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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Blaire and Friends Update 25th July

Blaire on Tuesday the 20th of July
Well it was busier than last week. Ok anything would be busier in fact than last week. LOL. Well best get this started.
Blaire was not on-line Monday morning, but SuzySmartz and ZoeySmartz were. As getting information from Suzy can be like getting blood out of a stone at times and the fact I have never really chatted with Zoey before, I decided to ask Zoey where has Blaire been. Zoey said that Blaire was busy as her boyfriend was in town. Hang on, last I know she did not have one. Was Zoey being stupid and should of said ex-boyfriend? Do Blaire get back together with her old long term boyfriend now that collage was over? Did they never really broke up and Blaire lied to me? Is this a new guy? I was not really upset as I know a girl like her would stay lone for long, even when she said that she is not looking at the moment. I really do care about her and if she does have a boy friend now, I do hope she is happy with them and they treat her right. All I want is for her to be happy. I decided to sent Blaire a message that we needed to talk as I just prefer to know if she does are does not  so that I do not do anything stupid.
Blaire's Tweeter Picture
She was on MFC on Tuesday morning, we talked a bit on PMs while she was on cam as she know I wanted to talk to her. I found out the main reason she was away last week was that she was working on her own website which is not up let. Will the site be like the pay site Suzy is making? Will it be a fashion site for her designs? Will it be a generally Blaire stuff site? All of the above? Well we will have to wait and see. She left early as a friend of hers phoned up asking for a lift home as they were too drunk to get home by them self. Wow she is a fantastic friend to do something like that and at that time of the night (about 11pm her time). My mates bitch and wine at times about giving me a lift to a place they were going to or drop me at home after a party they went to as well. Oh well.
Blaire on the 21st of July
About an hour after Blaire logged off, I was working on a special birthday message for Blaire. I spotted Suzy was on-line so I asked her for some help, which she was not very un-helpful. All she said that Blaire's birthday was not the 22nd. I reply that it was the date Blaire was giving out and showed her proof (her Amazon wise list), but I got no reply back from her. I sent a message to Blaire letting her know what Suzy said. I trusted Blaire to not to lie about something like that.  I later got a reply from Blaire during the night. She said that Suzy was probably being sweet and was trying to keep her personal information secret.
On Tuesday evening, Blaire made a Tweeter:

“The San Diego FIDM is so pretty and looks over the padres baseball field in downtown SD!

It was nice view, sham that Blaire is not in the picture.
Helen's Profile Picture
She was on MFC again on Wednesday morning with a later longer show. She had update her schedule on her MFC profile.  This was meant to be her schedule up to the 3rd of August, which is when she will go on her two month long trip around Europe. By the sound of it she will be trying to go on-line during her holiday. She sang a song to me saying my real name, Robert, in it as a gift for being so sweet to her by sending her a birthday present. Wow, I am really touched by the thought. Sadly a had major lag at that point of time and could not make out the song. But her singing voice is fantastic. She said as she was leaving that she would be on Thursday night (which was on her schedule) even tho it was her birthday as she had book a private show with someone. This would mean she was going to be on line Friday morning my time.
Sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday morning, Suzy introduced a new Smartz girl, HelenSmartz. Sadly I was asleep when she on-line. However, looking at her profile picture, see looks quite nice. In face the second hottest Smartz girl, with Blaire being the hottest of cause. Also both Helen and CharlieSmartz now have Tweeter account now. I will post links to them as well as a link to Helen’s MFC profile at the bottom of the post.
Blaire's Birthday Cake
At about 2pm on Thursday, I sent Blaire a birthday message on MFC and start looking for an anime based birthday video. I wanted one with anime characters saying happy birthday, but I could not find one. Sadly most of the videos I could find where not that good, so I ended up with a slide show on You Tube. Blaire posted a picture of her birthday cake. It was very fashionable, so very her.
On Friday, Blaire was not on-line at all. This was the second private show I know she had booked and both times she had not turned up for them. Note to self, never book private show with her as she will not be on-line for it. LOL. She did however leave a message on MFC for me saying thank you.
Blaire on the 24th of July. No she is not naked, her hair
is covering the straps of her top.  
On the schedule Blaire made, she was not down to be on Friday night (Saturday morning my time) but she was on-line. Hippy. Maybe she was making up for not being on the day before. She said she liked the gift, but there was no comment about the video. Knowing her she did not see it yet. Never mind. She was only on-line for about an hour and sadly she did not stop for a chat.
On Sunday morning she was not on MFC at all even tho her schedule said she was planning on being on-line. LOL. That Blaire for you.
Well that is it for this week. Wow, I can add captions to pictures now. Sweet! Thank you Blog Spot for making Blogging easier. Until next timez, enjoy. Oh and is below is a link update list.

HelenSmartz (Profile, Tweeter)
CharlieSmartz (Tweeter)