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Thursday, 25 October 2012

MK HeroClix, the 25th of October, After War

Welcome to the new style MK HeroClix post. I have decided to split the DreamClix section away from the MK HeroClix post. The new DreamClix post will be replacing the Cosmic Cosplay post. On weeks when was HeroClix does not happen the MK HeroClix post will be just a HeroClix news post and I might throw is a DreamClix idea to as a post filler.

First off the HeroClix news for this week. This week there were previews of Harley Quinn, The Bug and Stephanie Brown as Batgirl from DC Batman; Bruce Wayne from DC Batman Gravity Feed; and Black Canary from DC Streets of Gotham.

This week was there was no HeroClix as there was no Darren. Next week well ever be the 1,200 points game or something different. Also On the 17th and 18th of November will be the UK HeroClix Reunion, below are the the events for the weekend from the Yahoo Group (now/will be in the links section):
Saturday 17th November.
The Thanos Quest 
In a bid to impress Death and take his place as her equal, the mad titan THANOS, plans to set about acquiring the INFINITY GEMS from their respective holders - the ELDERS OF THE UNIVERSE. Once in his possession, he will wear the gems in the INFINITY GAUNTLET thereby completing his quest for ultimate power. 
Groups of Heroes have banded together to retrieve the stones and deliver them to cosmic guardian ADAM WARLOCK for safekeeping. 
The Villains however, are working directly for Thanos who offers generous reward for their assistance. Some enterprising villains might even fancy the gems for themselves... 
The heroes and villains must scout the city and find clues as to how to retrieve the gems. This will ultimately lead them to different worlds and dimensions as they travel to find the Elders of the Universe and collect their Infinity Gems. Along the way they will stumble across other characters that are willing to help or hinder them through the RECRUIT mechanic. These characters may join your force as you play through the game and act as a member of your force, sharing team abilities and so on. You will find that there are many other plots, events, and complications to deal with along the way. After all, it's never a quiet day in the Marvel Universe. 
Players will choose two teams – one hero and one villain - from the list of teams specifically designed for this event. If you select a team that another player would like to play then a roll-off will select the winner and the other player must select a different choice. When you select a team; 
Borrow, trade, or buy figures as necessary! You are choosing two teams in order that we have a balanced event on the day, and you could be asked to play either team so that we have an equal number of hero and villain teams taking part. The list of teams will shortly be posted in the files section on an Excel sheet. Let me know if you have difficulty with this and I will get the information to you in a different format.
Sunday 18th November. 
Constructed 500pts Golden Age Tournament 
You are required to put together a 500pt team, all DC or all Marvel figures, that share a NON-GENERIC keyword. There will be prizes for First and Second place, Fellowship, and for the favourite team design as voted by your fellow players. A great variety of maps will be available to play on but feel free to bring your own if you have a particular preference or strategy.

The cost to play each day will be £5 per player. The entirety of this money is funding prize support for the two days. As before, there is no venue charge and no parking costs. Prizes will be announced at a later date, but I am trying to set up a few special bits and pieces for the two days and would like to make sure that everybody leaves with something. 
-- Jules

I am going for the Avenger Issue 5 team for my heroes as it has Iron Man in it and Sinister Six as I have the figures. I will have to note that I well not be doing a DreamClix 7 post that weekend, but on ever Sunday night or Monday I well do a special MK HeroClix post (most likely called UK HeroClix Reunion 2012) that well cover my game on both days of the event and I will try to get the others (Darren, Michael and Adrian) results as well.

Now for the filler idea which it is a RMS-006 Jenice from After War Gundam X. The RMS-006 Jenice is a general purpose mass produced mobile suit, developed by the Space Revolutionary Army sometime before the end of the 7th Space War. It is armed with a pair of fire linked machine cannons, as well as a pair of vulcan guns in its chest. Because the Jenice is the main mobile suit of the Space Revolutionary Army, it is equally adapt at preforming in space as well as on Earth. This allowed for a great flexibility in the mobile suit and its missions. In order to carry out its missions, the Jenice is usually armed with a drum fed 100mm machine gun. This is supplemented with either a Heat Hawk or a Heat Saber for close combat. A number of Jenice mobile suits survived the end of the 7th Space War and found their way in to the hands of various people. A number of the mobile suits were claimed by Vultures, and their pilots customized them to their own tastes. Some of the mobile suits found their way into the hands of the Satelicon group, and helped to round out their compliment of mobile suits. Basically it should be another Zaku or Genoace in combat abilities and special abilities. The next After War Gundam X idea should be DT-6800A Daughtress.

Until next time, Mecha Up.