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Monday, 12 July 2010

Blaire and Friends Update, eXXXotica Expo Special (Updated)

OK as there are too many pictures I wanted to post over the weekend to possible support the rest of the week, I decided to post a Blaire and Friends eXXXotica Expo Special. But first I have two thing I forgot to say in me Blaire and Friends post. First off I had checked out Charliesmartz, Suzysmartz’s latest recruit. She is not bad but there is nothing special about her so I most likely will not visiting her much.
The second is a Tweeter from Blaire. Ok I did not forget it, but as I had already written the post and did not know how to reply to it, I decided to leave it for the next Blaire and Friends post. Here is the Tweeter:
"Rofl both my dogs poo at the same time haha! pic"

Ok, I still cannot think of a reply to that. Let us move on. On Friday not long after I got back from work, had Blaire come on line on MFC with Suzysmartz and two other MFC models, SarahJean and KeyserSozee. I had never meet Sarah before then, but I had heard of her from other models and members and Keyser I had only meet once with Suzy the day before. They were all in a hotel room having a Chinese breakfast and getting ready for the eXXXotica Expo. All four of them were representing MFC at the Expo. Sarah and Keyser are both nude models. Blaire and Suzy were sharing a room together and had a shower together earlier, off cam of cause. I jokingly said to Blaire that I would ask Suzy for details later which I manage to get without even asking Suzy but more on that later. They went off cam after about half an hour to finish off getting ready to go and getting set up at the Expo. Two and a half hours later, Blaire made a Tweeter post:
"Broadcasting all day from the LA Convention center for the Exxotica Expo! MFC"

The way that read, it sounded like she was already on line. So I went on MFC and found that she was not on cam at all. I replied to her on Tweeter:
@Blairebennett what broadcast???

Which she replied back about half an hour later:

"@Neoscream in a couple hours were testing the systems :)"

Maybe she should of post the words "will be" at the begin of the tweet, that might of helped. Two hours later she came back on cam now at the eXXXotica Expo. They all had changed their tops to MFC ones. Blaire's skirt looked very out of place with the MFC top, plus her ass looked massive in the skirt too, but that not a problem. The connection was bad at the expo and they had problems charging their laptops. It seemed a little bad of MFC providing a poor setup for their models when they were one of the major sponsors. On cam, Blaire did several things it the Expo, she got laced up in a corsets, graduated from the from the school of sex (ok the people at the University of Sex must stupid as said you need 22 years of expiants to graduated. Blaire was not even 22 yet, her birthday is not untill the 22nd of this month) and looked at sex toy too. I do not know if she brought any. She also ride the big cock that was in frount of the MFC stand off cam. It was cock shape mechanicel bull before any one gets any dirty thoughts.
Both Blaire and Suzy seemed to of had a good time at the first day of the eXXXotica Expo and afterwards they come on cam that their hotel room. We all chatted a bit and Blaire had a couple of steamy group shows. Bad figures, LOL. Blaire said she would try to get a different skirt to wear on the next day. As they were about to go off cam to get some sleep, they received a phone call inviting them to a party. So the tired couple went out partying instead of going to sleep after a long and tiring daying. I oddly felt ok with the lack of sleep I had that night as the Expo was on in the mid of the night here in the UK.
After work on Saturday I received Tweeters and MFC news feeds from both Suzy and Blaire saying that they were going lingerie shopping in the Fashion District of Downtown LA. Wow, would love to see what Blaire got. Maybe next time she is cam, not including the Expo. I went out in the evening to see some mates. Due to money and transport I left about 9:30pm. My leaving early had nothing to do with Blaire. To my knopwleage then she was going to be on all night, so miss a couple of hours woulod not be a problem to me. When I get in at about 10pm no one was on, so I read a chapter of Sundome, shoved a major problem on my laptop (ok I did not fix it, just found a way around it) and then I went to bed leave the computer on with Blaire's chat room open, so when she comes on cam it would wake me up. Yer right. I wake up at about 3:15am and felt it a bit odd that she had not gone on-line as Expo. To my knowledge then, starts at 5pm her time which is 1am my time while infact it started at 1pm. So I checked my laptop and found the she had been on line as chat screen in her room was full of chat. I realised I made a big mistake, I forget my computer was on mute. Damn it. I noticed she had typed something before going off cam saying something like, going off cam due to the bad lag. I guest she would come on line later. I noticed that Sarah was on line as I add her to my favourates just for the show. Thought I would wait for a moment as this showed the internet seemed to be working again, meaning Blaire would be coming back on-line. Not long afterwoulds Suzy came on-line. I decided to go into Suzy's room and wait for Blaire and hippy, Blaire was on Suzy's cam as well as Suzy. However Blaire went off after a minute or two. She now had what looked like a white pair of spoprts shorts instead of the skirt and also a hat that looked nice on her. I thought Blaire was going off to have a look round and would come back later. Moments later, Sarah went off line and disappeared for the rest of the day, leaving poor Suzy all on her own. No one came back stand leave her running the stand on her own for over three hours including packing away. I have been to conventions (not sex ones) in the past and I know Saturdays are the busiest day of a convention. The stand did not seem that busy but I would have said a large empty stand with only one girl sitting there, would not attract many people reguardless of how busy the convention is. At the end of the second day Suzy came on cam in the hotel. She was already tuked in bed. I jokingly as her, "can I see Blaire sleeping", thinking that Blaire was already in bed sleeping as she was not on line as well. But Suzy said she had alreadly left. What! I asked Suzy several times what happened as a thought she was there all three day, but she never replied. I was worrying about what might have happened, did she have a fight with one of the other MFC models, did something happened to her grandma again or was I wrong about her doing the whole weekend?
On the third day, I only spotted Sarah and Suzy on cam. I did spot Keyser on line but not on cam a couple of times. I only went into Suzy’s room for about half an hour before going back to bed. I was tired and if Blaire was not on line I could not be bothered to stay up. Blaire never came on line and Suzy was not on line at all in the morning. That fact that Suzy was not replying is really making me worry, ok she might have missed the question all three times I asked, but I am still worried. Maybe if I did not forget about the mute on Saturday I might of none what is going on. Hoping it is something stupid like she was only doing a day and half at the expo then something bad. Well that is it for now. Hope you all enjoy and the post. Until next time. Oh before I go here is a list of profiles of the Smartz girls, Blaire's friend and the other MFC models at eXXXotica Expo.
Blaire and Tweeter - The second Smartz girl (and the best). She this the only one of the Smartz girls that name does not end with Smartz.
Suzysmartz, Website and Tweeter - The first and founder of the Smartz girl and all around female pimp.
CharlieSmartz - The newest of the Smartz girls.
ZoeySmartz - The third Smartz girl and flat mate of Suzy's.
NataliaRose - A friend of Blaire's. Only been on MFC the once.
RobinSwallows - A friend of Blaire's and nude model.
SarahJean - A famous MFC model and is one of the models that went to eXXXotica Expo.
KeyserSozee - One of the models that went to eXXXotica Expo.

Update: I just remembered I forgot to talk about something that I said I would post, the details I heard from the shower Blaire and Suzy had together. Towards the end of the second day of the eXXXotica Expo, this girl who gave Suzy some vegan lip balm asked her a question. It was something like, "was there any hot nude models on MFC that turn her on". Suzy replied was something like, "yes but there is this non nude model who I am sharing a hotel room with and had a shower with and her pussy is cute." OMG! IT IS CUTE! Oh I should of guest it by the rest of her. :)