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Friday, 16 July 2010

Heroclix 15th July, Like a bat out of Hell

This weeks game was 500 points, three actions, open universe, feat are allowed (but I never remember Darren stating it), where you can only have figures and feats that the name on the base starts with a letter in you Christian name. If you can spell out your Christian name with the figures in your team you gain a free probability roll (like theme team ones). My built my team days ahead for once as I had an idea on who to go for.

R = Robin (79 point Justice League)
O = Owlman (Un Collateral Damage)
B = Batman (Out of the Shadows Justice League)
E = Edward Nigma (LE Arkham Asylum)
R = Robin (Exp Icons)
T = The Joker (Vet Icons)
O = Oracle (Batman Alpha)

A Gothan City themed team with characters the spells my name and one extra. The scary thing is that the team has at the start, five Outwits. Nasty. As I did not have Edward Nigma borrowed one from Darren, but as he had more the one copy of him, Darren said keep it. The other teams were two scientist theme teams and none themed team, but it was mostly X-Men. All the teams spelled out the players name so all gained the bonus probability roll. My first game was ageist on one the scientist teams. The map had next to no hindering to hide in for my stealthers and my opponent roll five critical hits and lot of very high numbers like 11. Also forgetting you need to be adjacent to use Master Mind does not help too. I got creamed but at last I took out a third of my opponent’s team. The second game was against the non-themed team. Two memorable from the match were:

Batman Out of the Shadowing Logan, critically hitting him and knocking him into blocking terrain. It was only a pat on the shoulder honest.

The Joker poisoning the stupid Emma Frost, who stupidly walked up to him, and then Batman Out of the Shadows her after Outwitting her Invulnerability.

I white washed him. The third and final game was ageist the second scientist team. At first when I lost The Joker it did not look too good for me, but I manage to pull it out and took out the rest of my opponent's team without losing any more characters. Over all with two wins and one lose I got second place. Next week will be Battle of the Sexes. Two team of 300 points each, one team of male characters and one team of female characters. Feats are allowed.
HCRealms reviled the figure for Puma from the Web of Spider-Man, but the main Heroclix site still has not posted this week’s preview which is meant to be the web head himself, Spider-Man. Oh well! My next blog post will be the MS Wars update on my MS Wars blog, I have final gotten it re tested. Until next time, enjoy.