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Friday, 9 July 2010

Blaire and Friends Update 09th July

OK, the PM issue has been dealt with. She did not realist that that so many people with be able to find it or read it. But a lot of MFC members and a couple of her friends have been reading them and she is felt the the chats we were having were to Private to her. She was saying things she would only say to a friend and not to a random member. After hearing what she had to say, I agreed to not post our PM and Skype chat. I will talk about the chats, but I will have to try to use some decision about what I say. Because off this I look at at both our Tweeter followers and done so google searches. I thought I found only one person follows both me and Blaire but when I checked to get the name later we did not have any, and my blog is on the first page on searches for "Blaire Bennett" on google. So it looks like MFC members are finding the blog by searching with her full name. So the main traffic my blog gets are by the look of thing by Blaire fans and Suzy too.
On Saturday night Blaire came on line on MFC. She was helping Zoeysmartz pick an outfit for their girls night out they were having with a friend of Blaire's. It sounded like Blaire is a little insecure about the size of her breasts, thinking that they are too small. She should not, their prefect. And she looked great in that pink top Zoey got her to try on. It seems that Zoey and Blaire are getting along fine. Now I do not know if they know each other before Blaire came to Suzy's to stay over I do not, but I do know they are getting a long quite well. After Blaire came off cam we chatted on PM. I wished her a good night out and talked about the whole PM thing. Oh and she remembered to say bye for once. Hippy. Moments later I noticed time where she is, it was 3:20pm there. That was far too early for a night out! Nights out do not normally start until 8pm at the earliest. On Sunday morning Suzysmartz was on MFC and I decided to pop in to say hi. It sounded like Blaire and Zoey had just back, it was before midnight. They had came back to watch as movie. Blaire came on Suzy's cam briefly to talk to Suzy before Suzy logged of to watch the movie with them. It looked like I might have missed her on Sunday night/Monday morning as MFC messed up on me during the night and this site says she has been on line.
Always when I first see her come on line the thought of me doing a flying ruby tackle cuggle. OK, a sign of watch too much Anime.
Blaire can on MFC about 8:40am (12:40am her time) Tuesday morning, which is late for her. She said at she had to be quite as the rest of the house was asleep. However I sure she is still at Suzy's and Suzy was log on Skype. Maybe she was doing what I do by leaving her computer on with Skype open while in bed sleeping. There was a bit of a show and Blaire did some singing. Fantastic voice. She was also asking for donations for her trip to Europe. I asked her if there is any thing she wanted for the trip to post it on her amazon wish list as I am stuck on what to get her for her birthday. I was originally thinking of the vitamin shower attachment, but as she will not be anywhere really stable to enjoy it until she gets her own place in Janaurary, it might be better to leave it as a Christmas gift than birthday one. Sadly I had work at 11am so I could not stay until she leaves.
She posted two tweeters;

"Sexxxy, love the lace"

"Spending the day at the emergency room with my beautiful grandma. She's a trooper! I hope she feels better :("

Poor Blaire. The next morning, Wendsday, she log on to MFC for a moment, but she never came on line. PMed her asking what happened and she replied saying that her grandma was getting better and is staying in over night. It was not what I asked, but it is nice to know she is recovering from what ever happened. Later on in the day, about 6pm, she came on MFC. She was asking people where she should go in Europ while she is on holiday there. Sadly the lag was very bad that day and I was a little busy with dinning. Strait after eating dinner, my mate Rich came over at about 7:15pm, 15 minutes later than plan. We were originally going to be test the game I am make called MS Wars, but he phoned earlier to say he could not stay long enough to test it. He looked over the rules and we talked a little about bits and bobs to do with it. I will not go in to details as this is not my MS Wars blog. I showed him how bad the lag is, (yes he does know about Blaire), and he was shocked on how bad my connection is. He tried to see if he could fix it, but at first seemed to of made it worst. It took forever for a web page to load up. MFC showed Blaire was off-line now and was stating that I needed to update Flash Player which took 11 minutes to download while the Flash Player website stated that it should around 2 minutes for a 56K modem. OK, that shows how slow my board band is. After instead the updated Flash Player I could not get access to any part of the MFC site so I decided to reboot both the laptop and router. After doing that the standard Internet was working again at its normal speed, but I still could not access MFC at all. I realised MFC must have gone down. Rich said he would lend me his spear router to see if my speed problems are to do with my old router or not next time we meet up at mine which might be Friday. When Rich left I decided to watch an episode of Bleach before going the bed. As I got half way Blaire logged onto Skype we chatted a little but I think she was busy talking to someone else. I learnt that the reason she came off MFC was because off it crashing and LOL the site was still down when we start chatting. She still has not replied about Amazon or posted anything new up. After she logged off Skype and I finished watching Bleach I went to bed.
The next morning Blaire was log on MFC but she never came on cam or replied to any of my PMs. Never mind. May she did not know she was logged MFC and was not paying attenion.
Be fore I call it quits for the post I would like to state one little thing, Suzy, as you never did it or at least when I was on cam, I an not going to blog about it but some one we both know has done it on "webcam" before. Well that is it for now, until next time enjoy.