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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Heroclix 8th July, the Goblin and the Spider

Ok, I am sure this will be later than planned as I have started writing it at clix than already having everything up to my team written up. Well this week is 600 points, four actions, feats are allowed, two of your characters must be arch nemeses in the comics, e.g. Batman and Joker. I was originally going to go for Daredevil and Bullseye with a possibility of Spider-Man and Green Goblin too. However the team turned out to be a Spider-Man and Green Goblin. The whole team was (please note new format):

Spider-Man (Exp Sinister) with the Double-Time feat

Green Goblin (Vet Fantastic Forces) with the Thunderbolts ATA

Spider-Girl (Secret Invasion)

Black Cat (Exp Clobberin Time)

Mystique (Vet Universe)

Hawkeye (Avengers) with Thunderbolts

Taskmaster (Vet Universe) with the Alias feat and the Thunderbolts ATA

Black Panther (Rook Universe)

Marvel Boy (Rook Supernova)

A total of 599 points. I had to swap Bullseye for Hawkeye and the two feats at the last moment as I thought I had the Vet Sinister version when I do not. The plan was wild card brush Thunderbolts and Avengers (and Brotherhood) free move action.

Well the other teams were, Captain Marvel (DC one) & Black Adam, Superman & Lex Luthor and Reed Richards & Victor Van Doom. Sadly I only won ageist the Superman & Lex Luthor. The team was not fantastic.

Next week will be 500 points, three actions, open universe, where you can only have figures that the name on the base starts with a letter in you Christian name. If you can spell out your Christian name with the figures in your team you gain a free probability roll (like theme team ones). I have pretty much made my team. The only clue I will give is a famous duo that being with B and R.

The only real Heroclix news it that all four members of U-Foe will be in Web of Spider-Man and that they reviled the member Vapor sculpt and dial. Until next time, enjoy.

PS. I have changes the style of the blog.