welcome to the all new DreamClix 7. This is where I post ideas and rough dial designs of HeroClix figure based on random Manga, TV Shows and computer games. Also there is a my 7TV team update (now once a week and tagged onto this post) and in the future I am also plan on doing some house rules and self made Special Effects, Extras and Guest Stars. Oh and update news of changes to the DreamClix Dials Page. Sorry there was no DreamClix 7 post last weekend, I have been distracted with other things I never had time to write up the post and do all the designs. I decided to make both this week's and next week's posts bigger to cover all that I missed last week.

This week DreamClix ideas are a pilot card for a generic Zalam pilot from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE; Yami Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh!; Ifrit from Final Fantasy X; Galatea from Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040; a generic split dial Rain Ninja Village and Haze Clone pogs from Naruto; Zennosuke Kurumadani from Bleach; Bulbasaur from Pokémon and the Type mechanic.

First off is a pilot card for a generic Zalam pilot from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. Their requirements should be the the Zalam keyword and their Special should be "If there is a opposing character with ever the Euba keyword or Vagan team ability within four squares, this character gains +1 to its attack value. If there is a friendly character with the Euba keyword within four squares, this character gains a +1 to their defence value." They should not have a Mecha ability, no extra keywords and they should gain the Wild Card team ability. The next Gundam AGE idea should be a Pilot card for Woolf Enneacle.

Next is Yami Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh!. Pharaoh Atem defeated Zorc Necrophades, sacrificing his life in the process. He used his name as part of a spell that sealed Zorc and his own soul in the Millennium Ring. Atem's soul was sealed in the Millennium Puzzle. The puzzle was shattered by Priest Seto and laid to rest in the Pharaoh's tomb. 3,000 years later (5,000 in the English anime), the Puzzle was found by Solomon Muto. Solomon's guide attempted to kill him to take the Pharaoh's treasure for himself. After the guide met his fate at the hands of a monster, Solomon was saved by the apparent spirit of Atem. When he returned home, he brought the Puzzle back with him. His grandson, Yugi Muto, solved the Puzzle, which caused the Pharaoh's spirit to inhabit Yugi's body. The Pharaoh's soul, which comes to be known as "the other Yugi" or "Yami Yugi", was now missing the vast majority of his memories. He should have "Luck of the Draw" (Probability Control), "Combination to Bring Down Bigger Foes" (Outwit), "The Dark Magician" (Range Combat Expert), "Buster Blade" Close Combat Expert, "Mystical Elf" (Support and Regeneration), "Giant Soldier of Stone" (Barrier), "Swords of Revealing Light" (Impervious and Improved Sight - Hindering) and "Protective Trap Cards" (Energy Shield Deflection). He should have six clicks of health with an orange line one the fourth click and starting combat values of Speed 8, Attack 11, Defence 18, Damage 3 and Range 6 with two targets. He should have the Yu-Gi-Oh team ability and his keywords should be Dualist, Ruler, Mystical and Past. The next Yu-Gi-Oh idea should be Seto Kaiba.

Next is Ifrit from Final Fantasy X. Ifrit, also known as Jinn, is a Fire-elemental Summon which appears in several games in the series. His signature attack is called Hellfire, or sometimes Inferno or Flames of Hell, and deals scorching Fire-elemental damage to all opponents. He is one of the most frequently appearing summons and is often a rival to the ice summon Shiva. Like most re-appearing summons, Ifrit changes his appearance in each game, but remains somewhat similar in each game although he curiously appears more and more "beast-like" and less "humanoid" as the series evolves. In general, Ifrit has brown skin with long horns and claws, covered by a simple kilt-like covering around his waist. He should have the giant symbol, Charge, Invulnerability, Toughness, Blades, Psychic Blast, Range Combat Expert, Energy Shield Explosion, the Fire Type as his and a trait called "Summoned".
Summoned: If Ifrit is KO'd and was put into play by the special ability "Summon Aeons", place the character who used the ability back onto the field where Ifrit was on their orange starting line. Existing action tokens on this character and action tokens for this action are applied to the replacement.
He should have eight clicks of health with an orange line one the sixth click and starting combat values of Speed 8, Attack 11, Defence 18, Damage 3 and Range 6 with two targets.  He should have the Mystic team ability and his keywords should be Aeon, Mystical and Summon. The next Final Fantasy idea should be Vanille on Hecatoncheir.

Next is Galatea from Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040. Galatea, also called Sotai, who shares her name with the wife of the king of Cyprus, is a secret Boomer Project started by Sylia's father, Dr Stingray. She becomes the main antagonist of the series. It is revealed in flashback that she was grown from an implant inserted into a young Sylia's brain against Sylia's mother's wishes, that Dr Stingray asked her to go into stasis when she started to function strangely and that she killed Dr Stingray while still complying and that Genon caused the great earthquake in order to seal her in and prevent her contaminating boomers for her own design. When she is initially seen, she has an appearance like that of a prepubescent Sylia. She is released from stasis by Mason and rapidly matures from her childlike appearance to an adult almost identical to Sylia. After her plans are revealed her hair turns black and her eyes change to red. Late in the series, her mind begins maturing and she begins questioning the meaning and purpose of her existence. At the end of the series, Priss helps her find her path, and Galatea, in turn, saves Priss's life. She should have a trait called "Boomer Rebellion", two specials called "Controller of Boomers" and "Leader of Boomers", Mastermind and Probability Control.
Boomer Rebellion: When you revile your force, treat the Robot keyword as a Named keyword. Galatea can use Shape Change and Phasing.
Controller of Boomer: Galatea can use Psychic Blast and Mind Control, but can only target characters with the Armour or Robot.
Leader of Boomers: Galatea can use Perplex and Leader. When she uses Perplex, she can affect every target friendly character that has the Armour or Robot keyword, must have clear line of fire to each target.
She should have seven clicks of health and starting combat values of Speed 9, Attack 11, Defence 19, Damage 2 and Range 6 with two targets. She should have the Mystic team ability and her keywords should be Robot and Ruler. The next Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 idea should be Priss in here upgraded armour.

Next is a generic Rain Village Ninja from Naruto. This will be a split dial. The first set of clicks should be a basic Rain Village ninja and will be seminar to the Leaf Village Ninja, but instead of the Minion power they have Energy Explosion and have the Rain Village keyword. The second set of clicks should be based on Genjutsu users Naruto and his team battled in the second Chûnin Exam. They should have Phasing, Stealth, Shape Change, a special called "Haze Clone Jutsu" and a trait called "Earth Release: Underground Projection Fish Technique".
Haze Clone Jutsu: Give Rain Village Ninja a power action. Place two #N-B0? Haze Clone from outside of the game in an adjacent square.
Earth Release: Underground Projection Fish Technique: If Rain Village Ninja is in Hindering Terrain, they can draw lines of fire and my Range attacks from a square of any friendly Haze Clone. If they attack this way, the target suffers a -1 to the result of any Super Senses roll.
They should have about four to six clicks of health and starting combat values of Speed 9, Attack 9, Defence 17, Damage 2 and Range 4 with one target. They should have the Ninja team ability and their keyword should be Rain Village.

Next is the Haze Clone pog for Naruto. They should have Incapacitate, Phasing and Shape Change. They should have starting combat values of Speed 8, Attack 8, Defence 15, Damage 0 and Range 0.  The next Naruto idea should be Dosu Kinuta.

Next is Zennosuke Kurumadani from Bleach. Zennosuke Kurumadani, sometimes referred to as Af-san due to his large Afro, is the Shinigami who replaces Rukia Kuchiki as the guardian of the areas around Karakura Town. He should have the Transporter Boot symbol, Leap Climb, Pulse Wave and Defend. He should have four clicks of health and starting combat values of Speed 8, Attack 9, Defence 17, Damage 2 and Range 5 with one target. He should have the Soul Reaper team ability and his keywords should be Soul Reaper and Karakura Town. The next Bleach idea should be Kirõbõ Ikkanzaka.

Next is Bulbasaur from Pokémon. Bulbasaur, it bears the seed of a plant on its back from birth. The seed slowly develops. Researchers are unsure whether to classify Bulbasaur as a plant or animal. Bulbasaur are extremely calm and are difficult to capture in the wild. Along with Charmander and Squirtle, Bulbasaur is one of three starter Pokémon of Kanto available at the beginning of Pokémon Red, Green, Blue, FireRed, and LeafGreen. It should have Leap Climb, Incapacitate, Poison, Toughness, Willpower, both the Grass and Poison types and a special ability called "EVOLVE into Ivysaur" (basically a rename of Battlefield Promotion).
EVOLVE into Ivysaur: When Bulbasaur hits one or more opposing characters, after actions resolve, place a Evolution Token on its character card. You may then roll a d6 that cannot be rerolled and add 1 for each Evolution Token on Bulbasaur's character card; on a result of 8 or higher, replace this character with #PMS-002 Ivysaur on the same click number. Remove all Evolution Tokens after replacing Bulbasaur with Ivysaur.
It should have four clicks of health and, starting combat values of Speed 7, Attack 9, Defence 16, Damage 2 and Range 4 with two targets. It should not have a team ability and its keywords should be animal and Pokémon. The next Nintendo idea should be Ivysaur from Pokémon.

Next is a new mechanic for Pokémon and Final Fantasy creatures called Types. The basic idea is a coloured symbol of the type or element the creature is will appear next to the trait symbol. Some characters have two type, a Martin Type and a Sub Type. When an attack happen between two or more characters with at least one type each, the Attacker picks one of his types. Compare the the the type the Attacker is using to the target's types on the table below (this table will be expanded over time to include other types), and modify the damage by the result of the table. Damage reduced by this mechanic is not classed as reduced for other game effects like unavailable damage.

On a special note Shiva will be given the Ice type now and I will be calling Flying type, Wind type in the future.

Now for this week's Dial Designs which are the Arena map for Dragon Ball; the ground type Paper Construct from RoD; the fantastic Lily Rain EVE from CosmicBreak; a generic Potential Deviant Cosplay card; Hecatoncheir from Final Fantasy; and a Burai with rifle from Code Geass.

Orange Special: Range Attacks are classed as blocked while crossing this line.

Now for the DreamClix Dial Design Page updates. This week I added (or will be adding after this post) ten missing One Piece dials, four missing Bleach dials, updating the Soul Reaper team ability, adding four missing Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040, adding a missing Capcom and all the new designs from this post.

This post's 7TV Team is my 150 ratings Doctor Who team. With this upgrade I added Captain Jack Harkness and River Song. Currently River is only an Extra, but in the next upgrade I plan on making her a Co-Star.

Co-Staring, Captain Jack Harkness
Angel of Justice
Move: 6
Def: 5
Hits: 2
Str: 4
Agi: 4
Int: 2
Mor: 3
Attacks: Brawl 3+ and High Calibre Pistol 2+.
Special Effects, Star Qualities and other notes: Eagle Eye, A Good Office, Alien, Regenerate, Heroic Surge.
Rating: 39
Model: Crooked Dice Group Captain Jim Barrowight.

Extras, River Song
Rating: 12
Model: Crooked Dice Action Melody Lake or Astronaut Melody Lake.

And a look into the future of this Team:

Next week I will hopefully do two teams to make up for none last week. This should be a new the at 100 ratings Men In Black team and my Silicon Robotic Empire team at 200 ratings.

Lastly some 7TV house rules. Today I am doing a new Special Effect I am wanting to try out, Two Weapon Fighting. "This character is skilled enough to use multiple weapons at once. The character can use two weapons a turn, as long as they ever have no range state and does not have the Unwieldy special or they have the pistol special. The character may choose to use two pistols. If they do they may make two range attacks this turn, one per pistol, however the they do not benefit for the pistol special."

Well that is it for now so until next time, Mecha up.